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What do you expect?  

Science tells us now that having an answer to this question predicts your happiness.

And you don't need to be a 'happy, happy, joy, joy' kind of person to have your expectancy's work for you. Being either a glass half full or half empty kind of person works. The key is in having expectations and strongly believing in them.

It works like this. If you are a person that thinks having low expectations is the way to go through life, the likelihood that your expectations are exceeded will often result in increased happiness.

On the other hand, having high expectations and achieving them also results in increased happiness.

The science behind the feeling of happiness in either case is activated by having expectations. Setting expectations and then achieving them both cause the release of the reward neurotransmitter dopamine. This hormone makes us feel good.

Merely thinking about an expectation sparks elevated feelings. For example thinking about an upcoming vacation, visit with a friend or upcoming presentation results in the release of dopamine. Achieving or exceeding the expectation leads to the release of even more dopamine and as a result even greater emotion.

To me it is not surprising that science has determined that expectations and our belief in them are the road to happiness. In business we are happiest working with leaders that have and share a vision of opportunity and an expectation that working together we will make that vision a reality. In our marriages we are happiest when we actively dream of the life we create together. With our children our happiness and theirs is experienced first when we set expectations and again when they achieve them.

All of the successful people I know have two things in common; they are clear on what they want and they believe strongly that they will achieve their goal. Successful people I know .... are happy.

Make yourself happy.

Consciously set expectations for yourself and your business. Make a habit of believing that you will achieve what you set out to do. In setting the goal you will get a surge of dopamine, making you happy. Practicing thoughts of success will create the habit of believing in your success. Your belief system will in turn insure that you achieve your goal. And that, will make you happy.
This Too Will Pass
Most often we call on this statement to give us strength and comfort when things are not going our way, when circumstances are difficult, discouraging and we want our pain to end.
This Too Will Pass however also speaks to the good times in our life, times of joy and laughter, relationships and times of plenty. Focus on the experiences you want more of. Be mindful of them. Be grateful while you are experiencing them. Celebrate your victories and expect more of them.

I read the other day that gratitude is like seeds. You can't plant what you don't have. And you can't get more of what you can't plant. Begin by consciously being grateful for what you have and those seeds planted will multiply into more to be grateful for.

"Smile. This is it."

Bruce Cameron
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