Since our last update we have launched our new website, had a conference in Minnesota and uploaded a ton of new resources. Some of those new resources include all conference audio and video files, a professionally recorded album of DTN songs, the beginnings of a New Testament translation that we hope to have done by the end of the year, a children's book, articles by Joel Richardson, a Church history course by John Harrigan and much more! It's been a busy few months and we aren't stopping.

There is a lot on the DTN "to-do list" these days. We try and get things up as we find time and here are a few of those upcoming things:

  • Course taught by John Harrigan in New Jersey at Eastern Gate International House of Prayer with our good friend Hans (Check out the 
  • Children's book called The Western Woods
  • Short kid-friendly audio snippets called "Truth Snacks" for mom's to use
  • Better search bar within the website that gives the ability to search more specifically for what you are looking for within the Resource Center
  • Lots more New Testament books translated 
  • More teachings and seminars
  • Placing all notes for seminars and courses within their actual web pages  

...and many other little additions and tweaks.


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On our new site we have added a page of pictures connected to all our different resources.

For those who like things visual, check our

We wanted to begin highlighting one Daniel Training Network trainer in each of our emails so you can get to know them a little better. The person we wanted to start with is someone who has been with DTN from the beginning and through whom the Lord birthed DTN. 
Tim Miller     
Tim and Emily Miller and family

As of right now Tim has 98 resources on our website. From seminars to children's books to songs and even translation work, Tim has sought to faithfully listen to God and obey over the few years DTN has existed. 


Tim and his family feel called to a ministry that involves rigorous itineration. They are usually in places for 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months, and their burden is to see the Body of Christ prepared for the difficulties of the last days. They feel the urgency of the hour in an intense way, and thus try to hear the Holy Spirit's voice clearly as to the timing and places they go. 


"Wherever we go, we give ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word (Ac. 6:4), for the purpose of seeing the Body equipped for the last days." ~Tim~


Currently they are in the process of moving from Kentucky to Redding, CA for 3 months to strengthen key relationships and continue working on the translation project. They are planning to leave this Saturday (14th).




For each trainer we also wanted to highlight their potential needs. Because all DTN trainers produce resources for free and most live off the financial support of others, each of them must trust the Lord to touch the hearts of partners in the gospel in order to fulfill what He has called them to do. For more information, see DTN's Donate page.


At this time the Millers have travel needs like gas and food for their long drive, as well as basic living expenses for when they arrive in Redding (housing, etc). They also are in need of monthly financially partners.


If you would like to give in any way to the Miller family, see the Partner page of their family website. 



Sharing Growing up, a lot of us were probably told that "sharing is caring". Well, we hope that becomes true of our resource center. 


On our former website, sharing features were not a possibility. NOW THEY ARE! We encourage you to visit our "Website Walkthrough" web page, click to play our new and improved video and skip to the 7 minute mark to find out how you can share well on the new DTN website and care for others through spreading the gospel in that way. 

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