Where will the miracle happen today?
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Usually at this time of year we would be talking about goals for the coming year, looking at what we've accomplished and what big audacious goal is out there yet to achieve. You will of course receive lots of emails about weight loss and dieting, nutrition and financial planning.

Since those are covered ... let's instead talk about miracles.

Personally I get great peace and genuine excitement in my belief that miracles exist and are accessible to all of us.

Holding to this belief allows me to expect and depend on miracles.  And because what we believe in reflects what we see, I get to see lots of miracles. Long ago I decided that only being able to ask for a miracle in desperation and as a last resort was too scary. And I don't like to live and work from a position of fear. So I changed my perspective. My awareness that miracles are part of the plan and make themselves known on a daily basis keeps me enthusiastic, confident and grounded.

I not only want to see a miracle, I expect to see a miracle!
And as a result, I do.

Although not normally included as part of a sound business plan, an attitude of miracle expectation and availability provides me I believe, a massively powerful business advantage.  Seeing miracles on a daily basis is both stabilizing and comforting. Knowing miracles are real and seeing them in action helps me to navigate the bumps of business and life.

Believing in miracles and depending on their presence means I see miracles all the time. Experiencing miracles makes life fun, business exciting and the journey massively rewarding. Rather than intimidating and confusing, miracles become instead friendly reminders to me that all is well, anything is possible and everything is on purpose.

My New Year's wish for you is to live this year each day expecting a miracle. You will see them. You will be a part of them. They will bring you joy. They will encourage your business and your life.

This is your best year yet.

To start seeing the majesty of miracles in your own life, start each day with this question, "Where will the miracle happen today?"

Let me know where you're seeing miracles happen!