I Want To See You Be Brave
I want to see you become the person you want to be, making a difference in the place you choose to work, growing in relationships you choose to have.
The Power of Words - Becoming who you want to be and having the life you want will become real through the words you use.

It is our words that describe and give meaning to the experiences we have. Words have enormous power because they name the feelings we attach to an event. Our feeling then determines whether the event is positive and uplifting or negative and depressing.

Let me explain. Have you noticed how the same experience can have different outcomes for different people depending on how they describe the event? Funerals can be a 'time of mourning' or a 'celebration of life'. The feelings of people that attend are determined by the words they choose to describe the experience.

When asking someone how they are doing, can you feel the difference between, "I'm OK I guess" and "I'm feeling fantastic!".

As my kids were growing up the word "hate" was 'a bad word' and not allowed to be spoken. Words create feelings. Feelings of hate, regardless of how unintentional are created when we speak the word in reference to someone or something. The word 'hate' links itself to feelings of frustration, anger and distrust - negative and depressing feelings.

We often don't understand the power of the words we choose because we mistakenly think that we choose words to describe what we are feeling, when actually the opposite is true. Words don't describe, they create. Words give our feelings meaning.  Without words to tell us what we are feeling what we are left with is e-motion, energy in motion. Words turn energy into feelings. Words are labels.

Positive thinking and feeling positive are all tied to the words we use to describe the situation in which we find ourselves. Being fired creates a different feeling than being laid off. The action is the same but the reaction and recovery time from the event is different because of the words that label our feelings.

Try this. What if the next time you were in a situation that you normally would describe as making you feel angry, you described as making you feel annoyed? Can you sense the difference in the feelings? A good practice to make a habit is this. Continually ask yourself, 'Which feeling serves me better?'

Do you describe certain customers as 'difficult' and 'a pain' or as a 'challenge' and an 'opportunity'?

Is your child or grandchild 'a little devil', or 'active and curious'?

The labels that we put on our experience become our experience. Choose your words wisely.
Be Brave - dare to change the words you habitually use to describe what you experience. Change your experience by changing the words you use.

Changing your vocabulary will change the quality of your life.

Be Brave - By growing your vocabulary. Simply (but maybe not easily) change the words you always use to describe the feelings of your life and you will change how you think, feel and live your life.

Start - add a new word to your vocabulary every day.

Be Brave
- use it.

Consider This:

Within the English language the total number of words is around 750,000. Of that number we habitually use only 500 to 2,000. There are 3,000 words to describe emotions. Of those there are 1,051 to describe positive emotions and twice as many, 2,286 describing negative emotions. How many words do you use to create your life?

It doesn't matter that there are twice as many negative words as positive, we have lots of positive words to get started with. Maybe that black cloud over your head really does have a silver lining. Don't fret if you run out of new words to create new feelings. Be calm. We have the ability to create our own vocabulary, so if you run out of words to label your experiences, simply make up a new word.

I wish for you days filled with Fela! (Fun, Enjoyment, Laughter, Action :)

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