Eagle Briefs
Glen Ellyn School District 41

May 11, 2015

Dear Forest Glen Families,


We are in the process of planning for the upcoming school year, and one of our most important tasks is placing students into class groups.  Throughout the year, we have come to know your child as a learner and as an individual.  As placement teams work on class lists for next year, they consider the many facets of each child - maturity level, independent work habits, ability, achievement, motivation, etc. Decisions are made on what is best for the students, taking into account class size, student needs, special needs and classroom balance. Please do not request a particular teacher or ask your child which teacher he/she wants for the upcoming school year; our teachers are professionals who are well equipped to help all students succeed, regardless of student learning style, personality and ability.


A slight change in our procedure for this year will be our effort to loop children with their same teachers from 2nd to 3rd grade and 4th to 5th grade, as much as is possible.  This practice, being utilized by all D41 elementary schools, is one that we feel offers advantages across academic and social/emotional areas.  Again, depending on our staffing, numbers of sections, etc., this is something we will try to accomplish, but please understand it may not be possible in all cases.


Please click on the link to the right and access the optional Student Placement Form.  The form is your opportunity to share your insights about your child, information about your child that may not be known or that you feel is very important. While completion of this form is optional, please know that our staff will review all completed forms.  Please submit your completed form to the school office by Monday, May 18, 2015.


As we look at placement, one goal is to make sure every child has a learning partner, a like learner, to collaborate with during those important small group times. We also want all children to have models-classmates who inspire them to think about their learning in new ways. Over the course of the year, students change and grow, sometimes in unexpected ways; teachers use many resources and strategies to meet children where they are and keep them headed toward mastery of the Common Core standards. These strategies include working with children in small groups, being sensitive to different learning styles, differentiating assignments and projects, and using a range of materials and resources. The information you share on the profile form will help us understand your child as we make placement decisions.   


Mary Hornacek

Forest Glen Elementary School

Glen Ellyn, IL