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June 2013


Did you know you can buy happiness for as little as $5?


Studies have proven it, but here's the catch: You need to spend that money on other people. Yet spending on others doesn't always make us happy--the circumstances need to be right.


When does altruism provide the biggest happiness boost? Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton, authors of Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending, share three tips to make giving feel good.


Also on Greater Good:
Why Positivity Makes You Healthy

We all know that physical health depends on a good diet and exercise. But research suggests that it also comes from a regular dose of positive emotions.


A new study goes one step further, not only showing that positive emotions improve health but also showing precisely how they do it: by making people feel more socially connected. 


How the Mind Can Heal the Heart
Tara Bennett-Goleman and her husband Daniel Goleman form a kind of intellectual dream team--one almost exclusively preoccupied with emotions.
In his best-selling books Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence, Goleman laid out the cognitive science behind our emotions and social interactions. 

And in her new book, Mind Whispering, Bennett-Goleman has applied these theories to overcoming self-defeating habits of the mind and improving our relationships. 
The GGSC's Jill Suttie recently sat down with the Golemans to discuss what Mind Whispering is and why it's a valuable skill.
GGSC on PBS NewsHour: Money and Happiness
Last week, PBS NewsHour visited the GGSC to learn more about how money may or may not make us happy. 

Check out their in-depth interviews with GGSC Parenting Director Christine Carter and GGSC Faculty Director Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton on the relationship between happiness and money and with GGSC Founding Faculty Director Dacher Keltner on why those who feel they have less give more


Everything You Need to Know about Gratitude
There has been a wave of new research documenting the benefits of gratitude and ways to practice it--and we've distilled the key findings into a single page. We've sorted through all the research so you don't have to!

Check out our gratitude definition page for research-based answers to these important questions:

What is gratitude?
Why practice gratitude?
How can we cultivate gratitude?

Stay tuned for highlights from other core GGSC themes--like compassion, mindfulness, and empathy--in future newsletters.
Upcoming Event: Positive Psychology

Third World Congress on Positive Psychology

When: June 27-30, 2013

Where: Los Angeles, CA


Attendees can expect to meet and discuss new insights and ideas with other researchers, clinicians, educators, students, business owners, coaches, and consultants who are all committed to the research and practice of positive psychology. Featured speakers include Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiRichard DavidsonBarbara Fredrickson, Martin Seligman, and many others. 

GGSC's Gratitude Grant Recipients

The Greater Good Science Center, working with the University of California, Davis, has awarded $3 million in grants to expand the scientific understanding of gratitude, supported with funding from the John Templeton Foundation.

Thomas Gilovich


This month, meet Thomas Gilovich, psychology professor at Cornell University. Gilovich's project examines if and how experiential purchases (vacations, concerts) inspire more gratitude and happiness than material purchases. 


Learn more about Professor Gilovich and the other grant recipients here.

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