Sparks Fly!
Your spark can make a connection and that can change everything!

Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around the World
Stand By Me | Remember, We're All Connected
Front Line Marketing is dedicated to helping individuals find their unique strengths, their passion and their purpose.

Your brand is on the line. Invest in your single largest investment, your people. It's just good business.
Ask anyone who is good at what they do and what they enjoy about it and they will tell you that it is that moment when they get it right, when they are in 'flow', when they connect.

For comedians it's that moment when the audience 'gets' the joke. For deal makers it is when everything falls into place and the merger happens. For actors it is the chemistry that they create on stage with other actors. For salespeople it is the 'yes'. For cashiers, supervisors, managers and leaders of all levels the magic happens when that invisible thread between people lights up and communication becomes easy between employees and customers.

We love being in love because our ability to connect is at it's height and everything is easy. The world is good. Everything is right. We are in flow.

When we connect we change the world because we influence how someone feels about themselves. And when we allow them to change their belief about themselves, if even for a moment, how we feel about our self changes too. Everything changes, because we are all connected.

This song, Stand By Me is a great example of how when Sparks Fly! and  connect the result is beautiful music made to look easy.

The message is this. Although we are all unique, living in other countries, coming from different situations, we are also all the same. When we connect the result is better together.

Every movie, every song, every book and every poem is seeking that invisible connection, that moment not when Sparks Fly but when sparks connect.

When we get it right doors open, sales increase, health improves, relationships flourish and business blossoms. And although everyone wants this feeling and the results that come from it, almost everyone thinks getting it is luck, or a victim of circumstance. They are wrong. Joy is a promise given to all of us. Understand the science supporting that promise and we get a map that allows us to control outcomes both personally and professionally.

Want your map? Contact Front Line Marketing. But for now start here.

Relax. Breathe. Step out as your authentic self. You're perfect. Share that and watch your sparks connect. The result is beautiful. It's easy.
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