September 2016
Cash Cow

There were no winners in our CA$H COW contest last month. Keep your eyes open for those lucky jugs! Since no one found a $100 jug in August, there will be seven jugs marked with $100 in September.
Every month we mark several of our gallon milk jugs with either $5 or $100 under the label. Look inside the jug toward the label to see a "5" or "100". There are 10 jugs EVERY WEEK marked with a $5.00 prize. 

  • Also this month, get 20% off Watts' ground pork. No coupon necessary!
  • Sept. 11 is Grandparents Day. Bring in your grandparent and buy any size ice cream cone, get a small cake or sugar cone free!
Photo of the Month

The September Photo of the Month features our giant cow getting a shiny new coat of paint. You may have seen our 10-foot-tall cow around Waterloo/Cedar Falls advertising our events or parked at the Hansen's Tour Center overlooking the farm. While we loved the patriotic paint job, it seemed more appropriate to have her looking like our Holstein cows on the farm!

Hansen's Dairy featured on 'NBC Nightly News'
Hansen's Dairy on NBC Nightly News
Hansen's Dairy on NBC Nightly News
We were honored to be featured on the Aug. 28 edition of "NBC Nightly News" on NBC and the Aug. 29 edition of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. Political reporter Jacob Soboroff came to Iowa to find out more about John Deere, jobs and the political views of Iowa voters. The reporter rode in our John Deere tractor with Blair Hansen as he chopped alfalfa hay in our fields, then visited with some of our newborn calves.
Hansen's Dairy store events
Going orange for NEIFB
The Northeast Iowa Food Bank is marking Hunger Action Month in September to bring awareness of hunger in this area. Hansen's Dairy is supporting the effort by offering soft-serve ice cream cones in an all-natural orange flavor, which is the color representing the campaign. from Sept. 8-22. A portion of sales from those orange cones will be donated to the Food Bank.

Try Pie samples 

Try Pie will be sampling their pies from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 2, at the Hansen's Dairy Cedar Falls location.

The bakers at Try Pie are teen girls learning life and leadership skills by making and selling great pie through Link Christian Community Development.

Come check out their tasty treats!

Customer of the Month
Amy Dutton, right, and husband Mark  
The September Customer of the Month is Amy Dutton of Dike.

Amy, like many of our customers, has been answering some of our contest questions on Facebook. Every Tuesday, we post a different question about our products. If you comment, you are entered into a drawing to win a free gallon of milk!  

Amy has been using Hansen's milk since the creamery started back in 2004. "When I did marketing at College Square Mall, I asked Hansen's to sponsor the Milk and Cookies with Santa event. Brent (Hansen) convinced me to try the milk that day - and I couldn't believe how good it was! We've been drinking it ever since."
Amy says she could never drink milk until she tried Hansen's. "I grew up in Wyoming County, N.Y., the No. 1 dairy-producing county in New York and the 20th highest nationwide ... and they couldn't convince me to drink milk."
Besides the milk, Amy enjoys the ice cream and cheese curds. She chooses to shop with Hansen's for the quality of the product and to support local business.
"It's great to know that your dollars are going to return to the community quickly and benefit friends and neighbors along the way," she says. "We are from outside of the area and love to wow all our out-of-state guests with our 'neighbor dairy' and all of its great products."

Thanks, Amy! Customers of the Month receive a $5 gift certificate to use at our stores and hands-on tour passes to visit the farm. Submit your entries at each 
of our stores in Waterloo and Cedar Falls. You could also be selected from your comments on Facebook.

Cow of the Month
The September Cow of the Month is Lala-TW.

Lala is 3 years old, and like most of our cows chosen for Cow of the Month, she has ample milk production. Lala calved in early August and a couple weeks later she is already producing 90 pounds of milk a day. Those who have visited with her on a tour might have witnessed firsthand just how quiet, sweet and gentle she is with people. 

What can be better than a beautiful, sweet cow that produces plenty of milk?
Well, Lala is even more special due to her last calving. She had twin girls, which we named Luke and Leia. The "-TW" after her name means she is a twin. We also have her sister on the farm, Loopsy-TW. (See what we did there?)

Cows, like humans, can have fraternal or identical twins. When twins are born on our farm, they are not necessarily born from a twin and often both genders (one boy and one girl). In this situation we would conclude a high chance of being fraternal twins. With Lala being a twin, and her twin girls having similar markings (look at those cute eye patches!), it is possible that they just might be one of the very rare identical twin girls! The chances to get identical twin girls is about .17%.
"Generally, about 10% of the twin births in national cattle populations are identical twins."  
(last paragraph on page 2)
"This study indicated that Holsteins and Brown Swiss have 3.4% and 8.9% twins, respectively." **(Rutledge et al, (1975) reported on the frequency of twins in beef and dairy cattle. This paper was in the Journal of Animal Science, Volume 40; page 803.)
Tailgating season it upon us!
Are you ready for all the fun tailgating parties? 

Get your best parking spot, let down the tailgate and heat up the grill. But not before stopping in to shop at Hansen's Dairy!

We have what you need! Stop in for our Hansen's Dairy lean ground beef patties, bratwurst, hotdogs, cheese slices, chicken, chips, salsa, hummus, cheese curds and more! 
Support your local businesses while you enjoy all the fun of getting together and sharing our delicious food.  
Need larger quantities? Call ahead and we can make sure the right items are at the right store.

Silos Bus Grants available for field trips

Teachers: Apply to visit Hansen's Dairy in Hudson on a grant from Silos and Smokestacks!

The Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area Bus Grant program is designed to help schools in the heritage area fund transportation costs for field trips to designated SSNHA Partner Sites. Eligible field trips should allow students to learn about America's agricultural heritage firsthand. The grant funds 75% of the total amount of transportation to and from the school and the selected SSNHA Partner Site or farm site for the field study trip, not to exceed $350.

Application Deadline: December 1
For More Info:Click Here

What to do with those ice cream tubs?  
Are those filled with ice cream?

Sorry to get your hopes up, but these ice cream tubs are empty! We use these 3-gallon containers in the dip cabinet at our Waterloo store (as well as sell to other businesses). Once they are empty, we clean and reuse the tubs for a variety of uses rather than filling the landfill. We sell them (with lids) at the Hansen's Dairy Tour Center in Hudson at 50� each or 3/$1.00.

These tubs (approx. 12" wide x 16" tall) are great for organizing items in your garage, storing large quantities of flour and sugar in your pantry, or even putting over your young plants if there's a danger of frost.

How many do you want?

Right now we have a large quantity of these tubs as we are at the end of our busy summer ice cream season. Feel free to come in and buy one or a whole stack!
Cooking with Hansen's
Pineapple-Stuffed French Toast
Yield: 8 servings
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Starred ingredients are available at Hansen's Dairy stores.

  • � fresh pineapple
  • 1 Tbsp. honey*
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • Dash of salt
  • 1 cup low-fat cottage cheese*
  • 16 slices whole grain bread*
  • 5 eggs, large*
  • � cup skim milk*
  • 2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • Powdered sugar
  • Nonstick spray
  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Finely dice the pineapple and combine with the honey, cinnamon, and dash of salt in a roasting pan. Bake for 30 minutes.
  3. After the pineapple has been pulled from the oven, drain the juice from the roasting pan and into the cottage cheese; stir together.
  4. In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, and vanilla.
  5. Assemble the French toast: Scoop a spoonful of cottage cheese into the center of half of the slices of bread. Place a spoonful of roasted pineapple on top each scoop of cottage cheese. Finish with another slice of bread.
  6. Gently press together the sandwiches and using a round cookie cutter or a drinking glass, cut a round out of each stack. Pinch the edges of each circle together to seal in the filling.
  7. Dip each round into the egg mixture and place in a hot skillet that has been coated with nonstick spray.
  8. Toast each side until crispy. Serve warm with a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top.
  • Tailor this recipe to your preferences: Make it sweeter by stuffing more pineapple into each serving, add moisture by adding more cottage cheese. And if you prefer less texture altogether, substitute a creamy ricotta cheese for the cottage cheese.
  • To save time (and further play with flavors), substitute your favorite jams, jellies, or fresh fruit for the roasted pineapple.
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