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Looking back this year, we feel so much gratitude for our customers and friends like YOU! Thank you for your support at The Festival of Fair Trade. Not only has this been a fantastic year doing business, but we have been able to invest in a few very powerful projects that have greatly impacted the lives of our producers and other Nepalis.
We also want to honor Denise's mom, Joy Attwood, who passed a way this last
Joy and Wayne Attwood at The Power of Five Fundraiser, holding their letter of encouragement  to a scholarship recipient. 
ek. Joy was the matriarch and foundation of Ganesh Himal Trading. A gifted artist, Joy created the logo of the mountains that appears on every tag of each Ganesh Himal Trading item.  
She and her husband Wayne gave Denise and Ric the encouragement to grow the business into what it is today. She has been our biggest supporter, offering her hand not to just the business itself, but to each of the projects that have organically 
sprouted from the seeds Ganesh Himal and its community have planted in Nepal. 

Joy was full of light and her spirit will continue to blaze brightly through our commitment to our producers, our commitment to you, and to each other.  
The celebration of Joy will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Spokane on January 11th at 2 pm.

Below are some of the highlights from this year's progress with these vital projects:

The Power of 5
Last winter, when Denise had the opportunity to meet with two recipients of the ACP Girl Child Education Fund.  Sisters Heema, 16, and Heena, 10, had both been on scholarship for 3 years and loved school, but their scholarships were ending. Due to high demand and lack of funds, ACP cannot guarantee scholarships longer than 3 years for the children of their producers. Determined to extend Heema and Heena's scholarships, we at Ganesh Himal each donated $5 with the dream that we could get 1000 people to do the same. 


This past November we had a successful kick off fundraiser for The Power of Five. In addition, many store owners have climbed on board to help, and we are happy to announce that we have raised over $5,500 for scholarships for our producer's girls to be able to go to school! Thank you all for your help!



The Clinic 
Denise and Ric met Sita Gurung in 1984 while they were trekking through her remote village  of Baseri, Nepal. She was 14 at the time! Sita was an enthusiastic girl in the village and immediately they became fast friends. Over time, they dreamed together of someday building a clinic in her village where there had never been any healthcare before. Now 28 years after their initial meeting in Baseri, and after receiving help from family, friends, and the community, they realized their dream of building a clinic that is now serving 10-15 people each day. Again, many of you have donated to this project. Thank you!

The Weaving Project
After two years of construction and raising money for the rebuild of one our weaving group's workshops, the building was finally completed! Again, thank you, thank you to all of the stores and individuals who have partnered with us to make this happen!

We could not have done any of this without your help. THANK YOU! 


In Gratitude, 
Denise, Ric, Eileen, Sarah, Austin & Michele

Ganesh Himal Trading

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