July 2014 - 5774

Volume LXII #10

Member of the Union For Reform Judaism


Congregation Shalom is a Reform Jewish community committed to education, spiritual growth, and Tikkun
Olam (healing the world).  We are proud to be an extended family of equals - welcoming, caring, and inclusive.
 Together, we engage in religious observance, enjoy social activities, and pursue life-long learning.
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Rabbi From our Rabbirabbi 


Dear Friends,


Last summer we were blessed with new neighbors and over the year we have gotten to know each other well and to share a bit about each other's religious traditions. The West's joined us for our Passover Seder and we joined them in celebrating their daughter Joy's First Communion. Bob loves to learn and did a bit of research on the Internet before he joined us for our Seder and he was very proud of learning some Hebrew before coming over.  The first two words he learned were mitzvah and Seder and when he leant us milk this past week he didn't want me to replace it. Instead he wanted to be known as Mitzvah Man! Just yesterday he wanted to learn some more "Jewish" vocabulary and we shared some Hebrew and Yiddish terms. He is very interested in expanding his repertoire of Hebrew and Yiddish and I thought if my Catholic neighbor wanted to expand his Jewish vocabulary, maybe some members of our congregation would want to expand theirs as well. Summer is a great time to learn, so I thought I would share with you seven lesser known Hebrew expressions and words so that you might start the New Year with a greater knowledge of our sacred language. I also have heard rumors that learning a new language can help to preserve our memories as we age!!!! As Jews we often use Hebrew and Yiddish terms without even thinking.  Challah, Shabbat, mitzvah, tikkun olam, tzedakah, shmooze, shlep, shlemiel.... Whether it is Hebrew or Yiddish, these words are just a part of our cultural and religious identity. Using them enriches our sense of identity, culture and traditions. I hope you will be inspired to learn more and integrate Jewish language into your lives even more. Have fun!


The words, terms, definitions and usage examples that are shared below are all from the book The Joys of Hebrew by Lewis Glinert. For each word, Mr. Glinert offers a sentence to capture the feel for the word or expression. Sometimes I have added other examples that might be relevant to our community. If you learn these quickly and are inspired to learn more the book is FILLED with words that will expand your Hebrew vocabulary.


Al regel achat - Standing on one leg.  Glinert explains this wonderful expression by offering this usage: "Look, you can't expect me to answer a question like that al regel achat!"


Bevakasha - Please; go ahead; you're welcome.  "If you're determined to do it, then bevakasha." Another way to use the word is if you open the door for someone else you can say bevakasha to invite them to enter first.


Chevre - Crowd; Guys.  "I'm so glad that your kids have found themselves a nice chevre". The term can also be understood this way - When our Congregation Shalom snowbirds gather each year for a Shalom reunion they look forward to seeing their chevre!


Ma Pitom!!!  - "What are you talking about?!"  This is a true exclamation of wonder. As Glinert describes it, most Israelis expand the energy of the expression with dramatic hand motions.


Mechaye  - A delight.  This is another exclamation that Glinert describes this way: "Thank goodness you have air conditioning in your car. What a mechaye!" An application to our community? Two of our Shalomites - Oren Karp and Joe Penn - are going to be on the NFTY- Northeast  board and Oren is going to be President!!! What a mechaye!


Rega! "One Moment!"  Rega is a term that you would use to stop something from happening. Glinert's examples have to do with hailing taxis, keeping bus doors from slamming shut on you, etc. Imagine using rega when your friends are up ahead of you and you call out and tell them to wait up! Often you would use this expression over and over as you are trying to get someone's attention.


Savlanut - Patience.  Glinert's usage is "Savlanut, ladies and gentlemen!  We are assured that our speaker will be here shortly." I was thinking of another dimension to this word. Imagine a long road trip with your family and your kids are asking over and over when you are going to arrive at your destination. You can teach them some Hebrew by saying 'Savlanut!  We'll get there when we get there!'


Have fun learning and I hope that you try to incorporate these terms into your lexicon. They will make your speech more feisty, flavorful, fun and yes - Jewish!!


Have a wonderful summer,

Rabbi Sig  

Rabbi Shoshana M. Perry    


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Stephen Rodman's photoFrom our PresidentBarryTop    


Dear Friends:


As you are all aware, we are a community run by volunteers. From the school committee to the house committee, and from social action to communication and technology, we have a group of volunteers that are willing to give their time and effort for the betterment of the community. Without our volunteers, Congregation Shalom would cease to exist.


Last evening I attended our "cross-over" Board meeting, with both current trustees and new trustees attending. The Board is comprised of individuals from every membership category - older and younger, long-term members and newer members, those with children in religious school, and those whose children finished school years ago. And despite the differences, the Board comes together with one goal in mind: the betterment of Congregation Shalom.


Over the past several years, we have been blessed with the presence of many individuals on the Board whose commitment to Congregation Shalom is inspiring. With the "retirement" of David Beningson, Cris Shuldiner, Debbie Muhlfelder and Rick Karpeles from the Board, we are losing tremendous talent, dedication and vision. Each has contributed in countless ways to the Board and to the lives of our entire community. I am honored to have worked with them, and, despite moving off the Board, I know each will continue to contribute to congregational life in a myriad of ways.


And as the saying goes, "Out with the old, in with the new." I am excited to work with our new trustees, Gavin Heater, Missy Haas, Linda Lischer and Arnie Kerzner, as we continue to confront issues facing the temple, seek out new ways to increase membership and keep dues in check, and strive to meet our mission. I welcome our new trustees to the Board and I look forward to what we can accomplish together.


To all of our trustees, and to all of our dedicated volunteers, I offer my thanks. You make Congregation Shalom a Jewish home for our entire community.


Stephen Rodman's signature 



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From Our Education Directoreddir  


Last week I received a phone call from Magen David Adom's Boston branch asking me about our tzedakah collection this year. I was asked a simple but complex question - "how did a temple your size manage to raise $1400?" Actually that was a few weeks ago and our final total for tzedakah raised by our school this year was a staggering $1,615.29. The answer as to how we raised this amount of money is not an easy one but I believe it deserves looking into. As I stopped to think and to explain to the Magen David representative about how we raised so much money, I went back to our mission statement and I reviewed it again.


"Congregation Shalom is a Reform Jewish community committed to education, spiritual growth, and Tikkun Olam (healing the world). We are proud to be an extended family of equals - welcoming, caring and inclusive. Together, we engage in religious observance, enjoy social activities, and pursue life-long learning."


As I prepare for my 4th school year at Congregation Shalom, I am struck by the warmth and commitment that represents not just the school but the whole community. Being a "welcoming, caring and inclusive community" permeates everything that we do. Congregation Shalom has welcomed me and welcomes other people in an open and supportive environment that fosters both spiritual growth and also a real sense of community. Congregation Shalom, does not merely talk about tikkun olam, we live it and we have made it core to everything we do. Our students bring tzedakah every week, not because they have to, but rather because they want to; they want to be a partner in healing the world. We see this at Mitzvah Day, we see this at services, we see this with the Caring Committee, and we see this in our amazing tzedakah collection every year.


Just last week, I started thinking about the tzedakah project we will pick for next year. It is a daunting task, as every organization I research does amazing work and tzedakah is needed everywhere in the world but I as I look at the different organizations, I feel truly blessed that I am in a community that cherishes the idea of repairing the world (Tikkun Olam) and I know that as Rabbi Tarfon said in Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers), "It is not incumbent upon you to complete the work, but neither are you at liberty to desist from it" (Avot 2:21. What greater gift can we give our students than the knowledge that they are helping to repair the world.


Next year I am planning to implement a Mitzvah Wall that will be alongside our Tzedakah wall.  Here our students will be able to share and tell us about their personal mitzvah projects that they do outside of the building. While we value our school-wide tzedakah project, we know that our students are out in the world doing acts of loving kindness and we want to celebrate the wonderful work done both in our school community and beyond.

 Yael Signature


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Social Action Committeesocialaction

Mitzvah Day 2014

What a successful Mitzvah Day we had on Sunday, June 1! Taking advantage of perfect weather, more than 115 congregants spent the day working together on 11 different projects that each helped make the world a better place. Thank you to members of all ages - children through adult - who served meals, planted crops in our garden plot, crafted beautiful and useful objects, painted our classrooms, tied fleece or used knitting needles to create blankets, recycled unused electronics, painted toddler beds, cleaned and repaired buildings, grounds and playgrounds at the Paul Center camp and the universally accessible McElligott playground, and sang at the Atrium. Your efforts improved the lives of so many people in our community: seniors, pediatric patients, shelter residents, kids with developmental disabilities, food bank clients, Meals on Wheels recipients, and families who need beds for their children. Thank you all for continuing a beloved Congregation Shalom tradition, and for embodying our community's commitment to tikkun olam!


Look for photo highlights from Mitzvah Day coming soon to


Help care for our Community Garden plot

On Mitzvah Day we planted our third year of crops at the Chelmsford Community Garden at Sunny Meadows in Chelmsford. Last year we grew over 245 pounds of produce that we were able to donate to local food charities. Now is your chance to sign up to help care for this year's plot through the summer and early fall. It's not hard - just come by on the days you are able, and give the plot a look, then weed and water as necessary.


Please click here to sign up for days to care for our garden! with any questions.


Monthly Food Donations for Middlesex Transitional Living Center

Congregation Shalom is collecting food for the Lowell Transitional Living Center. It is easy to help out with this mitzvah. Donations of meatloaf, and/or brownies and/or salad are accepted each month. There will be a cooler chest located by doors of Congregation Shalom. Simply place your donation in the cooler and know that you have done a good deed! The food will be collected and brought to the Lowell Transitional Living Center in Lowell, where our donations are greatly appreciated each month. You can leave your donations in the cooler beginning on Thursday July 17 through Friday, July 18 (until 5pm.)

(August dates will be August 14 and 15 - mark your calendar now!)


Questions? Need more information? Please contact Thank you for your participation with this mitzvah.

Fundraising Committeefundraising


We are a small but energetic group of temple members who wish to bring additional funds to the treasury. We could do with your help. We need new members to join us. A plus: we do not have monthly meetings. Our events are well thought out and executed clearly and precisely. We just want a few new members willing to be part of the committee to add new thoughts and ideas. If you only want to work on one program a year, we would be happy with that. Do consider becoming a part of this very important committee. Contact us at

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Summer Shabbat Services
Participate in High Holiday Services
Pick Your Oneg
Calendar Requests
Caring Yarns New Project
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Save the Date
July 4  
No Shabbat Service

July 11  Summer Shabbat Services begin at 6 p.m.

July 17  Food donations for the Lowell Shelter


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QuickLinksQuick Links


Links to Our Website

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Summer Shabbat Services


Reminder: during the summer all Shabbat services will be at 6:00 p.m. without an oneg.


Please also note that there will be no service on July 4. 


Request Your Oneg Date


Just let us know what you prefer, and we'll make it happen.    

Click here for more information!


Donations for New Prayer Books


You meant to do it. You put the letter in a pile but now don't remember which pile. Maybe the letter was thrown out with the junk mail. Check the wall opposite the office for more letters. Bookplates are NOT a requisite for donations. As always, the choice is yours.


You can click here for all the information.


Sisterhood's New Year's Greeting Book


Rosh Hashanah is Coming - We're ready to receive your New Year's Greeting Book messages.


The New Year's Greeting Book is a great way to convey your High Holiday greetings to the Congregation Shalom family and to remember departed loved ones. Please click here to download (and print) a file that contains more details, including samples, cost, an order form, and the address for mailing it in. All orders are due along with appropriate payment by August 28th.


If you have any questions, please email Laura Rodman at or contact Sara Epstein.



We would like to thank our extended family at Congregation Shalom for all the support, letters of comfort, and donations made in memory of our mother and grandmother, Ellen Muhlfelder.

    The Muhlfelder Family


TODAH RABA to all of you who made donations to the temple wishing me a speedy recovery from my recent knee surgery. I'm coming along quite nicely! 


    Margi Loyer


I want to take this time to thank all my many friends and extended family for your kind thoughts, prayers and well wishes after my recent automobile accident. Your healing thoughts meant a lot to Laura, our entire family and myself.


    Paul Rodman


I wanted to thank our temple community for your support and contributions made in honor of my Bar Mitzvah in May. I was very touched by everyone's good wishes and generosity.

Thank you,

    Jeffrey Morrissey

Good and Welfaregoodandwelfare


It is with a heavy heart that I write of the passing of Ellen Muhlfelder, mother of Michael Muhlfelder. We send our deepest condolences to Mike and his whole family.


It is with a heavy heart that I write to tell you of the passing of Geraldine Miller, mother of Mark Miller. We send our deepest condolences to Mark and his whole family.


Welcome New Membersnewmembers


We welcome the following people to our Congregation Shalom community.  


   Elizabeth and Nesan Jegasothy


   Erica and William (Bill) Arrington


   Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg and Aaron Ginsberg


   Adele Lieberman


Please reach out and help make them feel welcome.


Newsletter Ads and You!


We are always looking for advertisers for the Temple newsletter. Ads can be placed at any time with special pricing for members. Ads need not be for a year so if you want to try us, we take ads for 3 months as well as six months. If you decide to continue your ad for a full year, we do pro-rate the price. As the saying goes, "Try us, you'll like us!"


Youth ScholarshipsYthScholar

Throughout the year, there are many enriching Jewish experiences available to our youth through our synagogue or the community. These include, but aren't limited to, summer camps and trips to Washington, New York, and Israel. Fortunately, there is some scholarship money available through the temple to those families in need of financial assistance for these opportunities. Please contact Margie Berenson at with any questions and/or for an application form. 

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Changed Your Address?
Notify us at and we'll make sure all the right organizations at the Temple are informed. Please include your full name in your request.

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Deadline for the

August Newsletter is

Thursday, July 17.


Please send articles to  


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Join Our Mailing List

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Participate in High Holiday ServicesHHreaders   


It is an honor to have an Aliyah at High Holiday Services. Have you ever wondered how people are chosen to do readings, speak, or usher at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services? It is not a secret club! Most people let someone know that they would like to be involved. This is your opportunity to let the Ritual Committee know that you are interested.


Please email and indicate the following:

  • Your name
  • English only        OR        English or Hebrew

1. Sept. 24: Erev Rosh Hashanah


2. Sept. 25: Rosh Hashanah Morning: Day 1

            Family 9 a.m.        OR        Adult 10:45 a.m.


3. Sept. 26: Rosh Hashanah Morning: Day 2: 10 a.m.


4. Oct. 3: Erev Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre)


5. Oct. 4: Yom Kippur

            Family  9 a.m.        OR        Adult 10:45 a.m.        OR        Afternoon


Assignments will be made in early September. Please email if you have any questions.


Thank you for your interest in participating in High Holiday Services. Have a great summer!


The Ritual Committee


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Pick Your Oneg  --- Yes, You Choose the Date!PickYourOneg   

  • Want a Sunset Oneg?
  • Want to host the same night as your father's Yarzheit?
  • How 'bout hosting the same night as your child's class dinner?
  • Away all winter?

Just let us know, and we'll make it happen.  Every member is expected to host two Onegs.  However, if you volunteer to be the coordinator, one Oneg will fulfill your obligation.  


There is always a need for those of you willing to host some special services for Erev Rosh Hashana, Rosh Hashana children's service, and Simchat Torah service.


Please send an email to with requests, as well as stating whether you are willing to be a Coordinator or not.  Requests may contain any/all of the following:

   Service type: Tot, Family, Adult, MOCA, Adult Sunset, or any 8 p.m. 

   Event: Holiday or Special Shabbat (e.g., Brotherhood, Grade 3 Shabbat Dinner, or a friend's Bar/t Mitzvah weekend)

   Unavailable dates, such as vacation or snowbird schedule: "we're in Florida from December 1 - May 31" or "not during tax season", so we'll schedule you for a better time.

   Specific date: such as December Family Service or November 6 at 8 p.m.


The final schedule for services/special Shabbats is not available until August.  Assignments are made during August and published in the September newsletter.  Therefore, requests can be made during July and early August.


If you do not request specific dates, you will be assigned to ones that we hope are appropriate; however, the best way to ensure that the assignment is correct is to let us know your preferences before being assigned.  Once the assignment has been made, you are responsible for swapping your date, if necessary, with another member.


Thank you for your part in making our congregational Oneg program successful; it's yet another part of Congregation Shalom's tradition that we feel is special and unique. 


The Oneg Committee     - Caren Boroshok, scheduler

                                    - Pat & Rick Karpeles, letter senders

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Calendar Requestscalendar   


With the installation of new officers and possibly new committee chairs, it is time to start putting your yearly calendar together. Wednesday afternoons are a NO-NO. If a function is to be held say from 7 to 9 but the group using the space needs set up time, give us two times, one for set up and one for the actual event. That way the rolling calendar shows the event time exclusive of the set up time.


Please do not distribute your calendar of events until the Calendar Committee has approved your calendar. We try our best to accommodate all requests when possible. Tuesday afternoons and early evenings the Library is in use by our B'nai Mitzvah tutor. Bear in mind that her times are not set at the beginning of the year but have to be worked out with parents, the tutor, and the student.


Try to get your calendars to us by the middle of July. Once we have all the calendars, it only takes days to finalize your dates. If a special room is requested, please be sure to include that.


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Caring Yarns Yearlong ProjectCaringYarns   


Calling all knitters! We have a project for you that can be finished in one evening while watching TV. Below is the pattern for making slippers for women that we will take to the Lowell Women's Shelter. The pattern comes in 3 sizes, requires size 9 needles, 2 stitch markers, a yarn needle and one skein of worsted weight (#4) yarn. You can make a few sets with this one skein.


            Cast on 41 (47, 55) stitches

            Row 1 (RIGHT SIDE) Knit

            Rows 2 and 3 Knit

            Row 4 Knit 20 (23, 27) stitches, place marker, Knit 1, place marker, Knit across

            Row 5 Knit to marker, slip marker to other needle, YO (yarn over) Knit 1, YO, slip marker to other needle, Knit to end 43 (49, 57) stitches

            Row 6 AND ALL WRONG SIDE ROWS, pearl across, slipping markers

            Row 7 Knit across to marker, slip marker, YO, Knit 3, YO, slip marker and Knit to end. 45 (51, 59) stitches

            Row 9 Knit across to marker, slip marker, YO, Knit 5. YO, slip marker and Knit to end. 47 (53, 61) stitches

            Row 11 Knit across to marker, slip marker YO, Knit 7, YO slip marker and Knit to end.  49 (55, 63) stitches

            Row 13 Knit across to marker, slip marker, YO, Knit 9, YO, slip marker and Knit to end 51 (57, 65) stitches

            Rows 15 -23 Knot all stitches on the RIGHT SIDE and Pearl all stitches on the WRONG SIDE.  Bind off all stitches

To finish - fold in half so that the eyelets match one anothr with RIGHT SIDES facing each other - sew bottom seam and side seam.  MAKE TWO.  YOU ARE DONE!!!


We will be working on this project for the next year.  This pattern will be available all year - starting next month there will be a link in the newsletter to this pattern on our temple website.




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Jews on Broadway   


Well, the Congregation Shalom stars were shining brightly, on the stage of the Chelmsford Center for the Arts, that is. On June 7, members of our congregation presented "Jews on Broadway," while an enthusiastic audience in the filled-to-capacity Center cheered them on. Young children, teens and adults from Congregation Shalom, as well as individuals and groups from the wider community, entertained with songs from a large selection of Broadway Musicals, all of which were written by Jewish composers and lyricists.  A committed group of volunteers made it all happen and I would like to thank you all. It was truly a team effort.

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Sisterhood Newssisterhood

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Brotherhood Buzzbrotherhood


Last month was the annual Brotherhood Retreat at Linger Longer by the Sea!! The weekend was well attended and the crew as always had a blast with biking, kayaking, golf, plenty of food and drink, and camaraderie. A reservation has been made for next year.


We had a fun year-end meeting and put more hours on our recently acquired brotherhood grill, accompanied by high quality adult beverages and announcement of the new slate. Thanks to Cris Shuldiner and Jerry Bass for food preparation and to those who pitched in with preparation and cleanup. There were a few empty slots on the slate and the board is working to fill the openings in the coming month.


In June, Jerry Lotto was awarded Congregant of the Year. It was cool to hear about the many ways that this long-time Brotherhood member has made selfless contributions to Congregation Shalom over the years. A unique toast was made in Jerry's honor at a Friday temple service - congratulations, Jerry!


At our June meeting, there was some transition as Neal Berensen and Roger Loyer shifted into past president roles. Special thanks to these gentlemen for stepping up last year and filling this important role for the Brotherhood, nicely done!! Also, thank you to the new folks who are stepping up to fill the ranks on the Brotherhood board!


In early planning for the 2014-2015 fiscal year, the Brotherhood board has discussed issuing a survey in order to get good feedback from current Brotherhood membership and also potential Brotherhood members as to what events to offer this coming year. My vision for the coming year is to continue with current events that Brotherhood membership supports and grow and introduce new activities that meet the changing needs of the Brotherhood community. Looking forward to an exciting new year!


David Ebersman, Incoming President  


Click here to view the Brotherhood calendar at our Congregation Shalom website.


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Grocery Cards  



I would like to thank to all the families who are weekly and monthly regulars and all the people who bought grocery cards during Sunday school. Together, we've raised more than $3200 for the temple for this fiscal year. This money is essential to the temple budget and helps keep our programs strong. Thank you for taking the one extra step before you shop.


As we head into the next fiscal year, starting July 1, please consider joining the monthly program. If you shop at Hannaford, Stop & Shop, or Donelan's, I can send you a card once a month and you will be helping the temple every month, with no out-of-pocket money from you! The stores have these programs to help support non-profits and we get 7% back for every purchase. Just email Judy Beningson at and I will get you a card in whatever denomination you need: $25-$500! THANK YOU.

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Food for LTLC (Shelter in Lowell): Help needed please!FoodDonations 


Congregation Shalom is collecting food for the Lowell Transitional Living Center. It is easy to help out with this mitzvah. Donations of meatloaf, and/or brownies, and/or salad are accepted each month. There will be a cooler chest located by the doors of Congregation Shalom. Simply place your donation in the cooler and know that you have done a good deed! The food will be collected and brought to the Lowell Transitional Living Center in Lowell, where our donations are greatly appreciated each month.


You can leave your donations in the cooler from Thursday, July 17 through Friday, July 18 (until 5pm.) August dates will be August 14 and 15 - mark your calendar now!


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact


Thank you for your participation with this mitzvah.

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Library Committee Update


We have been inundated with books this year from congregants. Thank you ALL for donating to our synagogue. We are at the point right now where we are having trouble keeping up with the donations, so until September we are not going to accept any more books. We will resume accepting books after September 1st. I hope you understand that we are all volunteers and are having trouble keeping up with the influx of books.


If you want to borrow any books, please call the office first so you know if anyone will be here to let you into the building and library. We encourage you to check out books! We have a wonderful selection of books for all. On that note, if you haven't returned your books, please do so as soon as possible.


Also, we are looking for volunteers so If you would like to join our library committee, please send an email to Next year is an exciting year for the library since we plan to scan books into the system. We really need a volunteer who is computer savvy. Specifically, we are looking for someone who can transfer our library program to a newer hard drive. We want to begin scanning but can't start that until the library program is transferred with the old data and installed in our newer hard drive. The volunteer needs to understand computer software.


Thank you again for all your support. We hope you have been enjoying our book reviews by Rhonda Waxman (thanks Rhonda). All books she reviewed are in our library.



Amy Degen

Library Committee Member 


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Library - Book Review

Book Review of Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots 

by Deborah Feldman


This is the first memoir of Deborah Feldman, who was "raised in the Hasidic community of Satmar in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York." She has written a second memoir, Exodus about her life since leaving that community. Ms. Feldman attended Sarah Lawrence College and lives in New England with her son.


There is so much I didn't know about the Hasidic community. I had heard rumors and of course I knew stereotypes. It was so interesting to read a first person account of what it was like to grow up in such a community. I didn't know that there were different types of Hasidic communities. This particular one, Satmar, is ultra religious and ascetic. I didn't know this, but they actually believe that the Holocaust was caused by God's wrath that the Jews had become too secular and integrated. To prevent the Holocaust from happening again, Satmar was founded to preserve the memory of the shtetls and communities that had been wiped out. They are also deliberately opposed to the State of Israel. They actually participate in anti-Zionist protests. They believe Jews should wait for the Messiah, and not try to hurry the process. They also focus on reproduction, in order to replace the many who perished in the Holocaust.


In this memoir, Deborah describes her life chronologically, from when she was a young girl living with her grandparents (her mother left the community, her father was mentally ill) to the time she left in her early twenties.  She describes the daily lives and expectations of girls and women in home and in school. From the beginning she had doubts. She secretly read English books, which were not allowed, as Satmar residents must only speak Yiddish. The men were in charge, but the Satmar Rabbi made the rules (women must shave their heads, wigs cannot be made from human hair, clothes must be a certain length, etc.). Women were only allowed to attend synagogue a few times a year, and were not allowed to study Torah. Most got married right out of high school at age 17 or 18 (arranged marriages). This book is Deborah's journey to break free from her bonds "both the physical and the intangible." It is her journey to find her relationship with God and her place in the world. It is about the choices and sacrifices she made to give her son a different life.


I was definitely interested in the story and its characters. I wanted to find out what happened. She did a wonderful job as a first time author. Parts of the story dragged, or were overly descriptive. Her style will probably improve in further books. Overall, I did enjoy this book and would recommend it.

                                                                                             Submitted by Rhonda Waxman 

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iGiveiGive for Congregation Shalom
Have you ever thought how great it would be to be able to shop online at 783 different well-known stores and still donate money to Congregation Shalom?  Well, you can do that!  It's free and easy so join those of us who have been sending donations to the synagogue for years simply by shopping by first going to the iGive website once you have established the link.  Click here to register for Congregation Shalom to automatically be the recipient cause.
If you make a purchase through iGive within 45 days of signing up, an extra $5.00 will go to Congregation Shalom.  If you have any questions, please contact Laura at


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July Yahrzeitsyahrzeits


Wilma Ruth Carrick, Hilda Edelstein, Bernard Hovsha, Simon Kasowitz



Ella Antokal, Elaine Capland, Abraham Danzig, Alfred DesLauriers, Sam Fagelman, Marianne Fried, Dorothy Griffith, Michael Picard, Mary Rauch, Clara Roberts, Evelyn Rodman, Sam Salmirs, Albert Shapiro



Sidney Berenson, Joseph Davis, Josephine Dreher, Hy Frankel, Adele Friedlander, Nathan Harry Katz, Lawrence Wikander



Melvin Boroshok, Milton Capland, Abraham David, Joseph David, Samuel Eisenstein, Rita Miller, Moses Solomon Strock



Barry Berkovitz, Evelyn Derby, Rose Kallus, Eleanor Myers, Allan Rosenberg, Saul Shurdut, Charlotte Siegel


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Daughters of Abraham 


Daughters of Abraham is an interfaith women's book group consisting of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women. We meet monthly (second Monday of each month) from 7 - 9 p.m. currently at Congregation Shalom, but the location may change soon (but will be somewhere nearby).


We are actively seeking Jewish members. If you think this is something that might interest you, please check the website ( and contact Margi Loyer at

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From the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston & Affiliates...


VNA Hospice Care needs volunteers! Hospice volunteers play a key role in helping to provide caring and compassion to patients and families facing life-limiting illness and loss. A volunteer may provide patients with company and emotional support, give the spouse, partner or other caregiver a needed break from care giving, and/or help caregivers run errands or get to and from appointments. A strong need exists for volunteers who can visit on weekdays. We also seek: musicians who would like to sing or play music quietly at the bedside of nursing home residents; Reiki practitioners who would like to offer Reiki to patients and/or caregivers; and people interested in visiting with their therapy dog. Volunteers who speak both English and a second language are also helpful. We provide volunteer training and ongoing support. Call 781-569-2888 and ask to speak to a Volunteer Coordinator for more information. Or email


Spiritual Poetry Journal


"Soul-Lit" is a new on-line spiritual poetry journal. A number of entries have been from Jews and have Jewish content. Writers are encouraged to submit their own poems which have a level of spiritual content to them. Two volumes have already been published.


To check out the website, please click here.


Please spread the word to members of the community who are writers / poets, and who may wish to submit their own writings.



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