June 1, 2016
By Emiliana Simon-Thomas
Two new studies disagree about the link between income and social connections. GGSC's science director takes a closer look.  Read More >

Next week, the Swiss will vote on providing all of their citizens with a basic level of income. What might that do to their happiness, motivation, and sense of meaning in life?  
By Jeremy Adam Smith
The editor of Greater Good talks with a researcher and a veteran at UC Berkeley to try to understand the impact of awe on well-being.  Read More >

Video: Watch how experiencing awe in nature is helping one group of veterans. Watch More >
Studies have linked awe to better health and increased generosity. But how much awe do you experience in your life? Find out with our new Awe Quiz.  Take the Quiz >
A new study suggwsts that reading about scientists' struggles can help students who aren't doing so well in science.  
According to a new study, considering students' perspectives cuts suspension rates in half and improves student-teacher relationships.  Read More >
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A day of cutting-edge research and 
awe-inspiring performances
DATE: June 4, 2016
LOCATION: UC Berkeley campus

At this day-long event, leading scientific experts on awe--including the GGSC's Dacher Keltner--will reveal how it can improve our mental, physical, and social well-being. Includes appearances by pipa virtuoso Wu Man, former US Poet Laureate Robert Hass, astronomer Alex Filippenko, Jason Silva of National Geographic's Brain Games, and experts from NASA, The Exploratorium, The Sierra Club, and more.
Attend in-person or via live webcast. 5 CE credit hours. Limited Tickets Still Available.  Register >
Greater Good in Action: Practice of the Week
Research suggests that we have a strong propensity for kindness and generosity, and that kindness improves the health and happiness of the giver. But it's not always that easy. This exercise from our Greater Good in Action platform can help you overcome barriers to altruism.