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November 12, 2015
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About the ITGA Annual Conference 
The ITGA, by Staff Writers
Join us in Chicago for the 2016 ITGA Conference, where you'll learn strategies and evidenced-based practices for dealing with the challenges and opportunities common to campus communities. Only at the ITGA conference will you find elected officials and city managers sharing a table with community relations staff, student affairs administrators, city/campus planners, university staff and students, all discussing how their programs, research, perspectives or policies advance sustainable outcomes. Registration is open for the 2016 Conference. The hotel link for lodging options is on the conference registration receipt. Be sure to submit your proposal for presenting at the conference. Professional development opportunities are available Saturday and Sunday through Level I and Level II Certificate programs. Visit our website often for updates. Contact more information. 
GW President Steven Knapp Talks with GW families at the Neighborhood Block Party 
GW Today, by Staff Writers
By Sunday afternoon, the 13th Annual Neighborhood Block Party was in full swing, gathering more than 100 local businesses, student organizations and GW de-partments including the School of Nursing's "Ask a Nurse" booth, which offered free health screenings. The GW Office of Government and Community Relations hosts the annual event to bring together the GW com-munity and residents of the Foggy Bottom and West End neighborhoods. "It's wonderful to see so many people out here today celebrating how far we have come as a community," said D.C. Council member Jack Evans. "I hope that you are all enjoying yourselves at the Neighborhood Block Party, which is truly  a university tradition that we can be proud of," Dr. Knapp said. "This is the 13th annual block party, and each year it is an opportunity to bring together GW students, parents, faculty, alumni and friends for a final celebration during Colonials Weekend." To view pictures, click here.
Norwalk Community College, City's Parking Authority Collaborate to Promote App 
The Hour, by Robert Kock
A collaboration between Norwalk Community College and Norwalk Parking Authority has proved productive, according to officials. Since September, 35 students in Profossor Susan Steiz's marketing class have been working with the Parking Authority and its marketing firm, Norwalk-based The Snyder Group, to plan and pro-mote an app that allows people to pay for parking from their smart phones in South Norwalk (SoNo). The students went out into the streets to encourage people to download and use the Parkmobile app. "Since September, we've had about five different classroom activities, and they came up with all of these fabulous marketing materials," said Kathryn Hebert, the city's administrative services manager. A video produced as part of the collaboration shows a motorist running to his vehicle and expired meter in SoNo, dripping coins along the way, only to find a parking ticket. 
Committee Discusses Increasing Student Fees to Replace Fire Station
The Arkansas Traveler, by Ginny Monk
A subcommittee of the Town and Gown Advisory Committee will make a recommendation to the rest of the body on how to fund a new fire station that would serve campus, the Fayetteville fire chief said. The original recommendation was for an additional $3.50 student fee to be added to cover the cost associated with building a new station. The start-up costs will be about $8.6 million. The fee would be for "public safety," and the revenue would be shared with UAPD Fire Chief Dayringer said. The city would maintain the station and the fire department's half of the student fee would go to pay for the firefighters and to build the station. Tanner Bone, the Associated Student Government president, said he and other student leaders are working to find different ways to pay for the fire station. "I think student safety is important, but you want to avoid an increase in student fees. We want to find alternate way to fund this."  
President at the Party
Inside Higher Ed, by Kellie Woodhouse
It was around midnight on Friday, Oct. 30, when Steven Leath saw more than a half dozen students pile into a car outside a dormitory. One student, clearly drunk, had climbed into the vehicle's trunk, yet his friends piled into the car and began driving. Leath, president of Iowa State University, was heading from one location full of partying college students to another. He pointed the incident out to Jerry Stewart, the university's police chief, who was driving around with Leath that night, and Stewart activated his lights and pulled the car over before it left the lot. The driver looked startled when the two men told her to take her friend out of the car and help him back to the dorm, and even more shocked when she found out one of those men was the university president. On high-activity nights, the university operates a pancake tent on campus, not far from local bars. The tent encourages some students to break their partying early with a carb-loaded meal. 
Private Investors Planning UB Greek Row
The Warner Cable News, by Ryan Whalen
For now it's only in the exploratory phase, but Standard Ascension Tower Group Corporation believes it could have a contractor in place to build a privately-owned community for University at Buffalo fraternities and sororities before the end of this year. "Most campuses that are some of the bigger colleges, they have Greek rows," Larry Jordan II said. Earlier this fall, the corpora-tion presented its idea to students and 10 organizations filled out non-binding forms indicating their interest. Jordan believes the project could also ease tensions in Buffalo's University Heights neigh-borhood. People who live there have been having issues, not specifically with Greek organizations, but with student house parties in general. "What's unique about Amherst student housing is that it's that problems don't spill out into the residential community like they do in the city campus," Amherst Town Board Member Mark Manna, said. 
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