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October 2013

New research shows that the neuropeptide oxytocin is not just the "cuddle hormone" as it's been called--in addition to bonding us to mothers, lovers, and friends, it also seems to play a role in excluding others from that bond.

In a eye-opening piece about the true nature of oxytocin, the GGSC's Jeremy Adam Smith writes about the five surprising ways oxytocin shapes your social life.

Also on Greater Good: 
What Prejudice Reveals about Being Human
Why do we discriminate against some people but not others? Are Americans more prejudiced than other humans? 
Susan T. Fiske talks to Jeremy Adam Smith about her research on the psychology of prejudice
The Silent Epidemic in Our Classrooms
Exposure to chronic trauma has tragic effects on some students, including difficulties regulating their emotions, paying attention, and forming good relationships--all of which make it very difficult for a child to succeed in school. 
GGSC Education Director Vicki Zakrzewski and Joyce Dorado--an expert on trauma in kids--explain what teachers can do to help students who've been traumatized.
Making Time for Mindfulness
Feeling pressed for time? You're not alone. But research shows that a mere 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation can alter your perception of time, helping you take a step back from stress. 

Relatedly, interest in school-based mindfulness programs has been exploding. GGSC provides a round-up of new studies from the frontiers of mindfulness and education.
GGSC Events with Rick Hanson &  Dan Goleman

When: November 16, 2013 

Where: International House, UC Berkeley Campus  

*Will Be Webcast Live!*


RickHanson This day-long GGSC seminar with neuropsychologist Rick Hanson will offer concrete, research-based strategies for using everyday positive experiences to develop lasting inner strength and resilience.


Six CE hours available.


GGSC members receive special discounts. Attend via live webcast from anywhere in the world!




When: November 21, 2013
Where: International House, UC Berkeley Campus

Daniel Golemanthe author of the international bestseller Emotional Intelligence, will discuss his new book, FocusIn an era of unstoppable distractions, Goleman persuasively argues that now more than ever we must learn to sharpen our focus if we are to thrive in a complex world. His talk will be followed by a Q&A with the GGSC's Dacher Keltner. Special price for GGSC members.
Other Upcoming Events 

Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton: Are We Born Racist?


When: October 25, 2013

Where: Roda Theatre, Berkeley, CA


GGSC Director Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton will be in conversation with journalist Phil Bronstein at Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas, a new festival that gathers some of the world's great thinkers together to engage with each other and with the audience. 


null Joshua Greene on Moral Tribes

When: November 12, 2013
Where: Berkeley, CA 

In his new book, Moral Tribes, Greene offers a set of maxims for navigating the modern moral terrain, a practical road map for solving problems and living better lives. He will discuss his book at this event. Special price for GGSC members.


Compassion and Technology Conference

When: December 6, 2013

Where: Li Ka Shing Medical Center, Stanford, CA


The Compassion and Technology Conference at Stanford is an innovative conference presented by the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE). This inaugural one-day conference will include talks by academic experts and tech industry leaders, as well as presentations by innovators, engineers and designers.

All about Mindfulness

Mindful backpackerBeing mindful means maintaining moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. Dive into our mindfulness content to discover why practicing mindfulness not only fosters inner peace, but cultivates compassion and altruism.


What is mindfulness?

Why practice mindfulness?

How to cultivate mindfulness?

GGSC's Gratitude Grant Recipients
The Greater Good Science Center, working with the University of California, Davis, has awarded $3 million in grants to expand the scientific understanding of gratitude, supported with funding from the John Templeton Foundation.


This month, meet Joel Meyers. Dr. Meyers and his team at the Georgia State University are examining the relationship between gratitude and bullying, taking the perspectives of the bully, the victim, and the bystander into account. 


Learn more about Dr. Meyers and our other grant recipients here.