The better your power list. The stronger you will be both physically and mentally.

October 2016
Building Personal Power
The point of building a power word list is to make you stronger both mentally and physically. The stronger you are, the more confident,  focused and motivated you are to take action. So let's get started building your power word list.
Start With Gratitude
Gratitude Exercise
  • Every day start your day by naming five things that you are genuinely grateful for in your life. Begin with, "Thank you for ..."
    • These should not be the same things every day. Find different things that you genuinely appreciate. There is a fine balance here. In one sense don't overthink it. There is no right answer. On the other hand, make it personal and real to you. The power lies in the word, "thank you", so be sure to use this word in each sentence.
  • Of the 5 things you select and begin with "Thank you for ..." make two of the things you are thankful for items that have moved you towards a goal you have for yourself. ANY step in the direction of your goal counts.
  • Now add two more "thank you's". Make these specific to future events.
You now have a total of seven items you are thankful for on a daily basis. The items you have selected and said out loud are strong because they give attention to your mind. But more important is the power word, "Thank you" because it defines your intention, your purpose.
Here is what your use of the super word "Thank you" might look and sound like


  1. Thank you for the beautiful sunrise.
  2. Thank you for the time I got to spend with my son last night.
  3. Thank you for my wife. I love her passion for life and care for me.

Goal: Financial freedom


4. Thank you for the money to pay the mortgage (rent) this month.

5. Thank you for the money I found on my walk this morning.


Future events


6. Thank you for the additional business I expect.  

7. Thank you for the joy I'll get from seeing my sister this weekend.  



Briefly, here is what is happening to you as you make gratitude a conscious part of your life and invoke it's power on a daily basis.

Mentally, you create more neuron connections in your brain. The more neurons or electrical charges you have firing with the same intention, in this case gratitude, the more synapses you create. The more synapses or connections created reflecting the thought of gratitude, the more gratitude events that are created. Or, the more grateful you are, the more you create to be grateful for.

Physically, power words, like 'thank you' vibrate at a higher energy frequency than weak words. When spoken, they raise personal energy resulting in greater physical strength. That energy allows you to take more action towards specific goals you have now and those you wish to create.

This is what is meant when you hear the phrase, "Live the life you want to experience."

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