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November 5, 2015
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Three Upstate NY Colleges Come Together to Serve the Local Communities
Town-Gown Nation News PRWEB, by Staff Writers
Make a Difference Day: Celebrate Service, Celebrate Allegany kicked off its fourth year this past Saturday and proved to be a huge success as approximately 500 local college students and volunteers from Alfred Uni-versity, Alfred State, and Houghton College came to-gether to perform a day of community service projects. Students from all three institutions gathered at their respective colleges and were transported to pre-arranged service locations throughout the county. Students performed service projects ranging from outdoor activities, such as painting and grounds work, to indoor projects, such as assisting food pantries with cleanup and organization and assembling aid packages. In one year, a total of 450 college students impacted the local communities with more than 2,500 hours of service. 
Chesterfield County, VSU Partner to Meet Community, School Needs
City of Chesterfield, by Allie Gibson
A new water tower at Virginia State University's Ran-dolph Farm is a prime example of an effective university locality partnership, providing benefits to Chesterfield County, the university and the community living near the university. VSU and Chesterfield County saved about $1 million each, $2 million total, by building a 2-million gallon water tower together. Both entities had been planning separately to build new 1-million-gallon tanks, but opted to com-bine resources, collaborate on the project and split construction costs. The 170-foot-tall tower features a huge VSU logo to promote the school's presence in the community. The $6.2 million project includes new water lines through the community, and VSU, which used to purchase some of its water from other localities, is expected to save 30 percent on its bill by converting to Chesterfield County's public water system. See video
U of C Aims to Stop Campus Sex Assaults Before They Happen
Calgary Herald, by Eva Ferguson
The school's Women's Resource Centre, in partnership with the Consent Awareness and Sexual Education Club, (CASE) will travel across campus over the next several weeks with a mobile cart, handing out informational pamphlets, giving speeches and starting up trivia games with prizes to tackle what they say is a still-pervasive rape culture in our society.  As part of the program, Creating a Culture of Consent, campus leaders will also be heading into residence buildings, having small group discussions with students on different floors and engaging them about issues around sexual consent, the goal being to stop sexual assaults before they happen. "We want to teach students that a consent means an enthusiastic yes, when you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol... and partners are always checking in with each other," said Hilary Jahelka, president of CASE. 
Calls for Student 'Levy' to Fund Patrols and Stop Rowdy Parties, Crime and Litter
Manchester Evening News, by Beth Abbit
A proposed student levy to raise almost $400,000 to fund a night patrol tackling rowdy parties, crime and litter in Fallowfield has been rejected by university chiefs. Residents asked university bosses to consider charging each student an annual $5 'levy' to be used of a night-time patrol. The cash could then be used to help to keep order in the suburb-where there have been numerous complaints of excessive noise, litter and graffiti. A University of Manchester spokesman said, "This is not something the University is considering, as we already work closely with local residents, the city council, the police, private landlords and other partners on a number of initiatives to mitigate the negative behavior of a small minority of students and to ensure that local communities feel a positive benefit from living in neighbourhoods with large numbers of students."  
Boston Sets Record For Housing Completion, Cities Universities
Daily Free Press, by Julia Metjian
The City of Boston set a record for new housing unit completions this year, mostly due to construction pro-jects from universities in the area. Boston Mayor Martin Walch spoke about the importance of meeting goals to provide safe and affordable housing for all residents. "In order to strengthen our City and our workforce, we must meet the goals of our ambitious housing plan," Walsh said in a Thursday press release. "I appreciate the efforts of our development community and our colleges and universities in helping us meet these challenges and we will continue working to create and maintain housing that keeps up with our City's growth." A total of 3,292 net units were added in 2015, topping the previous record set in 2006, the release stated. Boston is also adding dormitory units at the highest rate since 2007.
Students Voice Their Concerns at First Town Hall Meeting 
The Bottom Line, by Brittney Woods
On Tuesday, October 27, 2015, Professor Timothy Ma-grath lead FSU's first town hall meeting of the Fall 2015 semester. This three part series is hosted by FSU's J. Glenn Beall Institute for Public Affairs and the Office of Civic Engagement. Beall was a US Senator who desired for students to become involved with student affairs. Tuesday night's conversation spoke of local issues that FSU students, community members, and public officials saw. Topics ranged from Frostburg's night life, accessibility to off-campus housing areas, and police involvement. Most students want a push for Frostburg to be a more thriving area; another student suggested having a bus system that would take students to nearby schools. This would allow Frostburg to maintain its intimate nature and allow access to entertainment some students desire. Magrath encourages students to attend town meetings as well as talking to local community members and public officials to voice their opinions. 
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