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What does a million dollars buy?


Just out of curiosity I did the standard Google search and came up with some incredible items that can be owned for a cool million including a Luvaglio laptop complete with a diamond-encrusted power button, a bejeweled bottle of DKNY perfume, a Ginza Tanaka platinum purse studded with 2,182 diamonds, or even a Baldi-Harrods bathtub crafted from a single piece of rock crystal from the Amazon rain forest,   


At the end of this month, Butler County United Way will launch our annual campaign. Before we ask for your continued support, I'd like to share with you some of the work accomplished from the time and money given this past year - what came from the 1 million dollars donated directly to Butler County United Way for investment into the programs serving children and adults in our community. 


From the end of year reports of our partner programs that began to be submitted last week, I've learned so far that a million dollars can help provide 652 children with an adult mentor, raise the academic performance of over 1,000 children,  orchestrate 13,677 hours of volunteer time and materials to improve substandard homes, distribute 2.1 million pounds of food through area food pantries,  enable nearly 1,000 people to have prescription medication they could not otherwise afford,  and ensure that over 1,500 home visits were made to young families so that infants would be born healthy and developmentally on target.  If that weren't enough, the 2012-2013 funding awards also aided  in the provision of comfort kits and assistance to your neighbors following a house fire or other disaster, benefited 200 adults with needed mental health services;  89 people received low vision services so that they could continue to live independently; 15,000 trips took seniors to appointments and stores enabling them to continue to live in their own homes, and many others were able to keep their homes and improve their financial situation through foreclosure/credit counseling. In one program alone, children read over 9,000 books and 304 of 306 participants were promoted to the next grade.


All the reports aren't compiled yet so I know there's more to come, but I can already see that those who were entrusted with your million dollars have made a difference - a huge difference - in the lives of many, many people. The staff and volunteers of these quality programs are to be applauded. Behind every one of those numbers is a life that is now different in some essential way.  


Helen Keller wrote, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  These end of year reports show that together we ARE doing so much.  The programs selected for funding this year are even more focused on success for our children and self-sufficiency for our families. By combining your support with the dedicated people providing services funded by Butler County United Way, change is happening - with a lasting impact far more valuable than a crystal bathtub.... 


Thank you for LIVING UNITED,


Jan Troutman 

Each month, partner programs of Butler County United Way are in the spotlight.  It is this work that brings change to our community. 


For August, the FOCUS is on the funded programs of the American Red Cross.


Tsunamis.  Wildfires.  Earthquakes.  Hurricanes and floods. When people think of the American Red Cross providing emergency assistance, the efforts of this organization to provide immediate help easily come to mind.  However, the American Red Cross is also there for the smaller disasters as well, helping your neighbor who has lost everything they owned in a fire.  And with a weaker economy, it is not unusual for the Red Cross to assist 6 to 8 people in one household.


The major objective of the Red Cross during and after disasters is to maintain a stable routine of safe housing, employment, and to enable children to stay in school.  This is achieved by providing food, temporary shelter, clothing, counseling, and other disaster services quickly and efficiently. Another vital function of the Red Cross is to provide support to the first responders at every disaster.


It is the Red Cross that provides services, food and drinks to rescuers at the scene of the disaster as well as the bulk distribution of clean-up ans salvage supplies. According to Christine Birhanzl, Director of the Butler County office of the American Red Cross, "United Way funding is critical for the Red Cross to continue to be the local leader in providing and coordinating services that help our community. We continually plan and work with other disaster responders in communities to maintain a state of readiness to respond to any disaster." 


American Red Cross

The American Red Cross provides services 24/7, 365 days a year. Here in Butler County, the office is staffed by one full time director and one part time administrative assistant with a roster of 51 volunteers trained to respond to any individual or community-wide disaster. These dedicated volunteers are on call 24/7 and able to respond immediately, effectively collaborating with local government, emergency management agencies, fire departments, and other regional Red Cross teams. . This allows the Red Cross to respond to the disaster scene and provide immediate response within a 2 hour timeframe. In addition, continual planning with other disaster responders ensures a constant state of readiness to respond to any disaster.


In addition to disaster services funded with the support of Butler County United Way, the Red Cross also provides many other valuable services which include health and safety education including, First Aid, CPR and AED training, certification for lifeguarding, swim lessons, and disaster preparedness. 


For more information on American Red Cross in Butler County, please contact Christine Birhanzl, Director of the Butler County office at 513-340-7004.







For many people, philanthropic giving is a lifelong commitment that provides both personal satisfaction and financial benefits.


Through the Butler County United Way Planned Giving Program, you can give a general endowment gift that benefits you and your family, while ensuring vital health and human service programs are available for generations to come.


To learn more, contact Mitchell Willis, Director of Resource Development at  [email protected]  or 513-863-0800.


Jan Troutman
  Jan Troutman, Interim President & CEO
WI Women's Leadership

Volunteer & Networking Opportunities

We would love for you to join us for a time of serving our local youth while also networking with other women in our community.

Volunteer with us on the following dates, times, and locations to make a difference and make connections:


*Paint with a Twist:  

August 1st 7:00PM-9:00PM  

August 29th 7:00PM-9:00PM

For more info contact Mitchell 


*Shared Harvest: August 30th  




Duke Energy Logo Small  

Summer Heat Relief To Elderly, Low-income and Disabled Residents


As the summer heat arrives, Duke Energy and areas United Ways are partnering to bring welcome relief to those in need. Duke Energy is providing a $2500 grant to Butler County United Way which has distributed the funds to Mercy Franciscan at St. Raphael, SELF, Inc. and the Salvation Army to buy fans for elderly, low-income and disabled people.

"We know how overwhelming the oppressive heat and high humidity can be for our customers," said Jim Henning, president, Duke Energy Ohio and Kentucky. "We hope this grant joins other support in helping people in the community get some relief."

By dialing 2-1-1 for fan distribution resources, individuals can reach Butler County 211, United Way's 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week health and social services information and referral helpline. Fans will be available in Duke Energy's service territory of Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.







Friday, August 30th  

Hamilton Amphitheater

Hamilton, OH 45011

7:30-9:00AM Awards Breakfast

9:30AM Day of Caring Projects 


For more information or to RSVP  

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