September 2014 
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Ganesh Himal Trading  offers a complimentary copy of the magazine 
published by the organization For a Better World. To make sure you get your copy, or if you want multiple copies, you can order them online here

The newest issue is packed with excellent educational information from contributors that are working on issues that affect people and our planet.  Articles from how pesticides are impacting the butterfly and bee population, to synthetic biology's potential of displacing thousands of farmers, to the problems with including plantations in the fair trade model.  Also, Ariel Vegosen does an excellent job talking about her journey to India and what she learned through interviewing Vandana Shiva about Monsanto and the harsh realities that Indian GMO farmers face.  The back also includes information on Climate Change and the impacts on small-scale farmers and how they can cool the planet and feed the world. We also have back issues with great Fair Trade articles. There's no charge and we love providing you with this service!

Austin with her dog Ringo

Happy Fall!

With Fall fast approaching, it's time to think layers and extra warmth! Luckily for you, we at Ganesh Himal Trading strive to produce staple pieces that transition seamlessly between seasons.
Silk Skirt SKT-C-SWP $ 13.00 & Reversible tote/Backpack 
Hemp Bag HM-D-NBP $ 36.00

With skirts in rich patterns and fabrics, to long-sleeves and cowl necks these styles are perfect for sunny September days, but also pa
ir perfectly with cardigans and leggings come winter.  

Fall Highlights
Cotton Jacket CJ-NH-CKJ $ 24.75

Cotton Shirt CS-N-CNT $ 12.50

Cotton Shirt CS-N-CNS $ 12.00

Cotton Shirt CS-S-HWF $ 14.00