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Volume 14 Issue 6 

Hello all, 


Moving into the final stretch of the 2013-14 school year, we hope you will take time to reflect on the accomplishments and continued growth of your schools, districts, offices, and/or organizations. It has been quite a transformative year for many. Whether you are excited or fearful for the changes that are happening in education, one thing is for certain-- we must continue to model and promote growth and learning. We hope the resources below can assist and encourage each one of you to become a Leading Edge Certified Administrator. Our summer cohort begins June 27th and goes through the summer! Learn more about this great opportunity to stay on the leading edge!
Rowland and Jason 
 leadingedgeLeading Edge Certification for the Administrator

Announcing the 2014 Summer Cohort 
June 27th - August 29th
Face-to-Face Kick Off: Friday, June 27th, 2014 9:00-4:00 
Two Locations to choose from:
Southern California: Azusa Unfied School District, Azusa, CA - Los Angeles County
Northern California: Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Santa Cruz, CA


Leading Edge Certification for the Administrator focuses on site, district, and regional leaders and is based upon the International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Administrators. Participants will learn how to effectively utilize technology tools, resources and innovative solutions to advance student achievement, foster educator productivity and extend learning opportunities for all. Upon successful completion, the certification will give schools, districts and other prospective employers assurance that Leading Edge Certified administrators have the skills to effectively lead schools through the 21st century and provide visionary leadership amongst all stakeholders of their organization.

The Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL) and Steve Hargadon held their second annual School Leadership Summit in March, 2014. This free, world-wide, online conference offered a unique chance to participate in a collaborative global conversation on school leadership with presentations by your peers. 
Did you miss it, or some of the presentations you wished you had heard? Take a look at some presentations such as Kelly Mendoza on "Making a Better World: Digital Citizenship Resources for K-12" on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/schoolleadersummit
In addition, you can access all of the presentations  here.
webinar1Exciting Webinars Coming in May! 
A Reflection from SBAC Field Testing
Thursday, May 15, 2014 3:00-4:00PM PDT
Hear from Tim Landeck and other technology team members about this year's SBAC Field Test - what worked and what proved to be the challenges for this district of 20,000 students.


Strategies for Managing Digital Resources: Simple Tools for Curating Content 
Friday, May 28, 2014 11:00AM-12:00PM PDT

Finding digital resources is easy. Managing them can be another story. Join Susan Brooks-Young and find out her secrets!


Learn more and complete the form to join these webinars.
surveySBAC/PARCC Reflection and Debrief Surveys

Reflection Survey for Teachers, By Will Kimbley and Jason Borgen
Use this survey template to quickly obtain feedback once you have completed student testing. You can view the results by simply clicking on the "Form" menu and selecting "Show summary of responses." The data can be used to assist your site or district's next steps in preparing staff and students for future assessments.



SBAC/CAASPP Debrief Survey for Test Coordinators, Students, and Administrators, By Deann Walsh with Support from Rae Fearing, Bruce Duncan, and Lorrie Owens - Online Learning Collaborative Sub Committee (OLCS)
Use these survey templates as another option to access data from the relevant stakeholders including students, teachers/test administrators, and administrators. These templates can either be used by a county/region-wide or in a district or site. You can view the results by simply clicking on the "Form" menu and selecting "Show summary of responses." The data can be used to assist your site or district's next steps in preparing staff and students for future assessments.


Find out more, and get an exact copy of this survey.  

deepthoughtsineducationDeep Thoughts In Education
Next-Gen Assessments: It's about more than devices
students at computers Across the state of California and the whole country, purchase orders have been filled out and new devices are arriving in warehouses. Why? Because our students will be participating in the field test of the SBAC and PAARC "next generation" assessments. Gone are the days of fill-in-the-bubble answer sheets and boxes of standardized test booklets. The SBAC and PAARC assessments are all completed on computers. Here are four critical questions to consider before, during and after this field test.... [read more
Remembering Why We're Educators

by Tommy Tyler

Many of the common problems school leaders are dealing with today are directly related to school finance and budgets. More and more school districts across Arkansas and the nation are struggling to maintain needed staffing, keep the technology upgraded, and provide sufficient bandwidth for today's cloud-based services and learning resources. Money problems are so severe in some districts that they are formally listed as in "fiscal-distress." Five Arkansas districts are on the most recently posted list on the Arkansas Department of Education website, and 124 California districts find themselves in a similar fix....  [read more]  

We would like to hear your comments. 

by Janice Delagrammatikas

I confess.  As a parent, I was one who signed up for school site council and then didn't participate... Years later, as an administrator, I struggle to find the right mix of stakeholder involvement activities so all parents and community members have the opportunity to be involved and contribute to the discussion.  Fortunately, I have many more tools at my disposal...  [read more]  

We would like to hear your comments. 

People who know me know that I make no secret that almost all of my shared resources come from Twitter. Twitter is all about finding the right people to follow that will allow you to find the resources that will help you do your job better... In order to make Twitter successful and productive for me, I needed a way to get what I had tweeted to my bookmarks... "  [read more] 
CCSShighlightCCSS Highlight Links 
Check out these
key Common Core Resources:
webinar1Radio TICAL Interview: Universal Design for Learning  
Steven Vaughn Stephen Vaughn is Area Director at San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools and a long time TICAL cadre member.  In this episode Steve shares his passion for Universal Design for Learning concepts and his "cautious optimism" for the future of public education in California.
CCSShighlight1:1 Deployment and Change Management Guide, from the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District 

This guide provides school-based leadership with a step-by-step approach to deploying, maintaining, and supporting a vibrant and safe 1:1 learning environment. While most guides focus on the technical side of 1:1 deployments, this guide attempts to provide school administrators and faculty with best practices geared towards developing stakeholder buy-in, student accountability, and faculty awareness.


View the guide.



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