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A memory. That's what 2014 is now. All the good things that happened for us and all the things that caused us fear and doubt - memories. And just as we were throughout 2014, we are at the point of choice. In 2015 we can choose to replay the same year as last year, the same game with similar wins and losses.  And this time next year we will probably be looking back at the same results. For a few of us the choice for 2015 is,"Hell yes! Let's go again!" But for most of us there is more we would like to accomplish, more adventures we would like to have, more we would like to learn and experience, more people we would like to help.

For those of us wanting change we have a different choice.  This year we can choose to hold nothing back. But although most of us want more,  most of us do hold back. Usually fear plays a part in keeping us in place and keeping us from being all we can be. Our reality is that fear lives here.

Another reality available to us is that this year we can choose to push through fear. We can choose to walk away from the people and programs that tell us we can't do it. We can pull away from the mean people that take advantage, try to hurt and minimize us. We can move away from those that don't want to play the game but instead stand on the sidelines and criticize.

This year we can choose to flip the fear that has us think we will lose the nice things we already have. This year we can focus on all the things we will gain rather than lose. This year we can think differently about change. Instead of it being too hard, we can choose to think about all the enjoyment doing things differently creates.

This year, our last memory about fear is what it has cost us.

What makes you afraid?

When we take the mystery out of fear and why we become afraid, we can change our perspective and take control of both our thoughts and actions. What we label fear comes from three different places; what we're taught to be afraid of, what we'll lose if we take a chance and the hurt that we believe change causes.

Science studies show that the feelings of love and fear release the same chemicals. So it is our label of the feeling and the situation as we interpret it that makes the situation fearful or magnificent. This year let's practice seeing situations differently and enjoy falling in love with life.

Fear comes from social conditioning. We are taught to be afraid, by well meaning people that want to protect us. These are the parents and teachers that caution us about what might happen. We learn fear from spectators that don't want to play in the game of life and want us to sit on the sidelines with them, judging and criticizing those that play the game. And we learn fear from the mean people, that small faction that always take, minimize our worth and hurt our spirit.

Fear Fix - Walk away from the media that sells, "If it bleeds it leads." Walk away from the people that put you down. Step back from those that hurt you. Seek those that smile, laugh and believe in possibilities. Hang around the grateful. Walk with the winners.

Fear comes from loss. We emotionally think that if we take on something new that we will lose what we already like.

Fear Fix - Flip your perspective. Change loss to gain by considering what great things might happen if you stop holding back. Write them down. Consider your possibilities often. Smile. Laugh. Live the wins.

Fear comes from pain. Change is hard. Playing the game is just too taxing. It causes stress and any gain from the pain is simply not worth it.

Fear Fix - Consider the possibility that before you were born you chose the gift of life. You chose to win. As a winner all you have to do to change your situation is change your mind back into the winner you've been since the beginning.  Find your personal joy even in pain. Celebrate every win. Become your biggest cheer leader. Woo Hoo!
At Front Line Marketing we believe in the power of the individual. We believe in you. As you learn to communicate with yourself and others you become stronger and more productive, you become the asset every business needs to grow, prosper and thrive. At Front Line Marketing we believe your bottom line depends on a strong front line.

To your success,


W. Bruce Cameron

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