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March 15th, Tues 
Choir Concert: 7:00pm at RHS

March 18th, Fri
Family Dance Party - Neon Glow theme
6-8pm at R.H.S. Cafeteria

March 23rd, Weds
Community Meeting 
at RHS Cafeteria 6:30pm
Re: the upcoming Bond Measure

***March 24th, Thurs***
Rockwell PTA General Meeting, 
7pm (Library)
All Parents/Guardians Invited!
*Bond Information, speakers, and more...*

March 29th, Tues
1st Grade Music Program "Crazy Critters"
2pm, Rockwell Gym

April 4-8 
No School-Spring Break
After LENGTHY power and internet outages for many of us, your long-awaited Bugle has arrived! :-) Hope you're all warm tonight and ready for school! 

It's almost time for the All School Dance! 
The theme is: NEoN GloW

**THIS Friday, March 18th**
6pm - 8pm
Redmond High School Cafeteria
$5.00/per person admission (Volunteers get one free admission)

Bring the whole family and dance with your kids (or watch them boogie with their friends) at THE event of the year. The black light photo booth is also making a return!

*Children must be accompanied by an adult - this is not a drop-off event. 

We are looking for PARENT VOLUNTEERS 
to help us in set up, ticket sales, concession sales and clean up.  Please sign up here on the PTA website today for a short shift. Time slots are only 45 minutes so you will still have time to boogie. (Volunteers get one free admission!)

If you have any questions please contact: 
Mary Anne Blake - Dance Chair
Jennifer Myrick - PTA VP Events


Our PTA Website ( has a new feature!  

It can now be translated into many different languages. There is a button at the very top of the page with a drop down box to select a language. Please pass this on to any families who may benefit from this feature. 

(PS: The LWSD site translate button is found at the bottom of their page.)

Lots of coats and sweatshirts, lunch boxes and gloves are in the Lost and Found (inside the front courtyard).  Please take a look and recover your belongings!  All remaining items will be donated to charity during Spring Break.
Still Time to Order a Yearbook - 
Deadline extended to March 31st

The fifth graders designed the covers, photos are being uploaded and pages are being filled with cute pictures of your kids. The yearbook has 88 pages of color photos - Chess Club, Orchestra, Band, Choir, Valentine's Day parties, Halloween costumes, Heritage night, Toymaker, Presidents Wax Museum - plus student portraits and class photos. There is something for everyone.

If you would like to order a book, we've extended the deadline to March 31st. We won't be selling any books during the last week of school - so order yours now. Prices: Soft cover ($20) or Hard cover ($24). Order here on our website. 

The kids like to "sign and autograph" each other's books during the last few days of school. This is the last chance to order!  

Can't remember if you ordered one on Back to Business day (way back in August)?? Check your account orders on the website, found by clicking on My Account in the left tool bar. If you're new to the school, create your website account and order asap. 

Yearbook Chair (looking for a chair/co-chairs for next year!)

Jedi Master Engineering 
2nd to 5th Graders 
Apr 11th - Jun 6th on Mondays

The Force Awakens in this advanced engineering course for young Jedi! Discover key engineering concepts such as gear trains, worm drives, pneumatics, and eccentric motion. Build LEGO X-Wings, AT-AT walkers, Pod Racers, Star Destroyers, Cloud Cities, Settlements, Fortresses, and other complex machines and structures from a galaxy far, far away.

No Class Dates: 4/25, 5/30
Time: 3:15-4:45pm 


Jedi Engineering 
K - 1st Graders
Apr 14th - Jun 2nd on Thursdays

The Force Awakens in this introductory engineering course for young Jedi! Explore engineering principles by designing and building projects such as LEGOŽ X-Wings, R2 Units, Energy Catapults, Defense Turrets, and Settlements from a galaxy far, far away. Create motorized and architectural projects with imagination and engineering to defeat the Empire!

No Class Dates: None
Time: 3:15-4:45pm 

Note: This class is being sponsored by Rockwell PTA. Parent of registered students commit to volunteer/chaperone for at least one of the sessions. 

Rockwell PTA Lego Engineering Club Chair
Pick 6 Sports is coming this week to Rockwell PE!
Pick 6 Tour is a non-profit organization providing fun activities and drills for P.E. programs throughout western Washington for FREE.

*Pick 6 Tour brings in their coaches to run the PE program for 2 to 4 days. The goal is to have every class do 2 sessions with Pick 6

*The first session is focused on fundamentals learned thru fun activities

*The 2nd session focuses on some game play while doing other fun competitions

*Skills and drills based on USA Football progression model to ensure learning in an age-appropriate manner

*This is a free program for schools as time and cost is donated by the Pick 6 Sports Foundation.

Pick 6 Sports mission...
"To put a smile on every child's face by helping them build self-confidence through a positive, fun, and safe environment."
Norman Rockwell Elementary
Physical Education Specialist

Rockwell's General Membership PTA Meeting 
Thursday, March 24th at 7pm (next TH)
Rockwell Library

  • GUEST SPEAKERS with updates on the upcoming April 26 Bond measure and how Rockwell PTA can help support the growth needs of our entire school district. We welcome special guests: Siri Bliesner (LWSD School Board member/former Rockwell parent) and Emily Papel (from the Lake WA Citizens Levy Committee/former Rockwell parent and PTA President)
  • Find out ways to help with the Bond even if you can't vote in the election. 
  • Speaker from R.M.S. 
  • Updates from Principal Gometz and the PTA teacher representative, Mrs. Gibson. Ms Gometz will be discussing plans for 2016/17, the upcoming SBA testing, the Bond, and the partnership with schools in Beijing.
  • Holding a membership vote regarding the endorsement of the bond. Hope to see you ALL there. If you've never been to a meeting before, this is an especially important one!
  • Rockwell PTA news and updates on plans for 2016/2017 
To read up on the upcoming bond in advance, click here or attend the community meeting at RHS on March 23rd at 6:30pm.

Rockwell Parents: 

Your help is needed to keep our PTA Board and enriching programs running next year for our students and school community!  This past year, too many of the same people were performing multiple volunteer jobs. Many of our board members chaired events as no one stepped up to chair them.Let's all take part in some way next year!!
We need some new parents next year to help "even the load" and to continue bringing awesome programs and events to our students and school community. 

We encourage more dads and parents in the younger grades to serve on the board or in other positions around the school.   
Most positions can be shared with a co-chair. Grab a friend, your neighbor, or your significant other and volunteer together! 

Common misconceptions

Think you can't volunteer because you work? Not true! 9 out of our 12 current board members work outside the home and our meetings (once a month) are in the evenings to accommodate working parents. 

Think you can't be on the board if you've never been to a meeting? Also not true. You can even start training/attending now to get familiar with a position. Any parent is welcome to any of our board meetings as well as the general membership meetings. 
Each and every parent: Please strongly consider how you can help our school by thoroughly reviewing the available openings. Your child benefits when parents are involved with the PTA.
Your kids are the future of our school and so are YOU

Some open positions for 2016/17 include
  • President or Co-Presidents (Board). Good at leading, organization, delegating. Please consider this role and feel free to email the current co-presidents (Ellie O'Rourke and Cari Scotkin) with any questions. We'd like this role in place asap to start training. 
  • Fundraising VP (Board) Oversees Pass the Hat Fundraiser and assists fundraising chairs as needed. 
  • (Non-board) Yearbook Chair, Back to School BBQ Chair, Movie Night Chairs, After-school programs, Reflections Art Contest and many more!!
CLICK HERE to view all open positions. THANK YOU!

*PS: BIG Thanks to those who have already stepped up to fill roles for next year! You put the "Rock" in Rockwell!

  • Choir - March 15th at 7:00pm at RHS
  • 1st Grade Music Concert "Crazy Critters" - March 29th, 2pm in the Rockwell Gym.

  • Update your calendars with the NEW DATE for our annual Art Docent Showcase, Ice Cream Social and Used Book Sale which is now on Thursday, May 5th from 6-8pm. 
  • Spring Cleaning? Don't forget to donate your books (kids, adults, cookbooks, etc) to our library for the used book sale. Drop them off during school hours.
  • Sign up here to volunteer for recess Running Club - spring is here and the kids want to run!! Tues/TH at lunchtime. Volunteer whenever you can!
  • Keep saving Box Tops and Labels for Education for the next collection! Every bit helps.

Math Challenge #11 is now available here. For this challenge, 12 qualified submissions will randomly selected for the prize.  Grab some friends and family and work on challenge together!

The challenge due date is Thurs, 17th March (before 3pm.) 

Let the challenge begin!

IXL math practice continues and the following students were given prizes as of February 29th. Due to spring break, we will hand out prizes just once in March and will run reports as of March 20th. Keep up the great work. Parents - Thank you for helping to develop a culture of math here at Rockwell. Thanks to the Lake Washington Schools Foundation ( for IXL subscriptions for all 
students and to the Rockwell PTA for purchasing the prizes. Parents - Please visit to learn more about Math at Rockwell.

-Parent IXL Math Coordinators

Kindergarten - Nidhi (C), Sana (C), Katie (E), Anya (F)

1st Grade - Colin S. (E), Alanna P. (B), Clara G. (E), Alexander F. (B), Oyku C. (E), Kayla S. (B), Ayaan K. (C), Ayush B. (F), Kaitlyn O. (A), Atul V. (F), Nicole C. (A), Matthew D. (D), Sawyer R. (D), Varsha T. (F), Akhil P. (A), Jennifer G. (E), Cooper C. (A, B)

2nd Grade - Gil L (E), Barrett R (B), Ayushi S (E), Aditya V (F), Vidhur P (D), Sol Z (C), Prayas D (D), Shriya K (C), Shiri M (E), Janhavi D (C), Selin I (F)

3rd Grade - Jeslyn H (C,D), Jaeger G (E), Sarah M (D), Nivedha N (C), Vidit S (B), Abbas Z (E), Takuma B (D), Nicolas D (A), Asher K (C), Malia B (A,B), Alexander B (C), Alexander C (A), Hank C (A), Udhay G (B), Siddhesh N (D), Maggie W (F), Elisa K (C), Judy W (C)

4th Grade - Shlok A (A,B), Ori A (D), Aliya F (B), Hiyori H (F), Christian H (A), Rayna H (A), Miu I (A,B), Brook J (A), Rohan K (A), Aashish K (B), Andrew M (B), Joelle M (A), Jacob M (E), Takashi O (F), Sarah O (C), Charlotte S (A), Timason W (E), Kylie W (A,B), Talah A (B), Aman B (B), Jordan K (C), Kacob K (A), Trent K (C), SaiHarichand P (D), Saraha Q (B), Charlotte S (A), Emily W (B), Nishita B (D), Shrey G (B), Yunwei L (D), Maya M (C)

5th Grade - Imaaz A (C), Nikita C (F), Maria D (F), Chloe H (F), Maxim K (D), Arjun M (E), Lola R (F), Nolan R (F), Alex T (F), Hannah C (F), Fabrizio C (C), Ron G (D), Edward H (A), Joseph H (E), Nicholas I (D), Atharva S (C), Tushar Z (D), Monica B (C), Emily B (B), Hannah B (B), Selena C (C), Omid F (D), Kent F (B, C, D), Katie H (D), Jonathan L (D), Arnav M (C), Maila P (C, D), Claire R (A, B), Nicholas S (A), Daniel S (C, D), Neta S (D, E), Viktoria S (B), Catherine T (F), Sam T (B, C), Ethan T (C, D), Kirill U (D), Tony W (C, D), Nicole K (D), Anirudh S (C), Bryson T (E)
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