Sparks Fly!
April, 2014
Do you believe in miracles? Did they just exist in biblical times? Is the age of miracles over? Are we on our own?

If miracles exist, have you ever witnessed one? Are they available to anyone or just the 'special' few?  Is it OK to ask for a miracle in business or are they reserved for more 'important' things?

Since there could be a case made that we are in the calendar month of 'miracles' with Passover and Easter I'm asking you to consider the role miracles play in your life.

Personally I live in anticipation of miracles with a morning mantra, 'Where will the miracle happen today?' As a result, I get surprised by lots of miracles, big and small. A Course in Miracles makes the point that there is no magnitude of difficulty in miracles. I like thinking like that. After all it's a miracle! So the laws of difficulty don't really exist.

Miracles are available to us all, waiting to be revealed. Ready to make us stop in awe, gaze in wonder or just smile, knowing. I do notice that I get to experience more miracles when I expect a miracle rather than 'hope' for a miracle. That's because our thoughts are not idle, but messengers. We attract into our world that which we focus on. What we think about, we become. So if we focus on expecting miracles - we get miracles.

Miracles require faith and faith takes practice. But I can assure you that expecting miracles in your life gives you a life of anticipation, makes life more fun and surrounds you with an atmosphere of peace. 

It's really a miracle.


Where will your miracle happen today? Watch with awareness, wait with anticipation, enjoy with gratitude!

To your success,
Bruce Cameron
Front Line Marketing

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