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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter  September 2016

No Shipping Labor Day Week

  We will not be shipping this coming Monday, September 5th, but   will resume shipping on September 12th.

  Hope you have a relaxing holiday weekend!

Allan's Mom's Visit
Allan's 89 year old mom Doris, from Houston, Texas, has been visiting with us for about a month now. We will be taking her back home this Wednesday and then spending a week with her and Allan's brother, sister, and all our families at a beach house on Bolivar Peninsula. Bolivar is off the coast of Galveston - just a short ferry ride away. 

She has been a pleasure to have as a guest and is very grateful to have had the chance to be a part of the ranch for awhile.

Poor Gabe! 

   Now this is a great dog!

Archuleta County Fair 

Our grandkids had a really good time showing their pigs and turkeys at the Archuleta County Fair. While they did not take home any Grands or Reserves, they enjoyed the experience and really learned a lot.

Kyler, age 14, showing his turkey. He is looking forward to playing soccer, basketball and baseball this coming school year. He will be in 8th grade.

Taylor, age 18, showing her turkey. The money she made selling her animals will help to pay for her college this year and next.

Turkeys and Ducks 
Following their leader
They like to hang around the house
Gabe doing his job
We inherited some ducks

A sneak peak

Fruit Trees & Greenhouse
The greenhouse is finally ready! I planted some cold season vegetables and they are already sprouting. We also planted a dwarf apricot tree in the middle of the round trough. I just love my raised beds.
Allan put some old water troughs at the entry. I planted vegetables for now but next summer I hope to plant some flowers in them.

The orchard produced a few pieces of fruit this year, but most of it has already been eaten by the birds. I got these pictures just in time. One of these years . . . 

Visiting with the Felix's and the Fry's
Kevin and Diane Felix of Perryton, Texas, and Gearld and Pat Fry of Rosebud, Arkansas, visited with us at the ranch last week. We bought our latest bull from Kevin, and he is a big fan of my newsletter - and my cooking. He wanted to show off the New York steak dinner we served, as well as the peach pie I made for dessert. We had a most enjoyable evening, talking about grass finishing cattle.

Kevin was proud of his jar of cherry syrup that I made with the cherries from the orchard. 

Sour Dough English Muffin Recipe 
One of our very kind customers, Nancy Kress, sent me a recipe for Sour Dough English Muffins, knowing how much I like to use my sour dough starter.

I made them a few weeks ago, and right up until the time I cut them I thought perhaps I had not done them correctly, but low and behold, they were perfect! And absolutely delicious. Like so many other things, until you have eaten a homemade English muffin made from scratch you don't realize what they are actually supposed to taste like.

So get out that starter, and get going on some muffins!

If you don't already have your sour dough starter, here is how you get one going . . .

September Family Value Pack Special


  • 6 New York Steaks
  • 3 Chuck Roasts
  • 3 Pounds Beef Kabob
  • 5 Pounds Beef Stew
  • 10 Pounds Ground Beef

Total Value - $305


Sale Price - $275


This package qualifies for a 5% discount, 

but add $25 in additional product and receive a 10% discount!

In Closing . . .   
Happy Labor Day. For the second year in a row we will actually be taking a vacation from our labors. We are looking forward to spending some quality beach time with grandkids and family. Looking forward to Allan's brother Glenn's blackened fish. The best we have ever tasted!

Hope you have a blessed holiday. Thank you again for all your support and for enabling us to make a living doing what we love. Isn't that called a labor of love? Or loving labor? Hope your job is one you love, too.
Lois & Allan

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