It's time to learn the secret 

Why are power words so important in business?
There are only 3 ways to grow your business:
  1. Increase the number of customers you have
  2. Increase the amount of money your customers spend
  3. Increase the number of transactions you get from your customers


Before to After is the Goal

Our task, regardless of what the job is called, is to move someone from a Before state to an After state.

Before is the state where a person is unhappy or dissatisfied. They may be sad or angry, bored or maybe frightened.

After is the state where life is better. The customer is happier, entertained and no longer afraid.

Most often marketing and advertising tells a story that encourages us to move from Before to After by buying the product or service being offered. The message is, "Get this and you will feel better". This has been and continues to be an effective strategy. Advertisers use it to sell everything from ketchup to cars.

Increasingly we are moving beyond product. We are insisting on a longer feel good fix than material objects alone can provide. Consumers are realizing that there are several solutions to any problem and so we are seeking a differentiation.

Stop selling. Start helping.
Zig Ziglar

People aren't really buying products or services. We buy outcomes. We want a solution that will move us from a Before state to an After state. It is here that the secret lies.  People actually buy people's energy. We are attracted to energy to solve problems. The stronger the energy frequency, the more attractive. These people move us from unhappiness (problem) to happiness (solution) and as a result all three areas of business growth are impacted.
  1. Clients tell others about how good their interaction makes them feel about themselves and invite others to share in the same experience.
  2. Clients spend more money with you as a way of saying, "Thank you" for giving them the outcome they desire; feeling good, entertained, less afraid and happier about their situation.
  3. Clients come back more often because they want an energy fix. They trust you to move them from a state of Before to a state of After.

Power Words Perform For Business

The words you speak to yourself, to your teams and with customers are vitally important in moving them and you from a state of Before to one of After. Words have power. Some words have a lot of power. Athletes know this. Musicians know this. Writers and actors know this. Don't misunderstand me. When I say 'Words have power', I mean it literally. The very cool and scary truth is that a super power you can tap into is hiding in plain sight.

Your task is to find the power words that make you strong, inspired and motivated. Others will gravitate to the energy you radiate.

Please be kind. Use your power for good.
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