January 2013

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3015 Kimball Ave. 
Waterloo, IA  
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Hansen's Dairy Outlet 
127 E. 18th St. 
Cedar Falls, IA 
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Hansen's Tour Center
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Store notes  
Moo Roo and Hansen's Outlet will be closing 1 hour early on Friday, Jan. 4, to allow employees to attend the Hansens' holiday party. Both stores will close at 8 p.m.

The Real Deal  
Click here for the January coupon:
Buy 2 Country View Dairy yogurts, get 1 free!

Also, Beeler's products will be 20% off through the month of January. No coupon necessary.

Customer of
the Month

Will Our January Customer of the Month is Will Thomsen, pictured here with his wife, Alycia. Originally from Mason City, he now lives in Cedar Falls. They recently welcomed a son to their family. 


Favorite Hansen's product:
"Milk - I drink a lot of it daily. It helped prep me last year for running a marathon," he said. Will would mix up a glass of Hansen's 1% milk with Nestle Quik for some post-workout refueling. Chocolate milk has been shown to work just as well as regular sports drinks when consumed after exercise. Sports drinks lack natural protein and carbohydrates that are naturally occurring in milk. And with Vitamins A and D plus calcium, milk helps strengthen bones and build muscle.

Why do you shop at Hansen's?
"Local, non-homogenized milk and good prices."

Thanks for your support, Will!

Customers of the Month get a $5 gift certificate and a vehicle decal for being featured in our newsletter.

Cash Cow

We had three big CA$H COW winners in December! Congrats to Lauren Thomsen of Iowa City, Dennis Hunt of Waterloo and Kyle Graves of Cedar Falls who each won $100 by finding a lucky jug.


In January, our contest starts over for the year, so we will mark 1 jug with $100 (look inside the jug at your label when it's empty). Since we mark them at the beginning of the month, your best chance to find a large prize is in the next few days!   


Remember, there are still 10 jugs EVERY WEEK marked with a $5.00 prize. View details here on our website.   


There were several $5 winners this month: Mark Holton of Waterloo; Tim Groninga of Cedar Falls; Stanley Hood II of Waterloo; Amy Barglof of Waterloo; and two other customers. 

Cow of the Month
Jenga January's Cow of the Month is Jenga. This 4-yr-old celebrates her birthday on Jan. 18. She has had three bull calves in her reproductive years. Over two lactations she has milked 52,000 pounds of milk.

Jenga comes from old genetics - her dad was born in 1968 and his semen has been stored in liquid nitrogen on our farm for decades. Bovines from that time period tended to be smaller and not milk as much, but Jenga is proving that big things come in small packages. She was the highest producer on test day last month at 130 pounds - or about 15 gallons of milk a day!

Happy birthday, Jenga!

Happy Moo Year!    


All of us at Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy hope you had a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!

You've met the Hansens,
now meet the rest of the crew


This month, say hello to Sheila Wetherell of the Waterloo Moo Roo. She has worked there since the store opened in 2006.    


sheila Birthday and Age: October 24, 1958 (54) 


Family and life: Sheila is married to Joe.  They have 5 kids together. Brandon is 30, has 2 boys (ages 6 and 5), and lives outside of Denver, Iowa. Angie is 28, has a 4-year-old daughter, and lives in Waterloo. Kim is 26, lives in Evansdale and is engaged to be married in January. Jessica is 20, a sophomore at the University of Dubuque. Joseph is 17, a senior at Hudson.   


Free time? Who has free time? Sheila and Joe spend lots of time with their grandkids. Sheila loves to read, garden, quilt, craft and fix up their house. Sheila has been cooking church meals for 100+ people on Wednesday nights for years. Jess is a pet collector, so Sheila always has pets to deal with. Most important, Sheila has been CANCER-FREE for 1 and 1/2 years now!    


Favorite ice cream flavor:  S'mores and ALL chocolates 


Role at Hansen's Dairy: To keep our AWESOME customers happy!  


What is a typical day like? A typical day for Sheila is opening Moo Roo at 8 a.m. and getting things set up for the day - toppings, ice cream, making waffle cones, etc. She keeps the shelves stocked and rings up customers during the day.  


From Sheila to you ...


The new faces of Hansen's Dairy 

tootsie Some of you may recall a blog post in November where we mentioned we were getting some new animals on the farm. They have arrived - two female kangaroo babies! We already have three wallabies (miniature kangaroos) on the farm as our mascots, but caretaker Blake Hansen decided to try something different. The 'roos are named Pogo and Tootsie (pictured - and yes, wearing a diaper), and they will be ready to see all the farm visitors come spring. Visit our blog to read more about what's hoppin' at the Hansen farm.

A new treat at Moo Roo     


cakedomes Moo Roo is now offering "Domies" - chocolate or white individual cakes topped with ice cream. Some are already assembled to go, or you can custom make your own. How about chocolate cake with a scoop of mint chocolate chip? Or white cake and a scoop of coffee ice cream topped with hot fudge, caramel and pecans? The possibilities are endless!

Cheese baskets and
Super Bowl snacks


The cheese baskets you love for the holidays also make fantastic host gifts to bring along to Super Bowl parties on Feb. 3. You pick the goodies, we do the work! Print out the form here or pick up a form at Moo Roo or the Outlet.  


Cheese basketsBaskets will be assembled at the Hansen's Tour Center. You can pick them up there, at either store or have them shipped.


We have a new selection of Carr Valley cheeses, plus Cedar Grove half-pound cheeses. The smaller sizes mean you can buy more variety for your cheese tray.  


Hosting a Super Bowl party? We have a large selection of cheeses and meats for great snacking. Here are a few ideas to get you started...

  • Bell and Evans' chicken drumsticks - Glazed with honey barbecue sauce and baked.
  • Hansen's cheese curds - Pop them on a toothpick with a fresh basil leaf and a cherry tomato, then drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • Wrap dates in strips of bacon and bake until crispy.
  • Use a few of the Cedar Grove cheeses together in delicious quesadillas or nachos - also delicious with the salsas and chips available in the stores.  

And toast each touchdown with a big swig of chocolate milk! 

Cooking with Hansen's

egg-nog-pie If you have some leftover egg nog from your holiday celebrations, try it in this delicious Egg Nog Pie - a recipe from Hansen's customer Steve Meinders. 

Egg Nog Pie
6-8 servings

1 pre-baked pie shell

2 pkgs 4-oz vanilla pudding mix, Cook & Serve (not instant)

2 cups Hansen's egg nog

1 1/4 cup Hansen's whole milk

Rum and vanilla flavorings to suit taste 

1/8 tsp nutmeg 



Combine pudding mix, egg nog, milk and nutmeg in pan. Cook and stir over medium heat until mixture comes to a full boil. Remove from heat and stir in flavoring. Cool and place in pie shell. Cover with plastic wrap. Top with whipped cream and serve.


Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy / 8617 Lincoln Rd / Hudson, Iowa 50643
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