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Advance order your Fair Trade Clothing & be prepared for a successful season.


We have been getting feedback from stores like yours that more people are now requesting Fair Trade Clothing.


We are trying our best to keep up with the demand, and luckily, we have just expanded our clothing line that includes cute new styles for both men and women. 


Advance orders help us get you what you need, including, full size runs and preferred colors.  Please get your orders in by August 1st for our October shipment. 


This recent demand for Fair Trade clothing is GOOD NEWS for everyone, and a big step towards a future where inhumane sweatshops are obsolete. 


Thanks for the work you do--

 Denise, Ric, Eileen, Sarah, Austin & Michele 



Why place advance orders for clothing? 
Advance orders allow you to get full size runs and colors in the quantities you need. 
Due Date for Advance Clothing Orders:
August 1st (for October shipment from Nepal).