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Getting There
  I think it was Yogi Berra that said, "If you don't know where you're going, any path will get you there."

Goals Give Direction. Without knowing what it is we wish to accomplish, working harder won't get us there any faster. Everything begins by choosing a goal.

"Having lost sight of our goals, we redoubled our efforts."

Consciously choose a destination like you consciously program your GPS.

Like our GPS, there are many paths to get us where we want to go, but the first action is selecting a destination - a goal.  We take another action, we back out of the driveway. As we drive in the direction of our goal, we continually measure our progress, intervene and 'recalculate' when necessary and reward ourselves as we go. We constantly measure and reward with little 'atta boys' as we see we are getting closer, have enough fuel and on time arrival. Pulling into our destination is the culmination of our goal and reason for celebration, but wouldn't be possible without the many little actions we take along the way. Conscious reinforcement keeps us going.

Our successful arrival is dependent on the actions, reactions and support we choose along the way. The action plan is; Measure - Intervene - Reward
Keep It Personal

I am continually amazed as clients share how personal they feel about their contributions to their jobs.

It's very cool to listen to their stories of what their job has done for them, what it means to them, how they believe in what they're doing and the customers they are serving (even the difficult ones).

The disconnect comes when they start talking about the leadership they depend on to listen to them when they need to vent or have their opinions considered. I also sense discomfort when they are expected to take responsibility for and become accountable to making decisions and following through with results. All of a sudden an, "It's not my job!" reaction can kick in.

But I'm convinced that 'Not my job' is a temporary emotional reaction and a habit that comes about because our managers are in the business of fixing things. And leaders ... well ... are expected to lead. Because, as we all know, managers can fix anything and leaders have all the answers. So when the rules change and employees are asked to change their perspective on their job, to see and fix things on their own and lead themselves and others to a new plateau, the fear of change results in a knee jerk reaction.

I believe that people want to do their best. We want to be challenged. We want to grow and we want to be part of a situation and a solution that is bigger than, 'just a job'. We want to know that we matter.  In our heart of hearts we are very aware that this is our life and that makes what we do, what we say and where and who we choose to spend our time with, very personal.

The challenge remains, better communication. Listening instead of hearing, compassion instead of judgement, personal accountability and shared responsibility for each other. We are our brothers keeper. Our care for each other also extends to managers and leaders. They too are doing their best, need to vent, be listened to, ask advice, need support in staring down their fears and when seeking guidance.

When you look at the companies that do it best; best place to work,  best profits, strong growth and happiest employees, it is the companies that have decided to genuinely care about each other. They make it all - personal.

Choose to make it personal. Measure your actions. Celebrate improvement. The truth is, it starts with you.

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