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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter  August 2016

We Have Pork!

You have been asking for it, and now we have it - all natural pork!

Our hogs are 100% pasture raised from weaners to the day they are taken to the processor. In addition to the pasture forage they are supplemented with soaked barley and organic potatoes. The sweet fermented barley gives the pork a wonderful taste and the open pasture produces incredibly red, juicy, lean, and micro-marbled pork.

Sold by whole and half pigs only. Each Half Pig Package yields about 70 to 75 pounds of packaged meat.

Yummmy Cherries
Picked my first batch of cherries from our two cherry trees a few weeks ago. They were quite small and tart and not very easy to pit, but oh so yummy! 

I decided to make cherry jam, but since it didn't gel the way I had hoped we now have cherry syrup - perfect for ice cream, pancakes, waffles, or french toast. Probably better anyway.

Life on the Ranch

The ranch at sunset

Our 2 year old grandson helping Allan feed the animals
New Bull

We needed another bull to replace the one that died recently, and Allan found a pretty amazing Red Angus that is hopefully going to do us a proud job this summer on the cows down on the Texas/Oklahoma leases.

While he wasn't able to get me a really great picture, this one is kind of cool - looks almost like a watercolor painting.
Rocking at Farmer's Market

The Pagosa Springs Farmer's Market has been going well this year. If you haven't been there yet be sure to stop by and see what you are missing.

Saturdays from 9:00 to 1:00 at the East End Market in downtown Pagosa Springs.

Chuck Roast in Wine 
Beef In Wine

I recently cooked a chuck roast that was absolutely delicious and wanted to share the step by step recipe with you. Give it a try - I think you will love it.

Sprouted Wheat Sour Dough Bread 

I love making my sprouted wheat bread. Although it takes a few days to make it is actually very, very easy. It is so nice toasted in the morning with my pastured chicken eggs.


10 Pounds Ground Beef  -  $75
($7.25 per pound)

20 Pounds Ground Beef - $140
($7.00 per pound)

30 Pounds Ground Beef - $203
($6.75 per pound)

40 Pounds Ground Beef - $260
($6.50 per pound)

In Closing . . .
While Allan has been working his tail off irrigating, I on the other hand have life pretty easy this summer. My greatest disappointment is that once again we are losing chickens to predators. Allan thinks it is a combination of hawks and a fox. He set a trap for the fox but not much one can do about the hawks. I have one of the hens setting on a clutch of eggs, and a few more eggs in an incubator. Never done this before, so it should be quite interesting to see if I am able to get any of the chicks hatched and kept alive. I am completely dependent on Allan's expertise in this area. Hopefully I will have good results to report next month.

It's been mighty hot here. Hope you are staying cool. Thanks for all your support.
Lois & Allan

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