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Sierpe del Pacifico Beaches
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Owners' Lodge at Sierpe del Pacifico

A Deluxe Ocean Boat Allows you to Explore the Osa in Style

Great views of the rainforest occur in all directions from lot #1

A Happy Family Snorkels at Cano Island

Second Dock and New Water System Installed at Sierpe del Pacifico -


This Spring saw the installation of a brand new 6 slip dock on the western edge of the Sierpe del Pacifico Property.  The dock was constructed by Sierpe del Pacifico Operations Manager Guillermo Gonzalez.  


The dock features a sleek design utilizing round steel framing and a pressure treated pine deck.  It is ideally positioned in an area of little current regardless of whether the tide is coming in or going out.


This dock will provide faster and easier river access for 2/3 of the Sierpe del Pacifico lots.  It is also located right next to the community gardens, ideal for anyone who wants to grab a pineapple, some limones, or plantains on their way to their Sierpe del Pacifico residence.

Sierpe del Pacifico West Dock

A new water delivery system was also installed along the western 2/3 of the property in early January.  All Sierpe del Pacifico lots now have a water hook-up ready to go.  


An engineering firm from San Jose was brought in for this project.  They measured the distance and elevation change to each house from the holding tank in order to recommend the correct size tubing to generate the desired water pressure and volume for use in the homes.  Guillermo and other members of the Sierpe del Pacifico team oversaw the work.

New Water Pipes at Sierpe del Pacifico

Community Gardens Maturing Quickly -


In just 4 years the Sierpe del Pacifico community gardens have really started to mature.  Limones, water apples, starfruit, yuca root, plantains, and pineapple are all very plentiful!  In June, July, and August the gardens should be produce its' first ever crop of avacados and mammonies.  In addition to the fruits and vegetables, a variety of palms, flowers and other ornamental plants are also starting to mature. 

Bumber limone crop in Sierpe del Pacifico gardens. Lush Sierpe del Pacifico garden

Pineapple at Sierpe del Pacifico gardenDelicious starfruit  

SDP Builder Marc Leroux achieves New Level of Refinement in Sierpe del Pacifico Style Homes

Sierpe del Pacifico Builder Marc Leroux recently completed two homes along the Sierpe River - one at the on the grid "Cocoa Farm" property complete with a swimming pool, and another at an off the grid lot located close to the Sierpe River Mouth.  Both houses show exquisite taste, thoughtful planning, and efficient design.  Along with the Sierpe del Pacifico Owners' Lodge, these homes are among Marc's best works to date.
On the grid home at the Cocoa FarmGreat surroundings and a swimming poolDeluxe Bathrooms
Fine Finishing WorkBeautiful HardwoodsBeautiful hardwood floors
Winter Fishing Report 

Good jig fishing was the norm in November and December.  A nice mix of grouper, snapper, and amberjack filled the fishbox of "La Carlita" every day.  

January was a different story.  It brought some of the most consistently difficult fishing conditions ever seen in the area.  Sierpe del Pacifico fishing captain Deidy Chavarria put some of the blame on frequently changing ocean currents that were heating up and cooling down the water with abnormal frequency making the fish uncomfortable.  The large pods of 100+ pilot whales taking up residency around Cano Island was another culprit behind the slow fishing.  Pilot whales are essentially a large dolphin and are known to feed aggressively on reef fish.  They are great for whale watching, but bad for fishing!

Fortunately things went back to normal in February with a very active inshore bite.  Big jacks, mackeral, and roosterfish were caught regularly. Several of the roosterfish weighed in excess of 40 lbs.

In other exciting fishing news, local fishing captain Pablo Chavez briefly hooked a 70 lb tarpon in the lower Sierpe River.  Tarpon are only native to the Carribean coast of Costa Rica, however a few of them swam through the panama canal and have started reproducing on the Pacific Coast.  Hopefully we start seeing a few more around as they are a very desirable sport fish.
Captain Deidy with a big AJCubera Snapper on a JigSDP Owner Chris with a Big Rooster
Mullet Snapper on a Topwater PopperAnother Big Rooster on TopwaterSmall Broomtail Grouper on Jig
Lori with Big Rainbow Runner on TopwaterDeidy with a popper mullet snapper

For more information on Sierpe del Pacifico and other Sierpe River properties available please contact Cassidy by email [email protected] or by phone at (715-699-2715)