February 2014
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Advance Ordering
First Advance Knit deadline is
April 15th!


Clothing sales at Ganesh Himal Trading increased by 74% in 2013!

With such high demand, advance orders are strongly recommended to ensure desired colors and sizes in the styles you want.  We operate on a two month ordering cycle, which means that we need your advance orders for each shipment from Nepal every two months. The clothing order schedule is as follows:

March/April delivery - order deadline is February 21st
June delivery-  order deadline is 
April 10th
July/August delivery- order deadline is May 20th
September/October delivery- order 
deadline is July 15th
November/December delivery- order 
deadline is September 10th

To learn more about advance ordering clothing please visit our website.



Knit and Christmas items are always good to advance order. Our producers in Nepal rely on getting your advance orders early so they have enough time to make what you need.  Ganesh Himal Trading is  already beginning to build stock of knit items for next Fall! Advance knit deadlines:


August/September/October delivery- order deadline is April 15th


November/December delivery- order deadline is June 1st


Visit our website for more detailed instructions .Know that these Advance Order Products are made just for you, so you must honor your order. As always, we will have extra stock for small fill in orders, but styles and quantities cannot be guaranteed during the Fall season.



Price Increases 
Due to wage and raw material cost increases in Nepal, we have had to increase some of our prices.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to call us at 509.448.6561.Thanks! 

Quickbooks Online
We are now using Quickbooks Online. Among many new perks, this means we can easily email your invoice to you. If you would like to receive an emailed copy of your invoice please let us know via the comments section of your next order.

Strategic Ordering Consultations

Would you like to increase sales?
Would you like to know which Ganesh Himal Trading items do best for you and which items you are missing?
Would you like us to help you create an order plan that caters to the particular needs of your customers? 

After almost 30 years of doing business with hundreds of retail shops, online stores, and non-profit organizations, we have insights into how best to utilize your partnership with Ganesh Himal Trading that can increase sales. We are invested in your success!

If you are interested in scheduling a strategic consultation please call 509.448.6561 or email us at info@ganeshhimaltrading.com. 

Product Highlight
Cards for Empowerment
Embroidered Card $2.75

Ganesh Himal Trading is now working in cooperation with the Rose International Fund for Children (TRIFC) to support a Deaf Women's Empowerment program through the sales of these beautiful cards. 

"There are few employment opportunities for deaf women in Nepal and many of them feel isolated and depressed. Through our empowerment program we hope to give them an opportunity to get together as a social group, earn some money as well as learn new life-skills! As the program proceeds we are planning to give further sign-language training, money management information, nutritional cooking information and other life-skills.

To date over 400 greeting cards have been produced and sold to pay the women and purchase the supplies needed to produce the cards."


Ganesh Himal is thrilled to offer these wonderfully crafted cards to our customers!  Each card is sold separately and is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  We look forward to building a strong, lasting relationship with this wonderful group.

To learn more about the Rose International Fund for Children and the life changing work they are doing for individuals with disability in Nepal, please visit their website.
Ganesh Himal Trading in the News
Fair Trade Equals Women's Empowerment
by Judith Spitzer 
What comes to mind when someone says 'fair trade'?

According to Daniel Webster 'fair trade' is "a movement whose goal is to help producers in developing countries to get a fair price for their products so as to reduce poverty, provide for the ethical treatment of workers and farmers, and promote environmentally sustainable practices."

What comes to mind for Denise Attwood is that definition and many other things, among them: women's empowerment, economically self-sustainable communities, children's education, traditional artisans and fair working partnerships. >>Continue reading more here.


Best Sellers = Big Impact!


"I can support myself, I can buy my own food, and my own clothes. Economic empowerment allows me to be independent"  -Soba, Feltmaker
Each year Ganesh Himal Trading compiles a list of best sellers from the prior year for our customers. This can be a fantastic tool for increasing sales in your store. Joan from Just Creations in Louisville, Kentucky says that her best strategy is ordering from Top Sellers Lists, and because we are invested in YOU being successful, we like to share this with you. 

This year we have included the 
IMPACT that these best sellers have made on our producers and the environment. Our bottom line isn't just our top selling products, but how these products impact and change the lives of people and the planet.   


"My work with Ganesh Himal Trading over the last 30 years has built my confidence, self respect and happiness. It has inspired me to help other women learn that they can be successful through their work in fair trade also!"
-Chunta, Silk Headband Group Organizer & Ganesh Himal Manager in Nepal
From preventing land fills from growing, to providing economic independence to women and preserving traditional crafts, Ganesh Himal fair trade best sellers are making a difference!
Flip through our new Top Sellers Booklet and see our Top Ten and learn about the impact they make! 


      View Booklet Here





New Arrivals!   
for more visit our website    
Embroidered Card
PR-E-EMC 2.75

Felted Wool Phone Covers BG-HB-OCP 3.75
Set of 3 Small Bags
BG-C-RTS 5.00

Knit Headband
KI-C-CMH 7.00

The Power of 5


We recently had the great joy of sending $15,000 to The

Association of Craft Producers for the their Child Education program. Thanks to everyone who helped raise this extraordinary amount of money in just a few months! In particular we would like to thank Ethical Choices, 10,000 Villages Austin, Just Creations, The Bridge, Kizuri, Garuda, Peacecraft, Momentum, Gaia's, Jubilee, Greater Goods, Yesterday Today & Tomorrow, Sphere of Influence, Made by Hand, all of whom sponsored a Power of 5 Fundraiser in their stores! We continue to be so humbled by the generous spirit of all of our customers. Thank you for helping girls in Nepal stay in school!

Meera Bhatterai, the Executive Director of ACP, wanted to share her gratitude:


Dear Denise,


Greetings from ACP!


You are amazing! You have made it happen!! Congratulations to you and all those who have joined hands together for the Power of 5 Project. It is a remarkable achievement. Our salutation to you and the team! We admire your zeal and untiring efforts.


We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and all those kind hearted individuals who have actively canvassed for this noble cause and contributed towards our Child Education Program. Your support has demonstrated your faith in us and enabled us to provide our children their basic right- Right to Education.


With your generous support we have been able to double the Education Allowance from this year. This has been a tremendous help to our producers to weather their economic difficulties and keep their children in school.  We intend to extend the allowance for another two years from next year.


Once again our sincere thanks to all of you for your willingness to help our children go to school. Your help for today has provided a hope for tomorrow. This is the difference you make!


Warm regards,

Meera Bhattarai

Executive Director