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April 2013

Compassion and Business

To succeed in business, so the common wisdom goes, you need to be a cutthroat negotiator, a ruthless ladder climber, a taker and not a giver.


But in his new book, Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success, Adam Grant provides scientific evidence that the people at the top of their fields defy this conventional wisdom. He offers 10 Ways to Get Ahead through Giving for anyone looking to become more generous at work or at home.


Also this month, Stanford's Emma Seppala explains Why Compassion in Business Makes Sense for both employee health and the bottom line. 


Interested in finding out how compassionate your own business is? Take our Compassionate Organizations Quiz, developed in conjunction with CompassionLab and the Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship.


To delve deeper into new research on compassion and business, join us on April 30 for the Compassion and Business Conference, hosted by Stanford's CCARE. With Grant, Seppala, hotelier Chip Conley, self-compassion expert Kristin Neff, Google's "Jolly Good Fellow" Chade-Meng Tan, and more.

Also new on Greater Good: 

Finding Resilience after the Boston Bombings

A slew of horrific images filled the media--and our minds--

after last week's Boston Marathon bombings. To help cope with the mental stress, Greater Good's Jason Marsh compiled four tips for finding Resilience in the Face 

of Horror.


And in reviewing Linda Graham's new book, Bouncing BackJill Suttie discovers more tools we can use to cultivate resilience in the wake of trouble and trauma.

Training Our Minds to Save the Earth

Yesterday was Earth Day, a time to reflect on how we can address the challenges facing our planet. This can be hard when problems like climate change seem too huge and far away to tackle.

But as Christine Carter explains, brain research suggests ways to overcome these mental blocks to action with Three Quick Tips for Saving the Earth.

And to get kids more invested in the Earth, Daniel Goleman and the folks at the Center for Ecoliteracy offer educators Five Ways to Develop "Ecoliteracy" in students, which includes fostering empathy for all living things.
How to Cope with Meanies

All of us have had to deal with people who are just not nice. Should we simply turn the other cheek?


Not at all, says Christine Carter. She mines the latest research on social and emotional well-being for advice on How to Deal with Mean People using compassion and empathy. 

Meet Our Fellows: Lameese Eldesouky

This month, meet Goldberg Undergraduate Fellow Lameese Eldesouky. She is a fourth year undergraduate at UC Berkeley majoring in Psychology and minoring in Philosophy. 


Lameese's Goldberg Fellow project seeks to understand how emotional awareness plays a role in the suppression of emotions, and how increasing awareness may decrease emotional suppression.


Learn more about Lameese and the rest of our 2012-13 fellows here. Stay tuned for the announcement of our 2013-2014 fellows, coming in late May.

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