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Kamaile Academy 
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Isaiah, Kamaile Academy, 12th Grade
Isaiah is 1 of 9 students in Kamaile Academy's first graduating class. In March, he learned that he received a four-year scholarship to the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York.  His classmate Lei received a four-year scholarship to Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio.


This spring, Kamaile Academy will hold a graduation ceremony for Isaiah, Lei, and 7 other graduating seniors!


Kamaile Academy is a PreK-12 public conversion charter school located on the Wai'anae Coast of O'ahu. The school was founded in 1989 as a district elementary school offering kindergarten through sixth grade.


In 2007, a community-led movement converted the school into a charter, Kamaile Academy, aiming to increase the school's autonomy and flexibility in order to meet the needs of the young people in the Wai'anae community.


A year later, in light of its goal to provide the resources and the support for its students to ultimately attend college, Kamaile decided to expand to include middle and high school; its plan was to layer on one grade at a time, eventually graduating its first class of 12th graders in 2014.


Kamaile's mission is to prepare self-directed, self-aware, college-ready learners who will embrace the challenges of obstacles, experience the pride of perseverance and accomplishments, and demonstrate the strength of 'ohana and community.







What's Happening in Envision Learning Partners?    

In March, Envision Learning Partners participated in the second annual
at High Tech High in San Diego. Check out Envision-led conference sessions below:


Creating Holonomy: Leading Change for Deeper Learning

Sally Kingston, Envision Learning Partners Executive Director

Symon Hayes, Envision Learning Partners Director of Professional Development


Effective change leadership is at the heart of leading deeper learning.  School and teacher leaders who have the strategic know-how to translate a deeper learning vision into practice can transform the lives of students and teachers. In a deep dive session, participants engaged in protocols with an eye to implementing these practices in their own schools.


Is Equity in Deeper Learning Possible?

Gia Truong, Envision Education CEO & Superintendent

Daniel Allen, City Arts and Technology High School Principal


What does it take to make deeper learning happen for all students? How can we create schools where under-privileged students thrive?  In a deep dive session, participants experienced protocols/processes they can use with their own colleagues to explore issues of equity and deeper learning.


You Are What You CrEate: Moving from Media Consumer to Producer in a Complex World

Trevor Gardner, Envision Academy of Arts & Technology Teacher

Mary Hendra, Facing History and Ourselves Associate Program Director


The media is perhaps the most democratic institution of our generation. As a tool for cultural production, it is accessible to almost everyone. Using Facing History and Ourselves' pedagogical framework and resources, in a workshop educators learned how to support their students in becoming critically thinking witnesses to the complex world around them and, ultimately, producers of their own media to (re)shape the world.


Learning Opportunities

Join us this May for our Defense Design Studios at Envision Schools and in June for our Kupu Hou Academy in partnership with the Mid-Pacific Institute in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Click the images below to register and find out more detailed information. Space is limited. 

Defense Design Studio

Kupu Hou Academy


Visit Envision Schools!

If you are interested in visiting one of our schools, please email Emily Leach at to set up your visit.  Monthly school visit dates are listed below.  Click on the link to visit the school's website. 

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PISA Special Report: Problem Solving April 2014

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