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October 15, 2015
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Health Center Prepares to Implement Greek Alcohol Safety Program
Town-Gown Nation News
The Lamron, by Maya Lucyshyn
Lauderdale Center for Student Health & Counseling is currently preparing to implement a new program: Train-ing on Greeks and Alcohol. This program, abbreviated TOGA, will change Greek peer education with the goal of teaching risk management and alcohol safety to organi-
nation leaders. Alcohol and Other Drug Program Coordi-nator Sarah Covell first brought this program to campus when she replied to an email sent out by the project's principle investigator Toben Nelson of University of Minnesota. In the past, Nelson created an Alcohol Risk Management program for retailers that sell alcohol in college towns such as restaurants and bars. Geneseo is one of four schools selected for the program's testing. The other three are SUNY Plattsburgh, the University of South Florida and the University of Central Florida. 
UMES Moves into Downtown Princess Anne, by Deborah Gates
UMES has created a brick-and-mortar presence in downtown Princess Anne where the university plans to launch "3rd Tuesday" events that strengthen the town-and-gown bond and draw visitors to the business district. The university has leased a spacious storefront in the heart of town where recently it hosted a reception to welcome and recognize new teachers in Somerset County public schools. The meet-and-greet was the first of ongoing events focused on "reconnecting people in the community and letting people know that UMES is part of the community," said Walter Woods, coordinator for outreach and strategic initiatives at UMES. The move is an example of trending partnerships between college towns, Woods said. He sited Salisbury University's recent acquisition of a downtown Salisbury office and retail building, and another structure in which SU has an art gallery.
City, University Leaders Discuss Plans for Growth
Pittsburg State University, by Staff Writers
Leaders from the City of Pittsburg and Pittsburg State University expressed optimism Monday about the fu-ture of the community during their semiannual leader-ship meeting. The meetings, which are in their third year, focus on shared areas of responsibility including public safety, economic development and infrastructure. "There's no doubt that we work better when we work together," said Pittsburg State University President Steve Scott. "We're at a really nice moment in our history because we're actively coordinating our efforts. Our partnership has never been stronger." In addition to shared areas of responsibility, members also discussed the creation of a more formalized board structure known as the Joint City-University Advisory Board (JCUAB). Shawn Naccarato, director of government and community relations, said the value of the group is unquestionable and now it will have the structure it needs to ensure its permanence."     
Town-Gown Relationship Grows Stronger, by John Foulkes
One thing the Chapel Hill town council members and mayor can agree on is that university relations are the best they have ever been. "The town benefits from a strong university, and the University benefits from a strong school," Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt said. These words reflect the mindset of new leaders and hide the fact that from 1990 to the beginning of the recession, the University and town were very much at odds. This tension was the natural result of an expanding campus and student population. Since the recession, the amount of collaboration has exploded. Linda Convissor, UNC's director of community relations, has started the Town Gown Table, which will link University leaders with that of the town. "The University wants to know what the town is doing and the town wants to know what the University is doing," Convissor said. "It's about building respect and trust."
BG Land Use Plan Takes the Prize
Sentinel Tribune, by Peter Kuebeck
The city's land use plan has received statewide recog-nition. At Monday's City Council meeting, Mayor Richard Edwards announced that the plan, officially entitled "Bowling Green Improvement Plan: Meeting the Needs of Today and Tomorrow," was awarded the top award in the state for comprehensive planning by a small juris-diction. The award was presented at the American Plan-ning Association Planning Conference in Toledo by APA Ohio. The award was presented at Monday's meeting to Councilman Bruce Jeffers and resident Judy Ennis, who served as co-chairs of the Land Use Planning Sterring Committee, as well as Planning Director Heather Sayler. "The community who adopted this plan gave us such great engagement," Sayler said. "I think this elevates Bowling Green to a whole new level in the state as far as planning goes. To see the Bowling Green Improvement plan, click here
Growth of University's Endowment Reignites Municipal 'Fair Share' Discussion, Phillip Sean Curan
Princeton University's announcement this week, that its endowment had reached $22.7 billion thanks to canny investments, again raised questions about whether one of the world's wealthiest schools should be contributing more financially to the municipality it calls home. "Every dollar that goes into the endowment was given to the university with the understanding that it would be used to support our mission of teaching and research, and every dollar we earn is used for that purpose," said university vice president and secretary Robert K. Durkee by email Wednesday. But the enormity of the endowment is grist for local conversation about the support the university provides its host community, and whether it is paying its "fair share" of the local property tax burden, said former borough councilman Roger Martindell. The town and university are in the second year of a seven-year agreement calling for the school to contribute $21.7 million across the life of the deal.
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