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Ric and Denise in Nepal

Fair Trade Nepal; After the Earthquake
In a lead up to the Festival of Fair Trade, Denise and I, spent the month of October in Nepal, retracing some of the steps we took thirty years ago. During the many trips since, we have watched the country change, only this time it was different.  Not only has Nepal changed politically, socially and economically, especially Kathmandu, but in the aftermath of the April 25th earthquake where we had once seen houses and temples now there was only rubble, tarps and tin shelters.
Interestingly enough on first sight Kathmandu didn't look too have suffered as much as we had expected. But on closer inspection and after talking with our Newari friends we learned that many of their houses in the old Durbar Square areas of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur were uninhabitable.  Many of the famous temples in these UNESCO World Heritage sites were also destroyed or badly damaged.
However, as bad as this was, where we found the real damage was in the villages. We trekked for over two weeks through a dozen villages where every house, school and health post was destroyed or dangerously compromised.  People are going to spend the winter in temporary shelters, most without electricity, although solar is becoming more common. The good news is people feel they have enough food for winter and have a good supply of wood for cooking.

And the good news in Kathmandu is that despite all the hardship most of the artisans Ganesh Himal Trading works with are back at their crafts. So on Thanksgiving weekend please come and listen to the many tales these crafts can tell, of the sleepless nights camped outside, the fright and incomprehensible movements of the earth, the destruction of sacred places and the loss of friends and family. But also of the people helping one another, of resilience, strong cultures and the joy of getting back to work and gaining an income.
It was so great to see all our friends in Nepal after such and ordeal. It was good to see them smiling, drinking tea and putting their lives back into some kind of order. It will be a long time before Nepal fully recovers from the effects of this natural disaster and they will need all the help we and others can provide. But help and support is what Fair Trade is about. So join us Thanksgiving weekend at the Festival of Fair Trade and help us as we support the people of Nepal.

"After the Earthquake"
Presentation by Ric Conner on his month-long visit to Nepal following the April earthquake will be Saturday, November 28th, 3pm @ Auntie's Bookstore 
(402 W Main)

Come shop at the 31st annual Festival of Fair Trade and support Spokane's local economy as well as communities across the globe, including Nepal, which is still experiencing the devastating effects of the April 2015 earthquake.  Handmade jewelry, clothing, handbags, carpets, scarves and more will be available for purchase, and the profits will help artisans rebuild their homes, schools and clinics. 

The festival will also feature other handcrafts imported by local business from Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, Thailand and Pakistan. Local businesses including Ganesh Himal Trading, MoonFlower Enterprises, Singing Shaman Traders, Conosur Imports  and Kizuri will be featured.  

Other Festival Sponsored Events include:

"After the Earthquake"
Presentation by Ric Conner on his month-long visit to Nepal following the April earthquake, Saturday, November 28th, 3pm @ Auntie's Bookstore 402 W Main

"Capture the Flags"
Capture a picture of prayer flags hung around Spokane, tag it #FestivalofFairTrade & win a prayer flag set.  Learn more:
(see more below)

What: The 31st Annual Festival of Fair Trade
When: November 27-29, from 10 am to 5 pm
Where: 35 West Main, The Community Building

Contact: Sarah Calvin 509.448.6561

We are sending blessings to our friends in Nepal by celebrating the ancient art of Tibetan Prayer Flags in  Spokane and sending wishes their way for earthquake recovery. Join us and win a set of your own prayer flags!

1. SPOT a set of hanging prayer flags hanging anywhere, or a set hung by a participating business*

2. "CAPTURE the FLAGS" by taking a picture of them (if inspired, take a second and send blessings to our friends in Nepal (see meaning below)

2. POST the picture of your picture of the prayer flags on FACEBOOK on our Ganesh Himal Trading page @ facebook.com/ganeshhimal and tag business (if they are a participating business) and/or hashtag  #festivaloffairtrade

WIN your FREE mini-prayer flag set and claim them at the Festival of Fair Trade, Thanksgiving Weekend November 27- 29th at the Community Building (35 W. Main). We will send you a code to give us at the Festival after you post the flags!
Many of the people in Nepal, including the artisans that work for Ganesh Himal Trading,  are still living in tents, and winter is coming fast. Our weavers in particular are in dire need of financial assistance to rebuild their homes, as most of our weavers work from home. Please consider making a donation. As you know a little goes a long way, and 100% of the donation goes directly to the project. 

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