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Owners' Lodge at Sierpe del Pacifico

A Deluxe Ocean Boat Allows you to Explore the Osa in Style

Great views of the rainforest occur in all directions from lot #1

A Happy Family Snorkels at Cano Island

The Idea for Sierpe del Pacifico and it's Visionary - Fred Scheer


One of the most common questions I answer when sharing the Sierpe del Pacifico experience with prospective buyers is "How did Sierpe del Pacifico come to be"? It is a long answer, but it has one resounding theme; the entrepreneurial spirit of Fred Scheer and his love of nature and adventure. 
Early Years
Fred grew up in the small town of Hayward, Wisconsin. From a young age he enjoyed exploring the outdoors. Fishing, hiking, camping, and spending time on lakes and rivers were a few of his favorite pursuits. Fred was also very athletic and became highly ranked in the sport of logrolling, winning 4 world championships in his teens and 20's. 
Hard Work and Entrepreneurship
Despite never attending college, Fred was able to build a successful family entertainment business with a combination of hard work, creative thinking, and risk taking. Through his entertainment business Fred made a few real estate purchases and quickly developed a knack for making wise property investments. He subsequently began splitting his energies between the entertainment business and small scale commercial and residential real estate ventures.
In 2003 Fred embarked on his most ambitious real estate venture yet - a completely new type of vacation property development for the northern Wisconsin market he called "The Brook". 

During this time period the typical northern Wisconsin vacation property consisted of a 1-2 acre lot with 100-200 feet of lake or river frontage. With these lots typically selling for $100,000 - $300,000 at the time, many young professionals or people of more limited means were priced out of the vacation property market. 

Instead of focusing on the water frontage as the value factor, The Brook would derive it's value from being a larger piece of wooded property with the "Northern" feel and very close proximity to lakes, rivers, and other outdoor recreational amenities - the most notable of which would be the North American Birkebeiner cross country ski and bike trail. Each lot within The Brook would have a small private trail connecting it's build site directly to North America's most famous ski trail. Lot prices would range from $15,000 to $50,000 allowing for a much lower entry point to the Hayward, Wisconsin vacation property market. 

Since the inception of "The Brook", Fred has sold over 70 lots in the Hayward area and has built 40 houses through his construction company.
Sierpe del Pacifico
In many ways "The Brook" was the inspiration for Sierpe del Pacifico. Providing easy access to the adventure activities and pristine natural environments of Costa Rica at an affordable price really sets Sierpe del Pacifico apart from the numerous real estate choices available in Costa Rica. Fred is very proud of Sierpe del Pacifico's sales performance during the most difficult real estate market of memory and very much enjoys the lifestyle and outdoor adventure opportunities it offers. Fred plans to keep the Sierpe del Pacifico Owner's Lodge for himself after sell out and hopes to spend more and more time there when he retires.
Speak to Fred Yourself
While many of you have spoke with me during your inquiry into Sierpe del Pacifico, I encourage you to speak with Fred as well. Sierpe del Pacifico was his idea and he can offer some very unique and dynamic perspectives on what makes it so special. Feel free to call or email him at your convenience. He would be happy to speak with you!
Phone - (715)-699-7294, email - [email protected]
Pura Vida - Cassidy

Fred and his wife Sue out for a ski
Fred and his wife Sue out for a ski
New Lot Sale at Sierpe del Pacifico, Meet the Owners.

Neil Anderson and John and Arlee Mundy of Duluth, MN are the new owners of Sierpe del Pacifico Lot #15. The group visited Sierpe del Pacifico at the beginning of February and just recently closed on the sale. 

Neil, John, and Arlee are all registered nurse anesthetists who work together with another Sierpe del Pacifico owner, Dr. Andrew Baertsch. They all enjoy the outdoors and view their SDP lot as a nice compliment to their northwoods lifestyle in Minnesota. 
The three friends plan on building a medium sized home on the lot where they will spend holidays and rent it out to vacationers the remainder of the year. 

All of us at Sierpe del Pacifico are very happy to welcome Neil, John, Arlee and their families to the community!
Happy Owners of a Sierpe del Pacifico Lot
Spring Fishing Report

Springtime fishing has been good at Sierpe del Pacifico. The Dennis family - part owners of Sierpe del Pacifico lot #7 had very good fishing along the coast for roosterfish, jacks, and large mackeral. Big schools of sardines were scattered along the coast and provided a great opportunity to cast poppers for gamefish attacking the sardines on the surface. A large livewell has since been installed on "La Carlita", so using live bait for trolling along the coast and dropping over deep reefs can now provide good action when poppers and jigs aren't generating bites. 
Chris Dennis with a big roosterfishA happy boat full of anglers!A nice amberjack caught jiggin

Jim Cameron from Wisconsin and owner of the house on the cliff at the Sierpe River mouth has been doing real well recently slow-trolling live sardines and casting poppers near the sardine schools. In addition to catching and dining on large mackeral and snapper, Jim has discovered that the sardines themselves make a nice snack when scaled, gutted, scored, fried in oil, and dressed with lime and salt. Wash them down with an ice cold cervesa and you'll never again be tossing the bait overboard at the end of the day. Jim has picked up a few wahoo near Cano Island as well.
Wahoo caught near Cano IslandFried SardinesJim Cameron with a big roosterfish
For more information on Sierpe del Pacifico and other Sierpe River properties available please contact Cassidy by email [email protected] or by phone at (715-699-2715)