January 2015

We are in this together!

Would you like to increase sales?

Would you like to know which Ganesh Himal Trading items do best for you and which items you are missing?

Would you like us to help you create an order plan that caters to the particular needs of your customers? 

After almost 30 years of doing business with hundreds of retail shops, online stores, and non-profit organizations, we have insights into how best to utilize your partnership with Ganesh Himal Trading that can increase sales. We are invested in your success!

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Earring Bundles!


Short on time? Want great variety? We have the solution! Earring bundles! We did this with knits and you loved it, now we're doing it with jewelry! Here's how it works: 


In the catalog it says earring bundle by price point. You choose the quantity and price point and we will provide a handpicked assortment of beautiful handcrafted sterling silver earrings with stones. Our prices range from $8-22. We will choose a fantastic selection of earrings and stones with as much variety as possible. Our customers appreciate our attention to detail when selecting the perfect combination of styles, prices and stones for their store.

The price reflected in your cart is based on an average earring price in this category.

Try a BUNDLE BOX! Log into our website and go to our jewelry page.

The stones generally available include:

Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine, Blue, Green and Pink Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, Turquoise, Lapis, Malachite, Amber, Black Onyx, Pearl, Tiger Eye, Rhodochrosite, Rose, Smokey and Clear Quartz.
Peridot and Blue Topaz are also available on a limited basis.

The Period Paddies are coming your way!

Headed to Nepal!
Denise and Austin are headed to Nepal from Feb 25-March 20! Ready to connect with the producers and create some new products! If you have desires now is the time to tell us! We'll roll out new products and great stories throughout 2015 so stay tuned and watch the newsletters!

Our friend Martha Newell will be joining us in Nepal as a volunteer for the Conscious Connections Foundation and will be interviewing Power of 5 scholarship recipients and documenting the great work of the Baseri Clinic.

CCF and GHT are also launching a new Menstrual Pad Project in Nepal designed to create income for women in the remote village of Baseri and provide cloth menstrual pad kits for the 180 girls who receive Power of 5 scholarships! 

Inspired by Days for Girls,

CCF needs to raise $1000 to purchase 1-2 treadle sewing machines for the Baseri Clinic, buy local fair trade material for the kits,  train women in Baseri to sew the Days For Girls cloth menstrual kits and then coordinate distributing them to the Power of 5 girls scholarship recipients. All of this done in Nepal!  It's a win-win-win AND a great way for fair trade stores to get involved in funding a meaningful on the ground projects.

Days for girls kit photo
menstrual kit photo courtesy of Days for Girls

Most of us don't realize that not having sanitary supplies often means DAYS without school for girls. And without gear for their periods girls can miss up to 2 months of school every year! It seems natural that if CCF raises money for scholarships for girls we need to also give them the gear they need to go to school! 

Of course we'll look for your support in days to come and if you want to start a fundraising project in your store to help raise funds (like the Power of 5 bookmark campaign) Then stay tuned for the tales and teachings of Period Paddie! (see photo above) or call us at 509-448-6561!

Price Increases
Due to wage and raw material cost increases in Nepal, we have had to increase some (not all) of our prices.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to call us at 509.448.6561.Thanks! 

WOW 2015!


Thanks for making 2014 an amazing year for Ganesh Himal Trading, the producers in Nepal and for supporting Fair Trade. We look forward to another great year together and to bringing you many new products and stories from our upcoming trip to Nepal in March!


As we continue to celebrate our 30 years of Fair Trade in Nepal we hope to bring you insight into the amazing impact that Fair Trade is making there, but as we enter into 2015 I want to focus on what is often unseen and dedicate this newsletter to our GHT staff.  These 4 amazing women, Eileen, Sarah, Austin and Michele, here in Spokane, are the core of what we do.  They talk with you on the phone, strategize on how to bring you the most pertinent information and the easiest website to navigate, handpick beautiful jewelry and knits, neatly pack your orders and dream big, not only for the producers in Nepal, but for the success of all of your businesses. Without these 4 dedicated women Ganesh Himal would not be what it is!  They are the jewels in the lotus!


At the start of each year I connect with each of these women one on one to hear their frustrations, solutions, dreams and desires. I ask each of them what nourished them in the past year working at GHT.  All of them said without hesitation, "our customers" and "the work that we do with the producers in Nepal".  They feel & understand the weave of community that we are all creating and love their work because of it. Their work is not a job, it's a lifestyle, and that is such an inspiration to me.


If you haven't had the opportunity to talk with these women, I hope you will in 2015. I encourage you to to get to know them and to thank them for their hard work and dedication to you and to Fair Trade. Each of them reflects the beauty of 1000 lights across what is sometimes a dim a dark horizon.


To highlight how grateful I am to my staff and to the producers and to you, our customers, who make it all happen, I leave you with this beautiful passage from the Rig Veda... We are each other's light. Here's to a fantastic 2015 together! Denise



There is an endless net of threads throughout the universe.

 The horizontal threads are in space. 

The vertical threads are in time. 

At every crossing of the threads, there is an individual, and every individual is a crystal bead. 

And every crystal bead reflects 

not only the light from every other crystal in the net, 

but also every other reflection throughout the entire universe.


-Rig Veda


  3rd Annual Power of 5 Fundraiser 
On November 22nd, Austin Zimmerman of Ganesh Himal Trading organized the 3rd Annual Power of 5 Fundraiser & Silent Auction for our local Spokane community . With huge help from Denise, Cameron, and an incredible committee of volunteers, the 2014 Spokane fundraiser proved to be the most successful yet, raising a total of $11,210 in 4 hours! Over the Thanksgiving weekend at the Festival of Fair Trade we raised an additional $1,781! These donations, along with over $7,000 in store donations from YOU, our customers, enabled us to wire $20,000 to the ACP girl child education fund in Nepal! This money ensures that all 180 girls will be able to attend school for another year PLUS  Heema will have the $2,000 necessary to attend college for the next two years via CCF's new Joy Attwood College Scholarship Fund! Interested in donating? visit our new conscious connections website at www.consciousconnectionsfoundation.org 

Featured Products
JEWELRY BUNDLES! Choose the quantity from the various price points and we will provide a handpicked assortment of beautiful handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. Log-in to our website and view our jewelry bundles here>>

STUDS price points from
$3.25 & $8-15

DANGLES price points from $8-$22

RINGS price points
from $8-22

PENDANTS price points





Clothing sales at Ganesh Himal Trading have increased by 84% since 2013! With such high demand, advance orders are strongly recommended. We always have stock but to ensure desired colors and sizes in the styles you want it pays to think ahead. We operate on a two month ordering cycle, which means that we need your advance orders for each shipment from Nepal every two months, at least 6 weeks before the shipment is to leave Nepal. 


The clothing advance order schedule is as follows:


March/April delivery: your order to us by February 7th
June delivery: your order to us by April 10th
July/August delivery: your order to us by May 20th
September/October delivery: your order to us by July 20th
November/December delivery: your order to us by September 15th
To learn more about advance ordering clothing please visit our website.



Knit and holiday items are always good to advance orderOur producers in Nepal rely on getting your advance orders early so they have enough time to make what you need.  Ganesh Himal Trading is already beginning to build stock of knit items for next Fall! The more information we have the better we can fulfill your desires!

Advance knit order schedule:

August/September/October delivery: your order to us by April 15th

November/December delivery:  your order to us by June 1st


Visit our Advance Order Info pages on our website for more detailed instructions. *YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO VIEW PAGES



Know that these Advance Order Products are made just for you, so you must honor your order. As always, we will have extra stock for small fill in orders, but styles and quantities cannot be guaranteed during the Fall season.

Artisan Spotlight:
Buddhist Crafts

Tej and his son Shrawan (back), Denise and her son Cameron (front)
The Shakya family has been creating beautiful jewelry throughout Nepal and Tibet for generations. It is their family heritage. For generations fathers in the Shakya lineage taught their sons traditional jewelry making skills and travelled through out the region making their legendary pieces to provide good incomes for their families.

When China invaded Tibet in 1959 this age old tradition was threatened and Tej Shakya's father recognized that their traditional skills and livelihood were endangered. In the 70's he took it upon himself to  train one of his sons, Tej, in business as well as in jewelry making.  In 1977 his sons then ventured into their own business and opened their own shop in Kathmandu, hoping to appeal to the tourist trade.  At this time, they produced all the jewelry themselves but as their business grew, they invited other Buddhist Newari families to work with them. After 37 years 14 families now have a consistent income as a result of their courage to change. The sons have pooled their resources and worked together and after years of hard work their business is quite successful. Tirtha, the youngest of the sons, still does most of the design and finish work and setting of stones but he trains others in design interpretation and production techniques. 

Like many artisans the Shakya family has been concerned that the younger generation will leave their traditional trade.  Fortunately, as the average wage for skilled jewelers is now higher than that of many other jobs, young educated Newaris are beginning to return to jewelry making. Now Tej's son, Shrawan, has taken over the business from his father and with that the Shakya family is confident that their traditional skills will be passed on to the next generation.

Ganesh Himal has always had the goal of preserving traditional art forms and has worked with Tej and his family since 1984 to help keep their skills alive. As silver prices have risen and their traditional work became too expensive for the fair trade market we have worked with them to move into lower priced metals. With that move we are able to keep the work alive and the prices low to our customers. As a result we are thrilled to be working with his Tej's son Shrawan and to be keeping these 14 families of traditional jewelers working to provide you with an amazing assortment of beautiful silver, brass and white metal earrings and pendants! Please see our brass and white metal jewelry sections for their goods! To learn more about our artisan partners, visit here>>
EBH355WB-$14 One of their many beautiful creations!
Tej with his wife and son!