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Featured on the Constant Contact Blog in May 2015

"How One Small Business is Helping to Raise Funds and Rebuild Lives After the Nepal Earthquake"

By Miranda Paquet


"They are our family. We will help them to rebuild their lives, homes, and their businesses but it will take time."

This is an excerpt from one of Ganesh Himal Trading's most recent email newsletters, sent after the Nepal Earthquake hit on April 25th.


While a natural disaster like this attracts attention on a global scale, Denise Attwood and her team at Ganesh Himal Trading have been dedicated to improving the lives of marginalized women and Tibetan refugees since 1984.


An original member of the Fair Trade Federation, Ganesh Himal Trading imports handmade Nepalese products - such as clothing, jewelry, textiles, and paper - to almost 300 shops and retail outlets throughout North America.


But their mission and potential for impact has never been more important than now, as they work to raise funds and relief for Nepal. Continue >>





While a majority of our tailors were in their villages building shelter before the monsoons, they are returning to work and we expect to receive clothing in our July shipment.  If you would like to be at the "front of the line" for specific colors and sizes, we encourage you to place an advance order. Simply submit an order online or via email with a note saying "advance order July" and we'll do the rest!

To learn more about advance ordering clothing visit our website.

Though the deadlines have passed, we still encourage placing advance orders for Fall.  Many of our producer partners are knitting from their temporary shelters in hopes of making extra income to help rebuild--your purchase of Ganesh Himal knits helps them to do just that and no order is too small. Please call with questions.

Visit our Advance Order Info pages on our website for more detailed instructions



Know that these Advance Order Products are made just for you, so you must honor your order. As always, we will have extra stock for small fill in orders, but styles and quantities cannot be guaranteed during the Fall season.

New Shipment, Fair Aid, & Looking Forward 

by Denise Attwood

Less than three months ago we returned from Nepal, and what an amazing trip it was.  After 30 years of traveling to Nepal my take away from this trip had been how happy I was to see hope again and a movement forward after their devastating civil war. Something had changed and people felt less tense and more at ease, there was excitement about the future and a lightness in their being.


During that trip in March we celebrated with our friends at ACP and the children receiving educational scholarships through our foundation's fundraising.  We met and listened to young women with such vision and insight that it blew my mind. We worked with producers on hundreds of new products, met with a group of young paraplegic men to help create new recycled rubber products, taught weavers how to weave with plastic bags and found creative ways to use more and more recycled items in our products. We organized and set up our foundation's newly established "Menstrual Pad Project" and delivered 2 sewing machines to the remote Baseri clinic to start a small economic development project there. We met with the village committee in Baseri that runs the clinic and together we planned for the next 5 years, hiring a new health assistant and exploring the ideas of creating a maternal health center. We explored, laughed and planned for the bright future of Nepal and our artisan friends there.


Thank you Cynthia Becker, Akeena Legall and Jose Escrig for volunteering your time to make this great video!

What a difference a month can make.  With the huge 7.8 magnitude April 25th earthquake, followed by the equally devastating 7.3 earthquake on May 12th life in Nepal has been changed forever. Nepalis are the most resilient people I know and yet they have been literally shaken to the core.  Luckily all of our producers and friends are safe, but the task of rebuilding their lives and mental health will be a huge endeavor. And so, we move forward, together with them, into the next part of the journey.


So, exactly where does one start to rebuild? Back at square one, but for

See our map relief page for donation distribution and relief projects we support!

us with 30 years of strong relationships. For Ganesh Himal Trading our starting point was with our Fair Trade community. No sooner had the earthquake struck than we heard from stores around the country asking, no, stating, that they were going to help. They set out donation jars on their counters and made pledges to double what they received. They held garage sales in front of their stores, hosted dinners and shopping nights for donations.  There     

For updates and information about how to donate, see our Earthquake Relief page here.

were penny drives, bake sales, concerts, zumbathons and so much more. An

d there were 

those who said they'd wait and fundraise later when everyone had forgotten. Luckily, last summer, we created the non-profit Conscious Connections Foundation and all donations were funneled into that and into to our newly found mission of "Fair Aid".  We cannot thank you enough for being there to do this vital fundraising right from the start. Continue reading here>>



Featured Products
2015 brings us 200+ NEW PRODUCTS and many ways to support our artisan partners by buying fair trade from Nepal! Ganesh Himal Trading has committed $10,000 to help our artisan partners rebuild and get back to work, and your continued business can keep them in business!  Below are products that we currently have 
IN STOCK! Remember, the best thing you can do right now is to "take a chance" and when we are out of a product, try a new one!

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