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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter  March 2016

March Madness - On to State 

As many of you are already aware, our granddaughter, Taylor Lee-Hammer (20), is a senior and plays basketball for the number one 3A team in Colorado, the Pagosa Springs Lady Pirates. They won the State Championship for the first time ever last year, and the team looks as strong as ever this year. 

Assuming they win the district tournament in Pagosa Springs March 4th and 5th, we will be headed to the Denver Coliseum on March 10th for the three day state tournament. 

Although we are so very sad to know that Taylor will soon be graduating and moving on, we could not be prouder of her. She plays humble and hard and always finds a way to dig deeper when it is needed. 

They will most probably be facing Manitou Springs and/or Sterling at state, both excellent teams. We pray that our girls stay healthy and that they play to their full potential.

Fat Matters

Don't you just love Mother Earth News? In the last issue they published an article called FAT MATTERS - Understanding the Science.

"Eat low fat" advice has been wrong for more than 40 years! New evidence reveals the crucial role that healthful fats play in your well-being.

There is a lot of good information in this article. Click on the link below to read it in its entirety.

Inside Out Steak 

I've been hearing a lot about "Inside Out" steak cooking, or reverse cooking, for quite a while now, so last week I gave it a try, with delicious results. 

This method lends itself well to leaner cuts of meat, which grass finished beef and lamb tend to be. Thicker cuts respond especially well. We used New Yorks, but any of our steaks would do.

Place the meat on a wire rack, on a cookie sheet. Season according to your preference. Bake in a 250 degree oven till the internal temperature reaches 125 degrees (about 40 minutes). Use a thermometer to get this right. Let rest for 10 or 15 minutes. Heat an iron skillet very hot, then sear both sides of the meat for about a minute. That's it - ready to eat. Cooked to a juicy medium rare throughout. Perfection.

Colorado Cattle 

Last month we shared pictures of the cattle in Oklahoma. This month we wanted to show you how well the cattle in Colorado are doing. This lease is across the road from our ranch, making it very convenient for winter care. Although Allan has a pretty good stock of hay, they have not required much feeding at all, making this a perfect winter lease. Allan is particularly happy that this winter feeding plan is working so well because we have had lots of winters that were a financial bust. So nice when your plans succeed.

Some of these animals are first calf heifers due to calve late spring, some are young heifers that will be put with a bull for the first time this summer, and some are steers that will be finished in early summer for the meat program.

Saint Patrick's Day Specials

Make your own corned beef!
It works great with any of our roasts.

Need a recipe?

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In Closing . . .   

Allan and I have struggled with fever and colds for the last few weeks. Since we rarely get sick this has been a real bummer. If you talked with me on the phone you know I also had laryngitis. However, since we found out in early February that my nephew, Steve Westerkamp, has a treatable type of cancer, we are putting our aches and pains in perspective and are reminded to pray for him to be completely healed. He is taking chemo and seems to be doing okay with it so far.

God bless you all and we pray for continued health for you and your family.
Lois & Allan

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