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Sparks Fly!
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Sustain! Grow! Thrive!
By Cracking The Value Code

Every business owner is looking for the secrets to having a business that sustains and grows. But the people that make up that business want it to thrive. They want to be part of a business that adds value to their life. To thrive, your key must unlock the door to customer care. And everyone that is part of the business must not only understand intellectually that whatever they do, they do for the customer, they must also voluntarily walk through the door and become emotionally invested in the belief that a culture of service also serves them.

At Front Line Marketing we know that when individuals believe in what can be done, they become enthusiastic. They attract energy and energy attracts others. Teams are formed. Progress is made. Everyone thrives. When individuals  believe that personal prosperity is available through customer care, they gain purpose and that purpose draws others to the cause. Teams are formed. Growth happens. Everyone thrives. The lines between business and personal aspirations dissolve. We evolve into people helping people help themselves. And prosperity flows.

A little sidebar. Did you know that 'enthusiasm' comes from the Greek, 'ethos' which means, 'with God'?

When we are able to allow enthusiasm to enter into what we do, we cannot help but thrive.

Think of any relationship you cherish. It is the enthusiasm imbedded in the relationship that  is the cornerstone of its success. But enthusiasm without trust is like a clanging symbol. It is trust that makes the everyday, remarkable. Teach  others how to trust you and you will be allowed to engage them enthusiastically and offer value that grows the relationship.  Become trusted and in turn you will develop relationships that seek you first. But more. Trust will inspire others to see opportunities for you to shine, build you up and push you to thrive.

Trust is where the real work is done. Trust is the reason that you so often hear that it is so expensive and time intensive to get new customers (relationships). Before trust, it is a transactional, fickle reality, a game of numbers and for me, an uninspired game.

Another sidebar: Inspired comes from the Latin 'inspirare' meaning 'to breathe into' by divine influence.

Develop a trust that inspires enthusiasm by making habits of the following four tactics and your relationships will thrive.

Deliver More Than You Promise
First deliver on what you promise! Don't keep your promises and your relationships won't grow. But then ... we all know that positive, thoughtful surprises are always appreciated.
Take Them To A Better Place
For any relationship to grow there must be a commitment to Constant And Never Ending Improvement. For a relationship to thrive there must be moments of delight and that takes initiative. When we are delighted we see situations differently. We see possibilities.
Reward Those Who Reward You
Never forget that we all live at the point of choice. They choose you.

Be grateful. Express gratitude. 

Always Ask In All Ways  
Ask respectfully, but ask in all kinds of ways so they get the message, "How can I help?" Then listen and deliver on what you promise ... and maybe a little it more.
Choose to thrive,
Bruce Cameron