Sierpe del Pacifico

La Carlita at Playa San Josecito
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A Deluxe Ocean Boat Allows you to Explore the Osa in Style

Great views of the rainforest occur in all directions from lot #1

Sierpe del Pacifico Promotional Video v2.0


Sierpe del Pacifico is happy to present the newly updated version of our promotional video.


New SDP Promotional Video 2.0 Link 


Notable features of the new video include aerial shots of the river, rain forest, and coast, and images of the SDP owner's lodge.


In addition to the main video we will be releasing several shorter, theme specific videos over the next few months.  These videos will examine specific aspects of the SDP experience such as the SDP homes, the SDP property, the river, the ocean, the fishing, wildlife/natural history, and Sierpe and the surrounding area.


In the meantime feel free to view a variety of high definition videos from Sierpe and the surrounding area at our YouTube channel.


Link to Sierpe del Pacifico YouTube Page 


For the latest Sierpe del Pacifico lot pricing and availability please contact me by phone (715-699-2715), or email ([email protected]).


Pura Vida!


- Cassidy