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One Word, Many Goals

As we begin the month of February, many have already forgotten or neglected the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the year. We want you back on track. We want you focused, successful and using your time to full advantage.  You will learn in this Sparks Fly! why people fail at follow through.

More importantly, we'll teach you how to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself and give you the tool you need to succeed.

The answer to achieving your goals is one word ...

The Power of Words
The Power of Words

To understand what happens when we set goals with great intentions we need to understand a bit of the science behind motivation.

Words tied to feelings motivate us to take action. Words are important because we use them to create. But the word itself has little power until we give it meaning. The amount of power a word possesses comes from the emotional charge we give it. Emotion is mandatory to change because emotion causes action. Think of e-motion as energy in motion.

We fail at goals because we are not emotionally invested in them - personally. Regardless of how worthy goals may be, we usually set them for others. We pretend to take ownership of them by claiming them as our own. But without our personal feelings attached to them, they have little staying power.

To make goals stick we need to work at asking and answering 'why' a goal is important to us. Our success is imminent the moment we figure out the real  'truth' behind a goal. Look for the common denominator, a truth that runs through your personal and professional wants . Find that then select one emotionally charged word to represent your desires. Your word works as a trigger to focus  attention and action.

Consistent action changes habits and habits achieve goals. Belief is necessary to create any action of consistency. We have to believe in the actions we take if we are to continue taking action. To believe is to feel powerful, confident. And as such, believe is the  most powerful word we have ever created. Our feelings of belief literally move mountains.

I am introducing belief because for this process to work you need to believe in your goals. Your goal word needs to create a re-action in you. To create that spark it needs to be emotionally charged. Your truth will emotionally charge your word. And your honesty will give you the belief you need to consistently act in the direction of your goals. Your word can represent all that you have chosen to accomplish for yourself.

Words have power. The charge comes from you.

 Making Words That WORK For You

Use the following tactic to anchor a word with emotion and give it the strength you need to create new habits, achieve goals and use your time most effectively.  

Ask and answer 'why?' three different times. Your answers will get you closer to the emotional reason for the goals you set for yourself.
For example, let's say my word for 2014 is 'Listen'. My questions might be;
1. Why is listening a good goal?
A. Listening will help me eliminate confusion.
2. Why is less confusion important?
A. If I understand what someone is saying and why they are saying it I can be more productive with less mistakes.
3. Why are less mistakes and more production important?
A. I'll be more important to the company and feel better about myself.

In my example, 'Listen' becomes a power word that motivates me because I have attached a feeling of love to it. I write down the word 'listen' and put it where I see it often. It becomes my trigger, something I WANT to do whenever I am interacting with others whether at home or work because it reminds me that I believe that better listening will ultimately help me feel better about myself. My self esteem is personal, honest and what I really want. I believe that feeling good about myself is important to me living a great life. The result is that I am more likely to take actions that guide me to what I really want.

We first make our habits and then our habits make us

John Dryden


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