August 2014 - 5774

Volume LXII #11

Member of the Union For Reform Judaism


Congregation Shalom is a Reform Jewish community committed to education, spiritual growth, and Tikkun
Olam (healing the world).  We are proud to be an extended family of equals - welcoming, caring, and inclusive.
 Together, we engage in religious observance, enjoy social activities, and pursue life-long learning.
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Stephen Rodman's photoFrom our PresidentBarryTop    


Dear Friends:


While many of us are enjoying summer vacations and a respite from "business as usual," this is a very difficult time for many in our community. Over the past few weeks, we have been inundated with news concerning Israel, including rockets being fired from Gaza, Israeli airstrikes, and most recently a ground campaign seeking to destroy rocket launchers and tunnels. The conflict being waged thousands of miles from here affects each of us in different ways, no matter which side of the political spectrum we may be viewing it from.


However, for some of our members, it is much more personal.  We have several families who are visiting Israel on summer vacation. Others have sent their children to Israel on summer experiences. Some have close friends and family members living in Israel.


While most of you do not regularly visit the temple during the summer months, I ask you to take the time to reach out and support any members of our community who have loved ones in Israel. We need to support each other in these difficult times. Let us pray that their loved ones return in health and in safety.


If you have loved ones in Israel, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, or any member of our community, for support. You and your family are in our thoughts.


On a related note, the violence in Israel and Gaza has inflamed passions throughout the world, including the United States. We have seen an uptick in anti-Semitism and hate speech directed towards Jews across the country. A synagogue in Lowell was desecrated just last week.


Please report any incidents of anti-Semitism you may experience to the local police. We have been in close communication with the Chelmsford Police Department and have been receiving daily bulletins from the Anti-Defamation League. Our building is locked during the day and we try to remain alert to anything that may seem out of the ordinary.


If you have questions about our security or our preparedness, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Together lets us continue to pray for peace.


Stephen Rodman's signature 



Please click here to read previous columns on our website.


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From Our Education Directoreddir  


It is a warm and muggy night in July, and I am writing this article on a day when we are hearing the tragic news about an airplane that has crashed in Ukraine while Israel, having suffered days of missile attacks, has just sent ground troops into Gaza. The news is switching between a plane that was shot down and missiles that are landing on Israel and on the people of Gaza as well. My hope and prayers are that by the time this article is published, peace will be restored in the Middle East and we will all be able to mourn the senseless and tragic loss of lives in all the different crises in the world.


As I was writing a report earlier today summarizing the past year in our school, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on a few of the amazing experiences that we had over the past year. As a school, we have seen Dead Sea Scrolls from thousands of years ago; we have built a city made out of Legos and we have sung along with both the talented Peri Smilow and our amazing Jews On Broadway kids. Hopefully everyone is drinking from their "Shalom Happens" water bottles and the summer is wrapping our families in love and freedom while being mindful of the turmoil in other places in the world. It is at times like these that I feel so lucky to be a part of such a warm and supportive community and I feel blessed to live in a place where we can practice our religion freely and can celebrate the richness of our Jewish heritage. None of this year's events would have happened without the endless support of my amazing school committee, temple leaders, faculty and staff, and of course our supportive and committed school and temple community.


As I listen to the sad news throughout the world, I strongly believe we should be even more thankful for what we have at home. I wish you all a wonderful summer and I pray that when we return to school in September, we will be living in a world that truly allows everyone throughout the world to live in peace. 
 Yael Signature


Please click here to read previous columns on our website. 

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Social Action Committeesocialaction

Help care for our Community Garden plot

On Mitzvah Day we planted our third year of crops at the Chelmsford Community Garden at Sunny Meadows in Chelmsford. Last year we grew over 245 pounds of produce that we were able to donate to local food charities. Now is your chance to sign up to help care for this year's plot through the summer and early fall. It's not hard - just come by on the days you are able, and give the plot a look, then weed and water as necessary.


Please click here to sign up for days to care for our garden! Email with any questions.


Monthly Food Donations for Middlesex Transitional Living Center

Congregation Shalom is collecting food for the Lowell Transitional Living Center. It is easy to help out with this mitzvah. Donations of meatloaf, and/or brownies, and/or salad are accepted each month. There will be a cooler chest located by the doors of Congregation Shalom. Simply place your donation in the cooler and know that you have done a good deed! The food will be collected and brought to the Lowell Transitional Living Center in Lowell, where our donations are greatly appreciated each month. You can leave your donations in the cooler beginning on Thursday August 14 through Friday, August 15 (until 5pm.) 

[September dates will be September 18 and 19 - mark your calendar now!]


A big THANK YOU to Deborah Morrissey for coordinating this effort for our temple!


Questions? Need more information? Please contact Thank you for your participation with this mitzvah. 


Fundraising Committeefundraising

Time to Start Thinking


So, you have a favorite restaurant that you go to all the time and once, just once, you would like to pay less than the actual bill when it arrives at your table. You can if you have a gift certificate that you won on our online auction. To top it off, the money you paid for that certificate actually went to Congregation Shalom. A double bonus!! You got a great meal and you helped your temple. All you have to do is tell the Fundraising Committee the name of your favorite restaurant and we will ask them for a gift certificate for the auction. Better yet, we'll give you a letter and the next time you dine there, present your letter of request and do "the ask" yourself. After all, you go there all the time and they know you. Maybe they will reciprocate with a gift certificate as a thank you for your continued patronage.


What about a favorite local clothing store or gift shop? How about a recreational spot that you and your family frequent? Is there a theatre that you go to and recommend highly?  Please let us know and help make this year's online auction the best one yet!


Mark your calendar:  the online auction starts on November 1st. 


Hadassah Cake and Challah Sale


Once again, Nashoba Valley Hadassah is making baked goods from Cheryl Ann's available to us just in time for Rosh Hashanah!


Choose from a delicious variety of challah, bubke, and ruggalach.  All orders and payment are due by September 14th.  Orders can be picked up at Congregation Shalom on the morning of Sunday, September 21st.  Please click here for more the order form, which contains complete information. 


Sisterhood's New Years Greeting Book


Rosh Hashanah is Coming - We're ready to receive your New Year's Greeting Book messages.


The New Year's Greeting Book is a great way to convey your High Holiday greetings to the Congregation Shalom family and to remember departed loved ones. Please click here to download (and print) a file that contains more details, including samples, cost, an order form, and the address for mailing it in. All orders are due along with appropriate paymentby August 28th.


If you have any questions, please email Laura Rodman at or contact Sara Epstein.

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Hadassah Challah Sale
New Years Greeting Book
Participate in High Holiday Services
Donation Acknowledgements
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Save the Date
August 14  Food donations for the Lowell Shelter

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QuickLinksQuick Links

Links to Our Website

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Summer Shabbat Services


Reminder: during the summer all Shabbat services will be at 6:00 p.m. without an oneg.


Request Your Oneg Date


Just let us know what you prefer, and we'll make it happen.    

Click here for more information!


Donations for New Prayer Books


You meant to do it. You put the letter in a pile but now don't remember which pile. Maybe the letter was thrown out with the junk mail. Check the wall opposite the office for more letters. Bookplates are NOT a requisite for donations. As always, the choice is yours.


You can click here for all the information.



Stephanie Gallagher, Jon Libby, and their family would like to thank everyone at Congregation Shalom for their continued support, prayers, rides to Stephanie's appointments, and meals. Stephanie is now on the lung transplant list! The temple community has helped us though this health crisis in innumerable ways, and we are incredibly grateful.


Good and Welfaregoodandwelfare


We are excited to bring you news that Amy Richmond and Matthew DiPerri were recently married. Amy is the daughter of Sue and Joe Richmond.


Ivan and Gillian Orlinsky are excited to announce the recent marriage of their son, Paul Orlinsky, to Laura Escobar.


A warm Mazal Tov to these couples and their families!

Newsletter Ads and You!


We are always looking for advertisers for the Temple newsletter. Ads can be placed at any time with special pricing for members. Ads need not be for a year so if you want to try us, we take ads for 3 months as well as six months. If you decide to continue your ad for a full year, we do pro-rate the price. As the saying goes, "Try us, you'll like us!"


Youth ScholarshipsYthScholar

Throughout the year, there are many enriching Jewish experiences available to our youth through our synagogue or the community. These include, but aren't limited to, summer camps and trips to Washington, New York, and Israel. Fortunately, there is some scholarship money available through the temple to those families in need of financial assistance for these opportunities. Please contact Margie Berenson at with any questions and/or for an application form. 

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Changed Your Address?
Notify us at and we'll make sure all the right organizations at the Temple are informed. Please include your full name in your request.

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Deadline for the

September Newsletter is

Thursday, August 21.


Please send articles to  


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Join Our Mailing List

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Participate in High Holiday ServicesHHreaders   


It is an honor to have an Aliyah at High Holiday Services. Have you ever wondered how people are chosen to do readings, speak, or usher at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services? It is not a secret club! Most people let someone know that they would like to be involved. This is your opportunity to let the Ritual Committee know that you are interested.


Please email and indicate the following:

  • Your name
  • English only        OR        English or Hebrew

1. Sept. 24: Erev Rosh Hashanah


2. Sept. 25: Rosh Hashanah Morning: Day 1

            Family 9 a.m.        OR        Adult 10:45 a.m.


3. Sept. 26: Rosh Hashanah Morning: Day 2: 10 a.m.


4. Oct. 3: Erev Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre)


5. Oct. 4: Yom Kippur

            Family  9 a.m.        OR        Adult 10:45 a.m.        OR        Afternoon


Assignments will be made in early September. Please email if you have any questions.


Thank you for your interest in participating in High Holiday Services. Have a great summer!


The Ritual Committee


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Pick Your Oneg  --- Yes, You Choose the Date!PickYourOneg   

  • Want a Sunset Oneg?
  • Want to host the same night as your father's Yarzheit?
  • How 'bout hosting the same night as your child's class dinner?
  • Away all winter?

Just let us know, and we'll make it happen.  Every member is expected to host two Onegs.  However, if you volunteer to be the coordinator, one Oneg will fulfill your obligation.  


There is always a need for those of you willing to host some special services for Erev Rosh Hashana, Rosh Hashana children's service, and Simchat Torah service.


Please send an email to with requests, as well as stating whether you are willing to be a Coordinator or not.  Requests may contain any/all of the following:

   Service type: Tot, Family, Adult, MOCA, Adult Sunset, or any 8 p.m. 

   Event: Holiday or Special Shabbat (e.g., Brotherhood, Grade 3 Shabbat Dinner, or a friend's Bar/t Mitzvah weekend)

   Unavailable dates, such as vacation or snowbird schedule: "we're in Florida from December 1 - May 31" or "not during tax season", so we'll schedule you for a better time.

   Specific date: such as December Family Service or November 6 at 8 p.m.


The final schedule for services/special Shabbats is not available until August.  Assignments are made during August and published in the September newsletter.  Therefore, requests can be made during July and early August.


If you do not request specific dates, you will be assigned to ones that we hope are appropriate; however, the best way to ensure that the assignment is correct is to let us know your preferences before being assigned.  Once the assignment has been made, you are responsible for swapping your date, if necessary, with another member.


Thank you for your part in making our congregational Oneg program successful; it's yet another part of Congregation Shalom's tradition that we feel is special and unique. 


The Oneg Committee     - Caren Boroshok, scheduler

                                    - Pat & Rick Karpeles, letter senders

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Caring Yarns Yearlong ProjectCaringYarns   


Calling all knitters! We have a project for you that can be finished in one evening while watching TV. Below is the pattern for making slippers for women that we will take to the Lowell Women's Shelter. The pattern comes in 3 sizes, requires size 9 needles, 2 stitch markers, a yarn needle and one skein of worsted weight (#4) yarn. You can make a few sets with this one skein.  Please click here for the pattern.


We will be working on this project for the next year. Thanks for joining us in this project.


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Sisterhood Newssisterhood


On July 14, 15 members of the Sisterhood met at the beautiful home of Debbie Arthur and had a lot of fun at the Annual Pool Party. There was lots of food and fellowship, while dodging a few rain drops, which did not dampen anyone's spirits!


The Sisterhood will be having its Annual Kickoff Dinner on Tuesday, September 16th at 6:30 p.m. New and returning members are welcome to join us to hear about events planned for the year. We have many different types of events scheduled, so put the date on your calendar and plan to join us for a fun evening!


The annual mailing with the kick-off dinner invite will be going out in the mail at the end of August. Let us know at if you don't get one and want one.


Please call Donna Upson (Programming) or email with any questions regarding this update.


Donna Upson



Click here to view the Sisterhood calendar at our Congregation Shalom website.


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Brotherhood Buzzbrotherhood


The summer is always a quiet period at Congregation Shalom as families take vacations and spend quality time together. As you recharge and think about changes for this fall, may I suggest a fun and interesting Brotherhood Event!


We recently realized that some Board members were not receiving weekly emails and updates. This was quickly fixed by the Communications Committee with new email addresses or updated settings in the temple's communication tool (Constant Contact). If you are not receiving notices about events, and would like to be, please send an email to with your current email and we will make sure it is up to date and the settings are correct.


The Brotherhood Board brainstormed ideas for events for the coming year and would like the help of the full Brotherhood membership to help prioritize what to plan for this year. When you see the survey email, please invest 5 minutes to help us understand your preferences. Or, email with suggestions or comments.


In August, we have a bike ride and guys night out events planned. Come join us!


David Ebersman, Brotherhood President  


Click here to view the Brotherhood calendar at our Congregation Shalom website.


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Hello everyone!


It is my distinct pleasure to welcome in our recently installed Shalomites board as well as the incoming 8th grade. We have so many incredible events being planned for this year, and we are always eager to have a new grade come and enrich our community.


In accordance with Shalomites tradition, our first event will be an 8th grade kidnap, when 8th graders will be blindfolded and taken to an undisclosed location for a day of fun with the Shalomites! This is a great chance for incoming 8th graders to get to know the Shalomites as well as possible classmates in Hebrew Chai school. The kidnap will be taking place on September 14.


For those students in grades 9-12, NFTY Northeast's Summer Institute is coming up! It's from August 20 to August 24. We have several Shalomites participating as personnel this year, and Summer Institute is a perfect event for those members who are not yet familiar with the National Federation for Temple Youth. It's a fantastic experience jam-packed with opportunities to make new friends and learn about Judaism. If you have any questions about NFTY-Northeast or Summer Institute, please do not hesitate to ask myself or Aaron Hunt, our NFTY Northeast representative.


I look forward to seeing you at Summer Institute and in the fall!


Hannah Muhlfelder

Shalomites President 


Click here to view the Shalomites calendar at our Congregation Shalom website.


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Donation Acknowledgementsdonations   


The following donations were received from February - June 2014:




In appreciation of

In honor of

   Cafe Wisdom

   Danya Degen's NYU graduation

   Use of Temple for family seder

   Birth of Berenson's grandson

In honor of

In memory of

   Kallus's grandson's bar mitzvah

   Lee Strock

In memory of


   Father of Bonnie Heines



   Speedy recovery to Paul Rodman



In honor of


   Jerry Gilmore's 80th birthday

In memory of


   Sid Cohen



In appreciation


   One donation

In honor of


   Confirmation Class of 2014


   Graduation Class of 2014

In honor of

   Erick Lee's Bar Mitzvah

   Rachel Hurd's engagement,

   Dalia R. Goldberg's Bat Mitzvah

      2 donations

In memory of

In memory of

   Harold Cohen

   Nathan Kashuk

   Rose Cohen


   Benjamin Berman



In memory of


   Nathan Kashuk


   Martin Ames



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Grocery Cards  


Please consider joining the monthly program. If you shop at Hannaford, Stop & Shop, or Donelan's, I can send you a card once a month and you will be helping the temple every month, with no out-of-pocket money from you! The stores have these programs to help support non-profits and we get 7% back for every purchase. Just email Judy Beningson at and I will get you a card in whatever denomination you need: $25-$500! THANK YOU.


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Food for LTLC (Shelter in Lowell): Social Action Committee takes chargeFoodDonations 


Deborah Morrissey of our Social Action Committee is coordinating this activity.  Info on dates, etc. is now being provided in the Social Action column in this newsletter each month.


THANK YOU, Deborah!


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact


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iGiveiGive for Congregation Shalom
Have you ever thought how great it would be to be able to shop online at 783 different well-known stores and still donate money to Congregation Shalom?  Well, you can do that!  It's free and easy so join those of us who have been sending donations to the synagogue for years simply by shopping by first going to the iGive website once you have established the link.  Click here to register for Congregation Shalom to automatically be the recipient cause.
If you make a purchase through iGive within 45 days of signing up, an extra $5.00 will go to Congregation Shalom.  If you have any questions, please contact Laura at


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August Yahrzeitsyahrzeits


Ida Friedman, Justin David Goldman, Zelman Kamien, Carole Myers, Sherry Rosenberg



William Kurzman, Goldie (Strasberg) Lasky, Rose Pasternack, Eli Segal, Steven Silverman, Lillian Spiegler, Irving Weisberger



Esther Gilmore, Harry Gross, Shirley Heckel Hodes, Louis Laider, Bertalan Roth, Shirley Shurdut, Al Silverstein



Wilma Ecker, Isador William Friedlander, Saul Hirschel, Anne Levi, Benjamin Orringer, John Truitt 



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ExtendedCommunityExtended Community

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Zamir Chorale of Boston to Hold Auditions 


The Zamir Chorale of Boston, "America's foremost Jewish choral ensemble," (American Record Guide) will hold auditions for all voice parts on Sunday, September 21, from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. at Hebrew College, 160 Herrick Road, Newton Centre. Auditions are by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance by emailing


Candidates must have excellent vocal quality, the ability to sight-read music, and previous choral experience. In addition to the audition, candidates are required to attend open rehearsals at Hebrew College on Tuesday, September 9 and 16, from 7:15 to 10:00 p.m. Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays at Hebrew College, from 7:15 to 10:00 p.m., from September through early June.


For more information about Zamir and audition requirements, visit .

Daughters of Abraham 


Daughters of Abraham is an interfaith women's book group consisting of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women. We meet monthly (second Monday of each month) from 7 - 9 p.m. currently at Congregation Shalom, but the location may change soon (but will be somewhere nearby).


We are actively seeking Jewish members. If you think this is something that might interest you, please check the website ( and contact Margi Loyer at

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From the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston & Affiliates...


VNA Hospice Care needs volunteers! Hospice volunteers play a key role in helping to provide caring and compassion to patients and families facing life-limiting illness and loss. A volunteer may provide patients with company and emotional support, give the spouse, partner or other caregiver a needed break from care giving, and/or help caregivers run errands or get to and from appointments. A strong need exists for volunteers who can visit on weekdays. We also seek: musicians who would like to sing or play music quietly at the bedside of nursing home residents; Reiki practitioners who would like to offer Reiki to patients and/or caregivers; and people interested in visiting with their therapy dog. Volunteers who speak both English and a second language are also helpful. We provide volunteer training and ongoing support. Call 781-569-2888 and ask to speak to a Volunteer Coordinator for more information. Or email


Spiritual Poetry Journal


"Soul-Lit" is a new on-line spiritual poetry journal. A number of entries have been from Jews and have Jewish content. Writers are encouraged to submit their own poems which have a level of spiritual content to them. Two volumes have already been published.


To check out the website, please click here.


Please spread the word to members of the community who are writers / poets, and who may wish to submit their own writings.



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