Dare to think differently about a situation and you'll find different ways to think.
That's just silly. No one loves traffic. BUT since I am in traffic a lot I decided to look at it differently. My purpose was to reduce tension and increase calm.
By looking at the situation differently I was able to see the beauty rather than just the frustration.

Most of the people that I work with are in operations. They are these talented, smart people that enjoy systems and processes. Generally they like rules. They know that following rules and having a system for doing something gets things done correctly and consistently.

My job is to encourage these same people to see outside the system and then to merge the two. My goal is to have them maximize their potential. Because businesses are just people, an increase in realized potential results in rewards for business people in every way. To turn  potential into profit requires people to leave the comfort and predictability of a system. They must embrace change. They must be themselves. That change in awareness allows the individual as well as the business to flourish.

Traffic is a great system. It is also a great example of a system needing individual input if it is to function to its potential.

Driving with others on the road is a wonderful example of systems at work. Everyone agrees to follow the rules of driving. Regardless of who you are or where you are from you drop into the traffic system without question and without mishap. As long as you follow the system you are welcome to participate. When you don't follow the rules the consequences are harsh and immediate. Traffic is a beautiful thing because it shows just how well systems and processes work to make us successful.

But the individual kindnesses must occur if the system is to work. These are individual choices of people exerting their own personalities into the system and they happen all the time. Most times the only way to get into the traffic pattern is when someone else breaks the rules, becomes aware of you and lets you join. The individual inserts their personal uniqueness into the system disrupting the process and making it better.

Traffic allows us to be our best. It encourages us to further our potential. It gives us opportunities to be unique, different than all the rest. Making the traffic system work means working outside the system. I just love that!

Last week I spent several days in and around Chicago. I drove everywhere and everywhere I drove the only way I got to where I was going was when someone invited me into the flow.

Driving in traffic
means we are always dependent on the decision of others to be kind to us.  We get to choose to be kind to total strangers without any expectation of repayment. There is nothing in it for us to be kind except our own awareness that we have been kind. In fact we consciously put others ahead of ourselves. We are empathetic and we choose compassion for others. Our personal action makes us feel better. It makes the system better. It makes the world better.
Traffic opens our eyes to how successful systems need personal input to maximize business.

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