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Owners' Lodge at Sierpe del Pacifico

A Deluxe Ocean Boat Allows you to Explore the Osa in Style

Great views of the rainforest occur in all directions from lot #1

A Happy Family Snorkels at Cano Island
Price Reductions of 5%-25% on remaining Sierpe del Pacifico Lots

With the recent sale of our 10th Sierpe del Pacifico lot we have decided to lower prices up to 25% on the remaining lots. As a result there are some very good deals to be had. On the more economical side, lots #9 ($42,500) and #17 ($54,990) really stand out as exceptional values. For mid-range lots, #2 ($74,990) is very desirable. Finally, at the top end, lot #4 might be the best overall value at $149,990. This lot has it all: huge building footprint, complete privacy, and 360 degree views of  the surrounding jungle, mountains, and Sierpe River.
Sunrise view from Sierpe del Pacifico Lot #4

Only 1 Cocoa Farm Lot Left

With the recent sale of lot #5 at the Cocoa Farm, only 1 lot remains at this private, lush, "on-the-grid" development on the Sierpe River. The remaining property is approximately 1.5 acres in size, has views of the mountains, is only 100 meters from a brand new shared boat dock, and has a variety of fruit and hardwood trees on it. Fruit tree varietals include avacado, zapote, guava, papaya, plantain, and cocoa. This lot is serviced by municipal water, electric and a road. The boat 
ride from the dock to the town of Sierpe takes 5 minutes or less. There is great snook fishing about 200 meters upriver. This lot is priced at $49,990.

Estero Azul Lots Sold Out
About a month ago the last of our Estero Azul Lots sold. These lots were some of the most well situated full amenity lots in the area. 
The Estero Azul is a quaint and peaceful tributary of the Sierpe River. Despite being smaller in size, it is still fully navigable by large boats in all tides. Additionally, the river protection zone setbacks are only 10-15 meters from the bank as opposed to 50 meters for the main river. While these lots are currently sold out, Sierpe del Pacifico management is in the process of procuring more desirable properties for sale on the Estero Azul.
For a complete list of new prices, lot descriptions, and photos please email [email protected] or call (715) 699-2715. 
New Lot Sales at Sierpe del Pacifico and Cocoa Farm, Meet the Owners.

John Kozlovich and Lori Zilisch of Schofield, Wisconsin are the new owners of Sierpe del Pacifico lot #13B and Cocoa Farm lot #5. John and Lori visited Sierpe at the end of January and just recently closed on these two properties.

John and Lori have always enjoyed traveling to tropical climates during the cold Wisconsin winters and first expressed interest in renting the Sierpe del Pacifico lot #8 cabina back in 2011. They contacted us again in November of 2012 and quickly realized from our phone conversation that Sierpe del Pacifico could be more than just a one time vacation spot for them. 
In a weeks stay at Sierpe del Pacifico they enthusiastically participated in pretty much every activity available here. Horseback riding, hiking, and making juices out of the fruits growing in the garden were among their favorites. John and Lori are also avid boaters and fishermen in northern Wisconsin, so they were understandably impressed with the great angling opportunities available on the river and ocean. Quoting John - "Sierpe del Pacifico was everything advertised and more. For anyone that loves fishing and the outdoors like we do it is heaven."
John and Lori plan on having a personal vacation home at one of the properties but view both properties as long term investments. 

All of us at Sierpe del Pacifico are very happy to welcome John and Lori to the Sierpe del Pacifico family. 
Lori with
Another Big Rooster on Topwater
Lori and John catching roosterfish, enjoying coffee at Rosie's, and making jungle juice.

Summer Fishing, Ocean Health, and Whale Report

After a spring that was slow by our normal fishing standards, the summer once again provided consistent action for a variety of species using a variety of techniques. The jig bite near Cano Island was extremely hot in July and August. Big amberjack, snapper, and a variety of small to medium tuna were consistent players. A few of the amberjack approached the 100 lb. mark. 

Additionally, big packs of wahoo made their presence known from time to time. Usually their razor sharp teeth slice the line in half before you can land them, but every now and then they get hooked in the right spot and you can bring them into the boat. The wahoo had a strong preference for topwater poppers this season as well. This kind of strike often times results in the fish launching itself several feet out of the water. It is an unforgettable sight!

Inshore, roosterfish, jacks, and mackeral were very plentiful. In recent weeks, Sierpe del Pacifico captain Diedy Chavarria has been catching a lot of snapper, snook, and machaca in the upper reaches of the Sierpe River. 

Shrimpers Kicked out of Costa Rican Waters
The most important ocean news to report is the eventual removal of shrimp trawlers from Costa Rican waters. Last month the Sala IV (Supreme Court equivalent) ruled that shrimp trawlers cause significant degradation to the environment and are thus unconstitutional. Shrimpers will be allowed to fish under their current liscenses, which could be still be good for up to 6 years. Read for about the court ruling and expected positive environmental impact here.
Lots of whales at Cano Island

Southern hemisphere humpback whales have been showing up around Cano Island in big numbers recently. A dozen or so were spotted each day from the Sierpe del Pacifico boat "La Carlita" this past week. Several mother/calf pairs were seen cruising the shorelines. We also witnessed large males displaying mating season behaviors such as breaching and fin slapping.

Here is a video of some fin slapping on the east side of Cano Island.
Humpback whale fin slapping at Cano Island, Osa Peninsula

For more information on Sierpe del Pacifico and other Sierpe River properties available please contact Cassidy by email [email protected] or by phone at (715-699-2715)