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The Leopard Express is an e-news communication that you will receive throughout the year in an effort to more effectively and frequently communicate with you and share valuable information and celebrations about Abraham Lincoln School. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at lschweik@d41.org.



Hi Lincoln Families,

2013 is off to a great start here at Lincoln school.  Three e-blasts in less than a week's time!  This is a record for me!

Office Door Will be Locked

Starting tomorrow the office door at Lincoln School will be kept locked.  Parents and visitors will continue to enter the school though the front entrance however once in the vestibule, visitors will need to knock to gain entrance into the office.  As quickly as possible, Mrs. Shariff, Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Burke or I will come to the door to welcome you to our school.   We realize this may be a bit inconvenient however this is a necessary step we must take at this time.  We take pride in our positive school culture and will work to keep our school welcoming and friendly.

Thanks you in advance for your ongoing support

After School Activities

If your child is involved in an afterschool activity (Scouts, Chess Club, Drama, etc)  please check with the adult in charge of the activity regarding drop off time and location and well as pick up time and location.  The school doors will be locked most of the time making it critical for you to connect with your group leader.   

It's Getting Cold Outside- Brrrr!

Well it looks like the winter weather has finally reached Glen Ellyn.  With the cold weather comes the need to dress warmly with gloves, hats and scarves.  Often kids will peel off layers of outerwear when running around the playgrounds and fields during recess.  Our recess supervisors work to keep after our students on this and will often be seen chasing after child with a coat or hat in hand.  

Our practice is to have outdoor recess on days that the wind chill is 10 degrees or above.  If there is snow on the ground, students need to be wearing snow pants and boots to play in the fields.  Please stress to your children the need to dress for the weather each morning as the leave for school.   They may balk at this in the moment but mid-day when they are outside in the cold, they will be glad to have what they need to keep warm.

School Wide Celebration

Well they did it again! Lincoln Students Rock!  Another 20,000 Blue Abe's Ways tickets have been earned and an All School Celebration has been planned for this Friday.  Master Skye from Skye Center in Lombard will be here to talk to students about working hard and not giving up!

Spirit Day - Celebrating the 70's

We are celebrating the five decades in the weeks before our big 50 year celebration (Feb 12th- Abe Lincoln's Birthday).  This Friday is 70's spirit day here at Lincoln.  Can't wait to see the fashions and hairstyles this week after last week's 60's day. 


Have a great evening!


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