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"A journey in the Amazon" by Kimberly Grimes & Marco Hernandez   

Ganesh Himal Trading is pleased to offer A Journey in the Amazon to our fair trade customers.  All money from sales will go towards the Amazon Rain Power project.


Discover the fascinating world of the Amazon through the eyes of a young American boy who journeys to the rainforest to celebrate his twelfth birthday.  Tom encounters pink dolphins, poison dart frogs, and monkeys.  While listening to the colorful birds sing and ancient flutes, he tastes Amazon nuts, exotic fruits and piranhas.  Native people teach Tom how to save animals and plants from extinction.  


The lessons he learns from tropical forest peoples will inspire the reader to learn more about this amazing place! This may be purchased on our site www.ganeshhimaltrading.com.

Denise & Laxmi

Casually drying my hands on a beautiful striped cotton dish towel this morning something caused me to stop. Slowly I turned looking around my kitchen...I was astounded! Everywhere I looked I saw the beauty of my friend and producer partner, Laxmi Maharjan. Her weaving wove itself into the very texture of my life .... the napkins we use every day, the dishcloths, aprons, oven-mitts and potholders... the table runner, and place mats gracing my table.  How did I come to be so lucky to have these pieces of functional art as a part of my everyday  

Ric Conner, co-owner loves grilling with the Laxmi Line
life!  That is the beauty of the mutually beneficial part of Fair Trade; producers continue centuries of traditional craftwork with good pay and we as consumers can integrate that richness into our lives. 


Laxmi's work enriches my family's life as much as we enrich her's by purchasing her products. I love that! Her work makes each moment in my kitchen and at my dining table that much fuller and more vibrant! Inspired but the functionality and beauty of her products I decided to create  "The Laxmi Line"! This line will feature Laxmi's products that can be easily mixed and matched and hopefully help you integrate her vibrancy into your homes and the homes of your customers. Enjoy her story below and have fun bringing her mix and match products into your stores! 






Lucy loves Laxmi's line, too!


Laxmi (left)

The Woman Behind the Laxmi Line: Laxmi Maharjan


In the village of Kirtipur, Nepal one brave woman aspired to educate her children and bring her family out of poverty. Her hard work and vision and her partnership with a Fair Trade organization changed her life, the life of her family & the lives of 60 other families in her village.


Laxmi Maharjan is a traditional weaver who never went to school herself but who dreamed of sending her children. Raised in a culture

that never allowed her to handle or control any of the money made from her craft she understood that to be able to send her kids to school and pull her family out of poverty she needed to control the money from her work. In 1984 she discovered a Nepalese fair trade organization, The Association for Craft Producers, which would pay her directly for her work and help her set up a savings account. Now, 30 years later, her daughter and 2 sons have college educations and Laxmi has organized 60 other traditional women weavers in her village to understand fair trade and receive their earnings directly as well! Her work & leadership have transformed their lives and their culture! Read more here....


Laxmi Striped Dishtowels





Association of Craft Producers

The Association of Craft Producers (ACP) is a fair trade organization that provides design, marketing, management, and technical services to low income, predominantly women, Nepalese craft producers. Meera Bhatterai founded ACP in 1984 with a vision to help women gain social mobility by creating a market where they would not be exploited. Today, women from 15 districts in Nepal have the resources and opportunity to utilize their talent as artisans, become more financially independent, and gain more credibility in their communities. 


To read more about ACP or

  • Watch their videos
  • Download their high quality pictures 
  • Download a poster
  • Read more about the individual artisans
  • Learn more about the Power of 5
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