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Re-framing Your Happiness At Work
What causes you stress at work and in life? Is it an overflowing inbox? Meetings scheduled back to back, to back? A lack of cash flow? A never ending to do list?

Each of these things can be a soul draining activity. But they can also be opportunities to re-frame and revitalize yourself.

The key is this. The reality you attach to the things going on in your life, changes how your brain responds to it. You see there are multiple realities in the moment and we can choose the most valuable one. Science has proven that when the human brain is positive, you're three times more creative, intelligence rises and productivity rises by 31%.

Many people don't buy in to the idea that we are able to direct outcomes that impact happiness. Instead they believe that happiness is predetermined and unchangeable. And as a result, they are right. And their experiences will prove them right. Because the interesting fact is that we choose the reality we wish to live in. 'Jobs are scarce', and so they are. 'I'll never get promoted', and so I don't. 'Cash flow is tight', therefore it is. 'I'm just not a really happy, emotional person', and so it is. 'Life happens and I'm doing the best I can to get through it,' at the whim of circumstances. 'I'm not unhappy I'm getting by.' And so you do ... get by. In every case we reflect what we believe.

Before people can become more happy at work, they first have to choose that change is possible. At FLM we use science to help crack open the window of change to prove that genes and the fickle finger of fate are not predeterminers of happiness.

Some say that having, like lots of money or popularity determine happiness. Maybe.  But if that were true we wouldn't hear of celebrity tragedies of divorce, overdose, depression and suicide. Things are not necessarily a determinant of happiness.  On the flip side, people with serious health problems don't necessarily rule out happiness. Most of us have heard of pro surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm from a shark attack, or Erik Weihenmayer, the blind climber who scaled Mt. Everest. Granted, maybe these are extraordinary people. Instead think of the person you know, mother or father or brother or sister, the family friend, or fellow worker. Think of the person you know that in spite of circumstances, not only survives -  thrives. Are they just 'built that way'? Or is it possible they chose their lifestyle? And if that is true, that someone has choice, doesn't it mean choice is possible to all of us?

If you'll crack the window just a bit and look at your own circumstances in a slightly different way, the fresh air you allow in will help you to discover that you have more power over outcomes than you previously believed possible. The fear and depression you have felt as a victim will turn to excitement,  anticipation and purpose and as a result, allow you to raise the window even wider.

At the base of your choices are the God given chemicals each of us have access to, already present in our bodies. Nero transmitters dopamine and oxytocin and the hormone serotonin are mood enhancers that among other positive outcomes, make us feel good when we take specific actions that trigger their release. They are already present and when we 'feel good' it is a result in part to these chemicals being released. Science tells us that we can now have the ability to control our own dosage. We choose.

Here's how.
Science research names five key activities that release these positive mood enhancers that influence our level of happiness. It is important to note that these activities can easily become habits over just 21 days. Create a habit and you've created a belief, maybe one different than what you've previously held as truth.

So what are these habits that can influence your happiness at work and home in just 21 days?
  1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for everyday.
  2. Write about positive experiences for two minutes.
  3. Exercise for 15 minutes.
  4. Focus on your breathing for two minutes.
  5. Send a positive email to someone praising or thanking them.

Research shows that not only does happiness significantly improve, stress levels decrease and social support increases.


Most of us think that things bring success and success then makes us happy. But that is backwards. Happiness is a choice and success is drawn to happy people.  


Choose to feel it and success will follow.
Watch this great clip from the film Jerry McGuire. Play with happiness first and the rewards will follow.
Jerry Maguire (5/8) Movie CLIP - Play With Heart (1996) HD
Jerry Maguire (5/8) Movie CLIP - Play With Heart (1996) HD

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