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A priest, two ministers, and a rabbi met....


Although it could easily be the opening line of many jokes, the rest of the line is that they met in Denver in 1887 to plan their first united campaign for health and welfare agencies - the very beginning of United Way.  Here in our community, the evolution since 1920 was from groups called the Federated Charities of Hamilton and the Hamilton District War Chest.  Serving the area under a series of names we have continued to evolve as well - the Hamilton Welfare Federation, the Community Chest, the United Appeals, the United Community Services, the United Way of Hamilton, Fairfield, Ohio, and Vicinity, and, since 1994, Butler County United Way.


A rich history, and one of repeated, enduring efforts to meet the needs of our community as Butler County United Way continues to grow and evolve.  From the first 10 agencies supported in 1920 to the 27 programs recently awarded funding, the purpose remains to identify the most critical needs of our community and to raise and allocate resources - time, money, volunteers - to make a difference in all of our lives.


In my 32 years serving here in various ways, I have seen many changes.  While some efforts worked better than others, the intent has always remained focused on making a difference through carefully assessing needs, identifying best practice solutions, developing and supporting collaborations, and then reporting back  the results to you who make these things possible.   Our core values of caring, collaboration, and trust must be what we offer and what we ask.


As we begin this new fiscal year, I can see many areas where we have grow stronger and more effective.  I can also see areas where we can redouble our efforts and become stronger, more efficient, more responsive.  Still, at the heart of it all, the work of Butler County United Way,  is the work of all of you coming together to improve our lives, our children's lives, our community.


 Jim Paulus, then President/CEO, once said it best: "What makes it work?  I believe that it is the deep desire of people to help others in need.   Americans are known through the world for the willingness to pitch in and help when the need arises. The people here are no exception. We all want to make things a little better."


Moving into the new year and a new campaign as well, I think Jim saw it clearly.  People here are no exception - and working together, we will make things a little better.


Jan Troutman


Each month, partner programs of Butler County United Way are in the spotlight.  It is this work that brings change to our community. 


For July, the FOCUS is on the funded programs of the Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council of Butler County.


The Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council of Butler County, under the leadership of Tom Kelechi, provides substance abuse and violence prevention and early intervention services to children and families primarily in Butler County. This important work is accomplished through school and community based education, training, mediation and problem identification & referral services. All school-based services delivery is divided equitably among the county school districts per capita enrollment of 6th through 12th graders.   Programs of the Council funded through your Butler County United Way contributions include:


The Family Mediation Program

Family Mediation has almost 18+ years of proven outcomes, anchored by staff with significant experience working with youth and families in the courts, schools, and community. Through the mediation process, youth and parents learn to make healthier and more productive choices at home and school/community, improve communication, learn ways to develop assets, improve family dynamics, and increase success in school. Mediation focuses on developing short and long-term goals, with an emphasis on academic success and social emotional well-being and success, aligning directly with United Way goals. 


Project Success

Social and emotional growth are vital elements in youth growing to successful adulthood and are key to the work of Project Success. This program seeks to intentionally build skills through opportunities to feel valued, empowered and supported.  Project Success is the comprehensive and research-based SAMSHA model program which engages the school and community at multiple levels having the ability to impact social-emotional growth and the stability of youth.  Project Success works to reduce substance abuse and other risky behaviors which are barriers to academic - and life - success.


Discussing these fine programs with Kelechi, pointed out that "The data demonstrates a significant reduction in adolescent alcohol and other substance abuse over the past twelve years."  He went on to caution that "With recent legalization discussions, marijuana use appears likely to spike again as messages are being communicated to youth which may create confusion on our culture's attitude towards this drug.

In addition to these services funded by the Butler County United Way, the agency offers other diverse substance abuse and gambling prevention options.  These include programming for first time DUI offenders and chairing important community action formats such at the Coalition for a Healthy and Drug Free Greater Hamilton as well as the Drug Free Schools and Community Consortium.


For more information on Family Mediation or Project Success, please contact Lori Higgins, Associate Director, at the Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council of Butler County, 513-868-2100.



Liberty Mutual Gives Back
Liberty Mutual Painters June 21st is the longest day of the year, with more daylight hours than any other. June 21st also was a day of service for Liberty Mutual Employee's who gave back to their community as part of the Give with Liberty program.

Butler County United Way is grateful to the twelve member team led my Darin Riley who came and landscaped our grounds and painted our community meeting space.

Joining Darin were April Lackey, Anita Glasmeier, Deanna Emmons, Gregory Colley, James Keating, Jessica Riley, Marisa Culbertson, Sharon Devine, Steven Ralph, Traci Ryder and Vicki Rose.
Liberty Mutual Landscapers
Thank you for your support of United Way and your continued work to advance the common good.






For many people, philanthropic giving is a lifelong commitment that provides both personal satisfaction and financial benefits.


Through the Butler County United Way Planned Giving Program, you can give a general endowment gift that benefits you and your family, while ensuring vital health and human service programs are available for generations to come.


To learn more, contact Mitchell Willis, Director of Resource Development at  [email protected]  or 513-863-0800.


Jan Troutman
  Jan Troutman, Interim President & CEO
WI Women's Leadership

Volunteer & Networking Opportunities

We would love for you to join us for a time of serving our local youth while also networking with other women in our community.

Volunteer with us on the following dates, times, and locations to make a difference and make connections:


*Big Brother Big Sister:    Wednesday, July 24th @ 6:30PM

(This will be a " girls night out" theme and they would like for us to help the girls decorate flower pots and cupcakes.  The agency will provide all the supplies along with pizza...Please RSVP)


*Paint by the Glass: August TBD  


*Shared Harvest: August 30th  


Poolside Conversation with Sheree Paolello HUGE Success
Sheree Paolello Poolside Event
I attended the Women's Leadership Council's June Poolside Conversation, and it was such a fantastic evening! The impressive Sheree Paolello spoke
with us, rather than to us, initiating a fun and meaningful discussion about women's roles in today's world. I love knowing that she struggles with balancing motherhood, career, and the pressures to look beautiful, just like we all do. And she shared hilarious anecdotes to back that up! The other ladies who attended added their own richness to the conversation, and before I knew it, I realized I was surrounded by a sisterhood of women just like me. With the evening's delicious food and cocktails, this event was a winner, and the registration fee was a value.  -Laura Hoppa 

Poolside Event
" the evening was fantastic!  It was wonderful getting the opportunity to meet and talk to so many dynamic women.  Lisa was so gracious to open her home to everyone and whereas the setting was awesome the food was over the top.  Sheree was so gracious to attend and her openness on the challenges and the rewards that she experiences with managing a career while being a wife and mother was shared by all the ladies in attendance.  I can honestly say that I met some new friends and I look forward to the next event."
                                -Cathy Harbison






Friday, August 30th  

Hamilton Amphitheater

Hamilton, OH 45011

7:30-9:00AM Awards Breakfast

9:30AM Day of Caring Projects 


2010 Windy City Bus Trip
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