Wolf Notes
Glen Ellyn School District 41

May 2, 2014

Dear Churchill families,


Thank you to the entire Churchill community for your support on our first ever Innovation Day today. There was a definite buzz throughout the entire building today.  Hopefully your child came home and talked about their innovation idea as well as the ideas they learned from the rest of their classmates. 


As I walked around to classrooms throughout the day, I tried to share the message with students that this day was about their own self-directed learning.  I told them that we did this to introduce them to the idea, but ultimately they don't need to have a special day at school set aside for them to dig into a topic or area that they have a passion for learning about.  Every day can be innovation day if you choose to take ownership of your learning and follow your passion.  


In addition to seeing the creativity of the students another favorite part of the day for me was the showcase that we held at the end.  Students had the opportunity to walk through all of the classrooms at their level and witness the products that their classmates created.  I witnessed students leaving positive feedback on sticky notes for their classmates, commenting on the creativity that they saw and being supportive of one another's ideas.  


The Churchill staff will continue to look for ways to promote self-directed learning in our day to day interactions with your children. We thank you for your support with our inaugural Innovation Day.  Have a wonderful weekend.



Scott Klespitz