August 26, 2013
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Dear community member,


Since starting my job here in July, I have been gradually getting to know employees, parents and community members. Making the rounds on the first day of school today, I had my first chance to see our students and to begin to appreciate the strong relationships that are the real foundation of our schools. Everywhere I went I saw warm greetings, happy reunions and people enjoying the sheer pleasure of being together and beginning the shared journey that is the school year.


Fundamentally, these relationships--student to teacher, teacher to teacher, student to student and so on--are what allow us to make a difference every day and to be learners together having fun in accomplishment. Strong relationships mean we can feel safe, be comfortable asking questions and taking risks, and know those we see at school every day will be respectful and friendly. These relationships mean we can engage together in purposeful learning, in developing the mental habits of self-discipline and deep thinking, and that we will have the trust and confidence to share our successes and seek help with our challenges.    


We have developed many resources to help us stay motivated, on track, and "tight" on those things that matter to all of us: our Vision, Mission and Values; our Learner Characteristics; our Positive Core and our Long-Range Plan. These things are important for the children and adults in our school communities, and only come to life through strong relationships.


I will be out in the schools again soon. Seeing learning in action recharges me and keeps me focused, and helps me as an individual strengthen my relationships with our staff, our families and our students. I look forward to meeting many of you as the year unfolds.   



Paul Gordon

Superintendent of Glen Ellyn School District 41

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