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November 2013

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"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."
Annie Dillard

How are you spending your days?

Are you having fun?
Are you laughing?
Are you challenged?
Are you rewarded?
Are you in control?
Are you getting better and better?

Are you productive?  In your career, are you spending real time on what you promised your employer? Do you have specific goals that are your focus every day? Goals that make you better and better? Are you engaged in the work you do? Are you moving your company forward?

Focused goals benefit everyone. Goals are motivating, rewarding, energizing, fun and full of life.

If you're coasting through your day, you're coasting through your life.

Set a big goal. Then go for it. Let me help.

To your success,
Bruce Cameron
Front Line Marketing
Get A Goal Worth Getting Up For'
How to get going, get control and get results
Here's the first thing to know. Goal setting is personal. It's more than
striving because you are told to or because you think you should.   Choose a goal that makes you grow. Make it big, audacious and bold. To paraphrase Star Trek, pick a goal that will make you, 'Boldly go where you've never gone before.'"

Whatever you choose as your BAG (Big Audacious Goal), it's time to pick it up and get going because today is your life. Your opportunity is now.

Let's get started.

    1. Become very clear about what you intend - Less confusion, fewer distractions   
    2. Add lots of details - Details increase clarity  
    3. Make it emotional - Feelings are motivating
    4. Measure progress - Reward your successes   
    5. Write down your Big Audacious Goal - Claiming it makes it real  
    6. Visualize it now - The present is where we accomplish everything  

These steps accomplish two things; they make your goal personal. Important because your emotion creates action. And, they effectively move your goal from a wish to a reality. 

Goals: The Back Story
Our amazing ability to succeed
There is a reason that the steps I've outlined above work to make what may seem impossible, probable.

We are created with a natural success mindset. But over time we become confused and distracted. Examine for a moment the natural  chemical dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that is responsible for reward and pleasure. It encourages us to recognize personal rewards and take action towards their attainment. It's purpose is to give us pleasure.

We produce dopamine naturally, but its production can become diminished through our own actions. Increased dopamine production means better focus and clarity on a task, more action taken in the direction of a goal and more pleasurable feelings.

Maximizing dopamine production results in more goals and more fun
  1. Diet - eat foods rich in Tyrosine. Your body needs Tyrosine to produce dopamine, the happy fuel. You'll find Tyrosine in proteins; meats, fish, soy, nuts, bananas, beans and dairy. Be careful that you don't eat too much of the proteins high in calories and fat or you may end up just, 'fat and happy'.
    • Increase antioxidant intake. Antioxidants help reduce free radical damage that blocks dopamine. Eat more green and orange vegetables like, oranges, asparagus, broccoli, strawberries, peppers and cauliflower 
    • Avoid foods that decrease brain function like refined packaged foods, caffeine and saturated fats (junk food). Ever wonder why you feel groggy after too much junk food?  It's because junk food inhibits the pleasure seeking, action taking, goal inspiring drug, dopamine.
  2. Regular Exercise - exercise increases blood calcium stimulating dopamine production. It also 'ups' your endorphins (the runners high). A genuine laugh or stretch also helps get the endorphins going.  

  3. Hit a goal/Make a goal - here's where your TDL (To Do List) can really help. Dopamine is all about pleasure and action so having a goal that is important to you and reaching it produces dopamine, making you feel good about yourself and about seeking the next goal (reward). So make sure that your TDL has some goals you can achieve quickly. Quick rewards create momentum, and get  dopamine flowing. The result is that you'll feel good about what you've accomplished and you'll want to achieve your next goal.  

Go back and read the opening questions again. If you're not laughing lots, having fun at work, rewarding yourself for your achievements and growing each and every day, maybe it's time to spend your days in a different way. Pick out a new BAG and start living the life of success you were created for?

Front Line Marketing exists to provide communications with an emotional connection because we know emotion drives action
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